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Connecting my 1400c to wireless network

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Hi All, back from the Holidays. I purchased a Proxim 802.11b Wifi PCMCIA Card with Software.
My Powerbook 1400c is running MacOS 8.0.  So I loaded the software and inserted the card.
This put an icon on my desktop that opens the Wireless configuration. It found the wireless
network but showed no signal strength. When I list wireless networks it finds a number of 
networks in my area including mine.  But the program freezes. The directions say I need to 
open up AppleTalk and TCP/IP control panels and choose the Wireless network card.  But it is
not listed in the control panels.  So is there something I should turn on or off to make the
control panels find the card? The information says it's compatible with my machine and 7.5.5
or higher. Appreciate any help or advise.
Brad Hansen

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Is your wireless an 802.11b with WEP (or unsecured)? Unless it meets those requirements, you're going to run into issues. The Wavelan based cards don't support WPA, WPA2, Wireless G(N, etc) and only do WEP or no security. A good workaround for this is to go find a Linksys E1000 or something at a thrift store and throw DD-WRT on it. You can run it in access point only mode with shit security and set dd-wrt to disable the wireless radio when you hit the WPS button on the front. Far better solution than running an unsecured network 24/7.


I've never actually had to go through and hand switch the cards. After installing the software (Orinico 7.something iirc) I was able to open the control panel for the card up, add the network and it'd create a profile and automagically change the IP and Appletalk settings. Before you can do that though, see the previous note about the cards not supporting anything resembling modern.

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Hi all, Just wanted to let you know that after two weeks of struggling with wireless internet I 
abandoned that and finally got connected using ethernet.  Here is a link to the page that
has all the instructions and software for connecting with a Linksys III ethernet card.
Cheers and thanks for all the help!

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Been there done that - Fine if you're using OSX but pre-OSX I use an Airport Express and I converted it to use Power Bank or via USB port off the laptop.


This Express had blown PSU hence converted it. Plugged it in 1400/3400 PBG3 via ethernet/USB ports if available and you're on internet portability.

Thats how I got the info from;



You must get 5v to 3.3v precisely (if its 3.5v or more - or 3v it won't work)

It works well! Even use AppleShare via this between my G4 MDD which is connected via Wifi.

** You wouldn't think using future objects on 20 plus years old macs!



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