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    • I finally found the problem ! After cleaning the logic board, replacing the capacitors on both boards and two diodes on the analog board (as suggested by @bibilit on another thread), still nothing worked. My voltage was a little bit better, but still not enough. So I changed the CNY75GB optocoupler, and now everything works perfectly fine !   Thank you all for your help
    • That's absolutely insane. I definitely would have given up fore sure.    You're an inspiration Potato.    All that hard work and what it looks like now, it might actually, possibly, hopefully, with some wood-touching, power on to maybe something on screen.
    • This is a fantastic worklog / guide so far, and I can't wait to see where it goes.
    • Thanks for the rundown, Compgeke.  If you like, I'll edit a link to that post into the head comment of the thread. 
      Can anyone definitely say what all other models fit in under "etc"?
    • The Bluetooth modules on all of the G5s (and G4s and some if not all Intel models) run over an internal USB interface. So you're really not saving any cycles by using the internal USB-based card vs. an external USB device, except you'd maybe save a little clutter and maybe have a better antenna with the internal card.