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Asian Macintosh PCI clones

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I've been researching and buying, when available, Mac clone models sold only in Asia. My findings so far:


Akia: they basically sell UMAX systems (S and J/C series) in cheaper cases, complete with UMAX stencils on the boards. Not really worth seeking out unless you're a completist.


Tatung: Basically the same as any other Tanzania-based clone. Again, not really worth it unless you're a completist.


Pioneer: Never sold a PCI-based clone. They had a 604 model in the works that was sadly canceled at the end of the whole licensing debacle (it was probably going to use a Tanzania II board in a new tower case). They do have a 68k and NuBus PPC clones but obviously those don't go in this section.


If somebody really wants a pic of the one Akia MicroBook Power 604e tower that I have I suppose I can post a few. It's pretty underwhelming though.

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I'd still be interested. :)


The pics of that Pioneer are pretty cool.  Looks like a 7600 with a nice speaker setup, and a front profile to match the Pioneer CD / DVD / VHS of the era.

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