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Power Macintosh G3 Minitower Upgrades

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On 1/3/2018 at 10:00 PM, Cory5412 said:

Later models came with the 4MB SIMM preinstalled, and are definitely good for Millions at 1280x1024. I haven't tested it, but I believe that they will do Millions at 1600x1200 as well. I can bring my Beige by the office at some point and hook it up to the 2007FP there and give it a go.

I'll have to give it a go, just checked my Plexi Boxed Beige and it has the 4MB VRAM card on board! [:)]

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I believe there are one or two PCI sound cards for Mac, I wouldn't bother. Most Mac gaming targeted whatever the cheap or highly available Performa/iMac of the day was, and so it's unlikely the games you want to play on Mac will have had like, high-resolution audio files or whatever it is the card will claim to do better.

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Interesting. I will test the powermac when I return from vacation. If it works I will try to put stuff on it. My purpose is to make it faster than my Imac G3 if it is possible. 


IMac configuration

G3 at 500 mhz 

1 gb ram 

40 gb hard drive 

16mb ati video card 

Slot cd Rom drive

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Bear in mind that the ATi Radeon 9200 came out in 2002 and, requires, if I am not mistaken, Mac OS 9.2.2 to be made full use of.

The Beige G3 is from 1998. It has a G3 300MHz processor and a 66MHz bus.

If you play games from 2002 on this machine, even with an ATi Radeon 9200, they may run slowly.

If you play games from 1998 (or before) with a 9200, they will run smoothly and quickly in Mac OS 9.2.2 (and maybe lower versions of the system software).

If you are going to stick to games around, say, 1999 and before, a 16Mb or 32MB card like the ATi Radeon 7000, Voodoo 2 or Voodoo 3, ATi Rage and whatever nVidia had around that time will all do you very well.

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So. I took my powermac from the basement. I was hearing the start up sound but no screen. Until i disconnected the one stick of 128 mb ram (now it has 256 mb ram) and it worked but the disk appeared because no hard drive. The dvd drive was also not connected so i plugged it in but i couldn't boot with apple legacy cd that i have. Then i tried some hard drives  from Imac G3 and suddenly with the 20gb hard drive the macintosh booted at 9.2 OS (i had this OS installed for my imac g3, also has a version of mac os 10). It is a powerpc 333mhz, 256 ram and video card with 6mb ram. It was really fast in mac os 9.2, i tried some installed games. I can say that quake 2 ran greatly. For the monitor i used the macintosh color display. It needs a pram battery because it resets the date and time. After all these i couldn't do anything. I tried again the dvd with no success, i disconnected again the hard drive to test others with no success again. I would like to ask if it is important which cables do you have to use for the connection of the dvd and the hard drive. The only thing that i managed is to connect my 20gb hard drive but a white screen comes with the following:


open firmware 2,4

to continue booting the macos type:

BYE (return)

to continue boot from the default boot device type:

BOOT (return)

For open firmware serial I/O type:

TTYA IO (return)



when i type "BYE" it starts

when i type "BOOT" a msg comes up"boot CLAIM failed

when i type TTYA IO the screen becomes black


i disconnected all again (no hard drives, dvd etc) and left the mac with the 256 mb of ram but at this time the mac couldn't start, only black screen

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