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Macintosh IIfx Capacitor list

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The IIfx uses mostly tantalum capacitors. These do not need replacing unless they are faulty, they don't leak unlike the electrolytic caps used in other Macs of that era. The only electrolytic capacitors will be the through hole eletrolytics, and maybe a few SMD style electrolytics, which should have all the values on them if you wish to replace those.

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Yes, you are right. These tantalum caps are tough and the IIfx also has tough traces. This is a computer board that you

can actually gently twist them off. On the board I am speaking the caps have leaked. The ratings are very difficult for me

to read, that is the reason I asked my question. SMD caps will probably out live me, but they are more expensive. I will

probably use the standard tantalum once I find the values of all the caps, which are few.

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