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The Balance Of Judgement

Proposed G4 Titanium Hack: 120mm Cooling Fan

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Having a notebook is great. But one thing that kills the joy of using a notebook is the constant whirring of the fan. I propose that one could modify a 120mm fan for use with a notebook.


For G4 Titanium Powerbooks it's much easier than the PC equivalent. The intake port for a G4 Titanium is at the back, flip back the cover and you have full access to the port.


The idea is this: If you cover both ends of a 120mm cooling fan and instead only leave open 2 small areas to draw air, you can direct the cooling effects directly to the Powerbook's air duct. You can power a 120mm fan for mobile use with a USB port. With a quiet 120mm fan constantly cooling your Powerbook, you would never hear the noisy internal fan go again.


But this hack needs a little research and experiment. A way has to be devised to block the airway of a 120mm fan without reducing the air output, while at the same time allowing it to intake air as well. Perhaps seal both ends of the 120mm fan (the ends where normally intake/output are) and cut holes on each end parallel with the fan blades. The fan blades would circle, pull air in from the opening and continue around untill the air was delivered to the g4, then around the cycle again.


The other issue is that you would have to make some form of sleeve so that the ait is channeled directly to the g4's airway.


Anyone interested in helping out with this hack and maybe providing a little quiet cooling for their powerbook?

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