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Macintosh SE!

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I've been looking for a compact mac at a fairly cheap price for some time now, and what luck! My local Craigslist had someone selling a Macintosh SE with the keyboard, mouse, manuals, and bag for 30. 


Plus, surprisingly everything works! Even the floppy drive. The hard drive works too! 




I should probably mention that I don't have any of the original installer disks, and some of the case screws are missing! (the handle screws)

Does anyone know what type of screws I'd need for the Mac SE?

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Congrats on the Mac. You should open her up and replace the clock battery no matter what, and make sure it is not one of those ticking time bomb Maxell Batteries! A fresh Clock battery will keep things going when it is off.


Then take out the floppy drive and clean it up and lube it. Also blow out or vacuum any dust you find inside. It should last you a long time.


To go "About this Mac" and see how much RAM the system has and save those pennies for the full 4mb ram upgrade. It is great to have. Then save up for a CF2SCSI, SD2SCSI or other solid state SCSI Drive system, as that hard drive will not last forever. And Of course - parts to recap/fix the analog board. The SE Logic board is pretty sturdy but the SE\30 Logic Board is not. Go figure. So the weak link in the Mac SE is the analog board and the hard drive.

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