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Macintosh TV

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I picked up a Macintosh TV locally. Turns on but it definitely needs a bit of work.


I reached out to Trag to see if he carries caps for the logic board and tuner card. I washed the board, but already some corrosion on a few of the chips near some caps. Seems to run okay, and sound is functional. Maybe a small bit quieter than my Frankenstein LC520/575.


What I need help with is the analog board. The display is very unstable and pops between different sizes. It definitely needs new capacitors. My questions:

1) is this analog board swapable with other LC Performa 5xx series systems?

2) Does anyone have a list of the capacitors needed for the Macintosh TV analog board?

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The Mac TV is pretty much a big Color Classic: very collectible but kind of sucks to actually use since it's painfully slow and has an 8MB RAM limit. Plus you can't use the TV in a window and the Mac at the same time; it's one or the other. Not that you can actually get broadcast TV on them anymore anyway.


That said, yes the analog board is pretty much the same as other 68k boxes in that form factor, except for maybe some of the '040s; they changed some stuff for later models.


The display popping is likely caused by bad solder joints on the flyback transformer, so you may want to check/repair those assuming you're a competent technician. If not, familiarize yourself with how to discharge a CRT before working on it: this is a very high-voltage part and can contain hazardous voltages even after the machine has been powered down. If you're unsure how to do it safely, don't touch it.

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