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Ordering caps for my IIci and Astec power supply

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I created a shared project with the capacitors I just ordered for my IIci: https://www.mouser.com/ProjectManager/ProjectDetail.aspx?AccessID=af22e6756c

I found a thread with a list of the capacitors that are supposed to be inside my Astec power supply, but they didn't match up with what was really inside mine. Would have helped a lot of that post included the PCB identifiers. My list does. Before anyone follows my list, wait for my feedback on if I ordered the right sizes. I did my best to get the right sizes. I also did my best to get the longest life and highest temperature tolerance Nichicon caps. I have no idea if this will bring this Astec supply back to life or not. We shall see. You may also notice that I ordered a pair of resistors. I believe these are just bleed off resistors for the big caps, but both of mine showed signs of having overheated as well as package damage. When I checked them with a multimeter, they read open circuit. So they'll get replaced, certainly cheap enough. Generally, I didn't order any of the tantalum caps. Most are covered with heatshrink, so I'll wait and see if just doing these electrolytics works or not. Generally, tant's fail explosively, or fail short. Either way they fail noticeably. I'll go after them if I have to. I also didn't order the giant 2.0uF 250VAC "C16" black brick of a cap that's in the center of the high voltage side. I hope it's good and I don't regret skipping it.

Does anyone have a schematic for these Astec power supplies? I'm missing a resistor at R235, the leads are there, but I don't see any sign of that component. It's at the very top of the vertical board attached to the low voltage side.

Worst case, if I can't bring this supply back to life, I'll retrofit an ATX supply to the case as many others have done. I'd just like to keep this thing as original as I can, if possible.

Oh, and the caps for the main logic board are in this order as well. That'll be an easy fix compared to this power supply.

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