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Cap list for Macintosh Color Classic and Macintosh Classic II?

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Does anyone have a cap list for

Macintosh Color Classic

Macintosh Classic II (I believe there's 2 board revs, not sure which I have)


Ideally with the exact part #s to order from say Mouser or DigiKey?


I've been told I need:


Macintosh Color Classic

6 - 47µF - 16V - SMT

2 - 100µF - 6.3V - SMT

1 - 10µF - 16V - SMT


Macintosh Classic II

8 - 10µF - 16V - SMT

3 - 47µF - 16V - SMT

2 - 1µF - 50V - SMT


I really cannot figure out which on their sites I need to buy :(


Thanks so much!!

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There's a user here--  @trag that sells cap kits for both. I think they are $10 a set shipped.

The caps are tantalum surface mounts.


Mouser will charge $7.99 just for shipping.


Check the trading post, there's a pinned thread there with his e-mail address.

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I'd go with what Rickrob said - $10 for a full set of capacitors is a good price.

I didn't know about that when recapping my LC II though, so what I did was I went on Mouser and bought high quality low ESR caps from Nichicon that matched the exact values of the original caps. That's worked well for me, but the shipping costs for tiny orders like mine do really suck and don't make a lot of sense.

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