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PB G3 lombard, ibook g3, 1400c battery recell/replacement

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Just wondering, I see ibook G3 clamshell batteries are for sale new on ebay, would these batteries be old stock that need their cells revived? I got a replacement battery for my thinkpad T22 and the replacement did 30 secs on a full charge.

Also, what about the battery controller in the lombard? Is it worth rebuilding with new cells in the original pack?


Another thing I was looking at, Panasonic Eneloop Rechargeable NiMH AA Batteries, is it possible to use these batteries for recelling a 1400c pack?


I will not undertake a recell myself btw, I would get someone who is qualified to do it as I am not.

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On the 1400 side, yes you could use AA batteries however the battery capacity will be a bit less, about 71% of a brand new perfect condition battery. A 4/3A will hold ~3500 mAh vs ~2500 mAh for a good AA (Eneloop). I looked into it myself and came to the conclusion it's more cost effective to just shell out for the 4/3A cells, even if they aren't cheap.


Should you decide to tackle a 1400 with AAs, it's nothing hard to do. It's just 8 1.2V cells wired in series to make up a 9.6V unit (+ a fuse and such). The solder joints are nice and big and NiMH cells are very forgiving to heat so it'd be hard to do any damage. 




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I've had VERY poor results with "new" 4/3 cells lasting any length of time. Tenergy are craptastic.


Yeah, AA cells are "less" but easier to find/source and the smaller size gives you some extra room to work with.

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