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Found 3 results

  1. My powerbook titanium froze after i iterated a DVD whilst it was copy from a USB hard drive. To solve i continually pressed power button to shut down the laptop. Now boots to open firmware. Tried booting from an install cd, holding c didn't work but managed to figure out how to boot from cd in open firmware. Exited installer and selected one of the hard drive boot disks in startup disk but on restart went back to openfirmware. Now can even get it to boot from cd tried reset-all command. When laptop starts up it makes a tone sound and white led at base of screen flashes, then goes on to chime, then goes to openfirmware. Help?
  2. I just bought a 1GHz titanium, which, although cosmetically challenged, seems to function pretty well. With one exception, of course. It absolutely refuses to run off battery power. I have a working 500MHz VGA and an 867 tibook, so have a couple of batteries to play with. It seems like it can intermittently sense that a battery is there (runs at 667 MHz on just wall power and switches to 1GHz with a battery installed), but it refuses to run for even a millisecond if I pull the plug with a fully charged battery that keeps the 867 going for over 2 hours. Also, running System Info on it the battery portion sometimes reports the battery with all zeroes, other times with the same cycle count, etc, as when the battery is in the other machine. So that part is flaky, but it never pulls any current from the battery to run on. I know I can just start swapping parts with the 867 but seeing as that one is in great condition, thought I'd ask the question before going down that route. Has anyone experienced this kind of behavior before? By the way, I did the PMU/PRAM reset a couple of times, but that had no effect. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
  3. mac-cellar

    Two in One Week! Merry Christmas!

    So, I walked into my local thrift store last Saturday, and I spotted it from 50 feet away - a 17" Apple Studio Display... one of the clear plastic LCD models with the ADC connector. The tag said $25 and I said, "You're coming with me." I always liked the design of these... all that swoopy clear plastic and that neat kickstand in the back. Not everyone's cup of tea, I know (especially the ADC part), but a real find for me. A few days later on eBay, I bid on a Titanium Powerbook G4 that looked like it was in good condition, working, was advertised to be lightly used and in the original box. $45 won the auction - the Powerbook arrived last night. It turns out that it is in fabulous condition - a scuff here and there is all there is to suggest that anyone used this at all. It included the original box and packaging and the AC adapter... it is a 550 Mhz model with upgraded RAM, and 10.4.11 Tiger with all necessary updates installed. Again, this may just be me, but I love the design of these TiBooks. I remember watching Steve Jobs do his "One more thing..." intro of the TiBook back in the day.