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3D Printing old PowerBook parts?

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Just an idea that came to my mind when working on both my PowerBook 5300ce and 150. Both of them suffer from that PITA hinge and stress cracking issue. Both have the standoffs ripped off the housing and the 5300 is literally crumbling with the Rev. A plastics. As the 5300 fell apart in my hand and more fragments of plastic than actual computer piled up next to it, I looked at the other piece of the screen assembly and it occured to me. The chances of finding new assemblies or housings for these things are becoming harder and harder everyday, with most (if not soon to be all) eventually having it crack. Why have we not assembled 3d printed case part replacements? I would believe the filament would be strong enough to hold the very tight and overpowered metal hinges (for at least a while), and it would not be that hard to model the standoffs and the threads for the screws into the moulding. Almost all of the PowerBooks using ABS plastics can have the housings fit into a printing tray for fabrication. I still have the parts from both models that people could use to assemble a proper model of it. I have the basic knowledge of 3d modeling, but I would like to know if anybody here has had any luck with the printing of cases, housings or assemblies. And if not, should I atleast see what it would take for that to occur?

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I have a 3d printer. I dont have a 150 or 5300 though. If they are anything like the earlier 100 series, then you would need to make an entire new lid. Which, could work, but most home 3d printers cannot print an entire lid in one shot.

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