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Toledogeek's Big Pile'o'Stuff

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so.. Ive been busy lately, as I've kind of alluded to in some of my build posts..




I've been keeping my eyes and ears open the past few months and have come up with quite a few acquisitions..


so since May...


3 SE/30s... one of which has been detailed in my "toledogeek's SE/30 build" thread

2 Color Classics.. one will be detailed in a future thread, an overclocked CCII board and a FPU & SSD

2 Mac Classics, one got turned into the "Power Mono Classic" and the other just showed up on my doorstep yesterday.

3 IIgs's... 2 have already been sold.

(NOT PICTURED) a Quadra 700


AND, I'm not sure if it counts, but its 68k, A NeXT Mono slab. I've been looking for a NeXT for a long time, and i got this in trade... It went though a flood, and was completely non-functional when i got it. fortunately, it was not hooked to power at the time, so it survived with a thorough wash, re-cap and new drive.


Not all will stay, as I'll need to sell some to support the habit. Retrobrite, RAM, Capacitors and SCSI2SDs ain't free.

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