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Apple IIgs System 6.0.2

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What’s new for Apple IIgs System 6.0.2
After 22 years, 2 months, 2 days and 2 hours since System 6.0.1 was released, this is a summary of the visible changes. There have been many bugs fixed and many features added that are not immediately visible–they will enable developers to create better future products. Be sure to also read the Shortcuts file on the SystemTools3 disk for more information.


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Now, all we need are some WHITE 3.5" DS DD discs and some scans of the 6.01 disc labels.

You can use Illustrator or some other program to clean up the scan and change the 6.01 to 6.02.

We can then make our own REAL discs and labels that look like the originals!


I am one of those weirdos who really like playing with 3.5" discs. All my synth's had them.

Something to do with hands-on, typing and saving your own work on a tangible medium.

Writers appreciate this, as well.


Anybody else interested in this?

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I'll put this here as I don't want to start another 6.0.3 thread, but I for one am excited about this release!  I searched the internet for quite a while and never found any pictures of what actual System 6 IIgs diskettes looked like.  Finally, I found a poor, very compressed image on a French website.  That same site also listed the Apple part numbers:

Apple IIgs System Disk, Version 6.0, Ref 690-8300-A 
Apple IIgs Install Disk, Version 6.0, Ref 690-8301-A 
Apple IIgs System Tools1 Disk, Version 6.0, Ref 690-8302-A 
Apple IIgs System Tools2 Disk, Version 6.0, Ref 690-8303-A 
Apple IIgs Fonts Disk, Version 6.0, Ref 690-8304-A 
Apple IIgs synthLAB, Version 6.0, , Ref 690-0134-A 
Using this info, I made some recreations of the labels and printed them out.  Of course, I can't verify if this is how actual disks looked back in the day, but if the French are to be believed, it looks pretty good to me!

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I'm not really setup to make copies of these guys Macdrone, but instead I have attached the Photoshop CS6 (zip archive) and PDF versions so you can print and/or edit them yourself!  These should match the Avery 5196 layout.  Set your margins and centering to 0.


I will mention these are slightly different than the first version I printed.  I fixed the spacing and size of the fonts a bit to more closely match the originals.


@uniserver- Thanks!


I've also attached the image showing the original media for reference, as it was very difficult to find:






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Yes, I did select the Apple Garamond for use as the font.  I moved the original picture into Photoshop and superimposed the text over the image to make the most accurate reproduction.  I think the Apple logo is perhaps the wrong colors, and I suppose the kerning could be slightly perfected, but I am satisfied with the current result.



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