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FWB SCSI JackHammer Nubus card & Qaudra 840av

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Ive got this FWB JackHammer Nubus card, Ive never got this card to work as I would like to.

I have 68pin SCSI HDD to go with it and the cable that came with it.


The previous owner pulled that SCSI Card out with the cable and he kept the HDD due info that is on it, he wasn't really helpful how to get this SCSI card to work again.


What happens is, whether the cable/HDD is connected or not, as soon you power it on, all you can see is a grey screen and mouse pointer - thats about it, it won't boot at all.


See attached photo of the card.


Quadra 840av has system 7.5.5 installed in 50 pin SCSI HDD, with 32mb RAM.

Have I missed something or is there a specific way to get it to work again?




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Are you booting with the Jackhammer control panel?

I wonder if the installed ROM on has become corrupted?

Maybe those who recognise damaged motherboard components would see if a capacitor etc. is damaged.

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The  one time I had a bad JackHammer card it was one of the two inductors.   Those two cylinders in the lower left corner of the board in the photo.  Cheap and easy to replace.   It was some common value like 100 UH or some such.   I might have it written down or posted it somewhere long ago.

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If the Mac won't boot at all with the card in place I would say bad ROM.


The 12V write enable to the two flash chips is always active on those cards. You can run them this way but most manufacturers of flash chips say you shouldn't if you don't want to write to them.

I suspect this leads to corruption if something unexpected happens. Have seen this on two Jackhammers already.


Desolder the two flash chips and see if the Mac boots again with the card installed. If it does you need to erase or programm them in an external programmer and solder them back on.

I put sockets on my card to get them out easily in case they get corrupted again.

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