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Performa 6360 unknown space/connector usage

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Hi there,


I have a Performa 6360 perfectly working. I opened the case for some cleaning and different tests. Each time I open it I'm face to face with this little connector that goes into en empty spot on the back of the case with a trap door on the back panel where some ports could possibly get out of the case.


I've never really investigate what it is and what it should do, but each time I looked on the Internet, I never found anything that can satisfy my curiosity. Maybe one of you knows what it is and what it can be used with. Can you help me?


Look at the uploaded picture for more details


Also, out of curiosity, MacTracker is saying that some models where sold with Optional PC Compatibility card. Any idea which model of card it is?


Thank you


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It's my understanding that space and connector are for an optional TV tuner. It requires the optional AV input card also be installed.



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You got it, now that I knew what to look for, I found an Apple support document here:




That shows exactly that. Look into page 17 for an diagram of the tuner installed, and page 18 for a description of the empty panel.


On page 21, I can also see what are the usages of all empty slots on the MB!

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