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68LC040 in Centris 660av

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Hah, I wouldn't actually put a logic board in a dishwasher. We could take it to someone, but this is a skill that we should learn. I'll look into cleaning up the board myself.


Recapping shouldn't be difficult either; I've had soldering experience in the past and I've got a new soldering iron kit with nice needle tips and a desoldering pen-thing I've been wanting to put to use (after it's initial lamp cord fixing use). Fortunately, we've got a dead Centris 610 that will serve as a perfect practice rig (and recapping might actually fix that, too).

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it all washes down the drain.  extra rinse.  its what the rinse aid helps, both on the board and for the dishwasher.  And literally everything we breathe is more toxic than some residue cleaning off a board.  I am not worried.

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