The best finds are certainly always the expected ones.   I was looking at my eBay feed on my iPad and stumbled upon a boxed DOS Compatibility Card for the 6100 series, in box! No software (which I already have) but the card itself and all of the manuals and software licenses. Cool! Put in a bid (I think I might have been the second bidder) and it was mine for $20.    I haven't gotten a chance to test it out, as I need to go get my 6116 out of storage (climate controlled, of course) and see what I can do with it. I was going through another box a couple of weeks ago and found a 32MB SIMM, so I'll be able to install that on the card - the RAM slot is currently empty. The card itself smells new, even looks new.    Does anyone have much experience with these? I know they'll run up to Windows 98 without much fuss, even though Apple never supported it. I love the pizza box Macs, and this way I can play some with old DOS games on "real" hardware without needing a PC... though I've got on in storage. The Mac just looks nicer.    Box photo attached!