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  1. PM9500 CDROM Bezel, also powerbutton

    Thanks! I do have a 3d printer, but I just moved and I don't have it set up yet. There are a bunch of places on the internet that will do 3d prints to order, though I have never used them so i'm not sure exactly how they work. I think 3dhubs.com is pretty popular, but again, I have no personal experience with the system. As soon as I get my stuff up and running I can crank something out for you though. this week is kinda hectic for me, but I should have a lot of time next week. I'll send you a message when/if I am able! No-so-ironically, the power button to my 9500 is also busted. I've been meaning to model a replacement but I just haven't had the time. At some point, I'm definitely gonna make one though.
  2. PM9500 CDROM Bezel, also powerbutton

    If you have access to a 3d printer, I modeled the cdrom bezel part on and posted it to the forums over here. A 3d printed part definitely isn't going to be quite as nice as the original as far as how it looks, but the model is pretty close and has been working pretty good for me on my 9500 and 8500! Plus, finding an intact original bezel is going to be pretty hard to source these days.
  3. 3D-Printed Objects

    @joethezombie Awesome, Thank you! If it were made of plastic, I would definitely add some ribs (or at least something to distribute the load) to the underside of the main support, and probably beef up the feet. I would not trust that as a plastic part to hold up something as heavy as a MacII, 3d printed or otherwise.
  4. 3D-Printed Objects

    I am thinking the same thing. The only two unknowns would be the height and width of the user-facing end of the buttons. It looks like the height might be the same as the stem part, but I couldn't find any really high quality pictures to tell. The width is definitely something we'll want to measure too. I would think the depth would be the same as the Q700 buttons, since the logic board dimensions and mounting relative to the case are (as far as i know..?) exactly the same between the Q700 and the IIci. I can bang out something quick and dirty if you want, but I would much prefer to get at least those two measurements before having anyone potentially waste time printing one. In other increasingly esoteric news, I printed up my Jaz bezel for the 8XX/85XX/95XX case, and much to my surprise it actually fit up almost exactly to the drive. the interior lips that mate up to the drive itself were ever so slightly extruded too far out, so the drive pushes on the bezel when the case is fully closed, but that doesn't seem to affect performance. I've updated the model to shave off 1mm from that feature so it should be just now. I also added a fillet to the side walls of the slot to better match the aesthetics of the apple-designed drive bezels: I didn't print out the new version, so it doesn't have the fancy pants fillets on the sides: Here it is before (with jaz drive mounted on my custom made mounting bracket thing that attaches to a standard hard drive sled) and here it is after: Here it is in action: I mentioned before that the drive itself wasn't working... It turns out that it is working pretty well, I just didn't know what the hell I was doing with the SCSI ID settings on it (and the other drives in the system). Got that sorted out, and it started working! It does take a suspiciously long time to mount a drive once it's been inserted (hence the jump cut in that gif), like a minute+. It is pretty consistent with its slowness though, so that gives me some comfort. Either way, I'm pretty pleased with how it all turned out! For anyone playing at home, here is the new and improved .stl file: 815 jaz bezel 1.1.stl
  5. 3D-Printed Objects

    I was actually going to PM you asking exactly that! (I meant to do it right after I made that post, but I had to unexpectedly had to go for a little bit) I'll try to source some pictures, and if you can give me the measurements of the holes in the case, that should be enough, assuming everything else is the same. Definitely worth a try!
  6. 3D-Printed Objects

    Got my printer up and running again! Yay! The other day (before I had fixed my printer), I thought I read a post on the forums where someone was looking for a Quadra 700 style reset/interrupt switch. I figured it would be fun to try, and I have the part, so it would be kinda cool to make something that someone else actually needs. Turns out, he was looking for a IIci switch, which is similar, but different. But before I realized that, I already made the thing: and printed it out: STL files here: 815-6270 rev 5.stl ResetSwitch.stl Inturrupt switch.stl I Oriented the models like this for printing The darker orange bars are support material. Depending on your printer you may or may not need to be quite so liberal with the supports, but my settings in Simplify3d were 1mm supports for the whole thing. I think I had more support material going into it than the actual part itself. If you were to print it as it sits in real life you might be able to get away with fewer supports, but then you would have the layering working against you and since the entire body is kind of one big spring, I figured it would be best to have it printed sideways. The buttons have a little square indentation on the under side that is supposed to mate with the little square protrusion on the tips of the button stalks, with your superglue of choice adhering them toether..which kinda sorta worked for me. Due to the imprecise nature of printing such small parts i had to file some stuff down here and there to make it all fit, but overall it worked well. There shouldn't be a lot of stress on the button that would cause the glue to break over time so it shouldn't need to be perfect.
  7. Quadra 700 with battery damaged logic board

    Thanks for the name of the tool. I'll check it out! Just did a quick search on Ebay and found this auction that looks at first blush like it could fit the bill. It says "2.54mm pitch", which I assume means the distance between the pins? I'll have to remove the logicboard and measure them to see how it looks. The price isn't bad either!
  8. Quadra 700 with battery damaged logic board

    @Bolle yeah, there is definitely some corrosion on the tips of the contacts in that last RAM slot. From the outside, it looks like only the tips were affected (where the ram was actually seated seemed to be alright), but clearly something is worse than it looks since none of the slots work at all. I haven't tried vinegar yet, I will give that a shot before I get brave enough to remove the slots entirely. Thanks Byrd! My hope/theory/complete shot in the dark was that the corrosion on the RAM slots was just from battery outgassing, since a lot of the exposed metal around the area (but not in the direct path of disaster) had become tarnished..but evidently hope was not enough to fix everything. I guess what surprised me the most was that the computer otherwise seems to function fine. I would expect that if there were something physically messed up with the RAM slots I would be seeing a sad mac icon. Does anyone know if there a separate controller chip that handles the SIMM RAM separately from the built in RAM that may be damaged as well?
  9. Quadra 700 with battery damaged logic board

    I managed to partially install system 7.5 on an external Jaz drive! The hard drive it came with technically seems to work, but it appears that some/most of the data on it is corrupt. I can see the files, but I tried copying some of the more interesting stuff to the jaz drive and like every 4th file could not be read. [side note, it looks like this machine was used for graphic design in the mid-90s. I love the time-capsule aspect of bringing old computers back to life!]. I say partially installed, because the installer refused to read "install disk 1" at the tail end of the installation process. The disk itself must have been working, because that was the disk that booted and started the installation process. Even tried imaging another floppy, but it just refused to budge. At that point I just restarted the machine and hoped for the best. Thankfully it booted, but some stuff is missing (everything from the apple menu at the very least, which is mildly annoying). However, it was enough to check the RAM.. and sadly, it appears that the RAM slots are dead. No matter what configuration of the SIMMs I try, the only thing that shows up is the 4 megs built into the logicboard. I even tried some known good RAM from the IIVX I've been stealing all the other parts from that are making this project possible, and they don't show up either. I am kind of surprised, since if there were something wrong with the RAM slots, I wouldn't expect the machine to even boot? if it were missing/broken/shorted pins, shouldn't it be causing problems beyond just not showing the RAM? So far it seems to operate just fine, as far as I can tell. The lack of ram is going to be a problem doing anything even remotely useful with this thing, though. I think I'm at a standstill until I get brave/stupid enough to desolder the RAM slots and see what I can see there.
  10. 3D-Printed Objects

    Awesome stuff! Coincidentally I was also working on reproducing the q8XX/PM8500/9500 etc (does this style case have a shorthand name??) hard drive sled as well (apple part number 815-0446) 815-0446.stl My intention was to create another sled so that I could mount an internal Jaz drive into the middle bay on my 9500, but I ran into a small snag. The sled itself was great, and for a hard drive it would have been fine, but for the Jaz drive, it was mounted too low. Aside from the fact it would be annoying aesthetically, the RF shielding built into the front of the case was actually blocking (and pushing ever so slightly) into the bottom half of the eject button. Not a problem, just design something for the drive to sit on: 815-0446-platform.stl It snaps into place onto the the drive sled and has the exact same mounting holes. Screw the drive to the platform before attaching to the drive sled. Also, it probably fits the original part, but in my enthusiasm I mounted and installed it using my 3d printed part before I thought to try it. My model of the drive sled is very close to the original, but the original has certain design considerations for injection molding that I did not replicate (some of the struts that appear to be at 90 degree angles are actually slightly off 90 in some places, I presume to make ejecting from the mold easier) . I don't imagine that will have much impact, but there you go just in case. I should also note that the boost platform thing was designed entirely by me, so the likelihood of it actually positioning the drive to fit any existing apple made bezel is probably not so good. It should put the drive just about dead center for the bezel space..so it might, but I don't have any measurements (let alone an actual bezel) to test against. Feeling otherwise pretty good about how everything was coming together, I designed a bezel for the Jaz drive as well: 815 jaz bezel.stl I should also note, again, that I have not actually printed this part out, so i'm not 100% sure that it will A: Fit and B: actually work as intended. I am pretty sure the Jaz cartridges will clear the bezel in such a way that you can grab them when they are ejected, and I am feeling pretty alright about the actual bezel lining up with the drive correctly. However, Unless you don't mind wasting your time/effort/plastic, I would suggest not printing this out until I work out all the potential bugs. But who knows! Maybe I got it right on the first shot. The reason I haven't printed is largely due to my printer having some kind of clog in the nozzle, resulting in under-extrusion which makes for terrible 3d printing. I'm going to have to take the extruder apart and the nozzle off to fix it and i'm just putting it off because i don't want to burn myself. How I think (read: hope) it should line up: It was also about this point in time when I decided that it would be a smart move to actually plug in the Jaz drive to see if it, you know, worked. I bought the drive a couple months or so ago at a second hand store for 2 or 3 bucks, and it looked like it was in decent shape... but looking good is about all it does . Not a huge loss honestly, it was just a good excuse to build all this stuff, but it would have been nice to have. Plus it's a good base to build a Zip based bezel which is I'm sure is of far more utility to most everyone else (I have an ATAPI zip drive, which is fine for using to measure stuff, but I have no appropriate Macs from which to drive it)
  11. Quadra 700 with battery damaged logic board

    Awesome, thanks for the info! My Q700 actually has two molex power connectors; I thought the floppy drive used one, but apparently that is not the case! I wonder if someone replaced the cable at some point? I took out the floppy drive from the IIVX, and annoyingly the drive sled/cage thing is different. The original one from the quadra is rusted to hell, but maybe it's salvageable. Since it's just a hunk of metal, I can take it out and sand all the corrosion off. Blegh, it's such a mess though.
  12. Quadra 700 with battery damaged logic board

    After cleaning it again (and giving it a baking soda water scrub, then rinsing again), I put it back together.. and amazingly, it works! The hard drive does not boot, I am not sure if that's because it's been wiped or just so old it gave up the ghost. The drive sounds..good-ish I suppose? It spins up, I can hear the heads click, but I am not very familiar with what a hard drive of this vintage is supposed to sound like on a good day. I can't boot it from floppy, because the floppy drive it came with was definitely ruined (I didn't bother taking any pictures because it's almost a solid block of rusty hot garbage. it really took the brunt of battery leak, for better or worse). No sad chimes, even with all the original ram, the video card and CPU upgrade card installed. just the startup sound and a blinking question mark floppy, waiting for a disk that wont ever come. Honestly i'm pretty pleased it got that far. Next step, i'm going to steal the floppy drive from from my Mac IIVX and try to boot it from from that. Does anyone know if It would be possible to plug in an internal CDROM drive (which would also be gratefully stolen from the IIVX) in the q700 using the internal scsi bus? It clearly wouldn't physically fit in a long term solution roll, but just to get some software up and running it would be handy to have a temporary cd drive option.
  13. Quadra 700 with battery damaged logic board

    So I actually tired to clean up the board a few weeks ago, and got most of the residue off.. but upon closer inspection there was still a lot of gunk between the pins of some of the chips (especially bad was that VLSI chip just south of the whole disaster area). I finally got some time again today for a more thorough scrubbing, and I am feeling better about it. I ended up using a toothbrush and 99% isopropyl alcohol (which was surprisingly difficult to obtain.) I did not, however, remove the SIMM sockets; my soldering skills/tools just are not there, and I am optimistically hopeful the damage isn't too bad under there anyway - no battery goo appears to have gone under the sockets. The overall damage looks about as bad as it did before; C65, D6, the battery holder itself, and the power LED are gone. R78 is still intact for what its worth, but it looks pretty grungy. That aforementioned VLSI chip still has continuity with the board, but the pins do look pretty bad. A lot of the solder joints on the surface mount stuff look dull, and most other exposed metal has become corroded to some degree (the closer to the battery out gassing, the worse), but I hope most/all of that is just cosmetic. My question is, would it be a terrible idea to try to run it in this condition? It looks like the majority of the damage was done purely to the battery, and a cap and diode that dealt with the battery. I probably wouldn't even be running it with a battery in here anyway, so would there be any problem just leaving it as-is? The missing power LED is annoying, but that's a through-hole mount and if i had a replacement LED I'm sure I could replace it; but even without I wouldn't think that would affect anything else..?
  14. 3D-Printed Objects

    "shortly." meanwhile, one week later.. I think i'm close enough to call it quits now. I have attached the .STLs for the cd-rom drive (815-1690.stl), the eject button (815-1690_eject.stl), and the empty bay bezels (815-1189.stl) I sliced these using Simplify3d, at .2mm layer height with 1mm automatically generated supports. The supports are definitely needed, and If you're using different slicing software your mileage may vary. I oriented the parts thusly: for the cd-rom bezel, I have it sat up right as it would sit normally in real life. It actually consume less material for supports if it's printed upside down, but the finish on the lower lip indentation suffers pretty badly since that will all be built upon support structures. The empty bay bezel I print upside down, since it doesn't have any fancy features that might be negatively affected by support material. The cd-rom eject button I printed like this, which is probably not really ideal in the long run since the layer structure is more likely to cause a break somewhere along the body, but printed any other way caused issues with regard to support materials and the diameters of the holes coming out correctly. Depending on how dialed in your printer is, you might want to print this in a different orientation. And, of course, here are the real-life results: I'm feeling pretty good on the overall shape/functionality! its not quite 100% but I could keep messing with it forever, so I'm calling it. Gonna move on to the floppy bezel, then do a zip and/or jazz. or if anyone has any specific requests (cause all I needed personally were a bunch of cd rom and blank bezels) I'm up for that! 815-1690.stl 815-1690_eject.stl 815-1189.stl
  15. 3D-Printed Objects

    Switched to Fusion 360, much better software. I spent some time today learning it and remodeled the whole part. Not bad for my first try! I'm printing it now, and if all goes well I will post the .stl for all to enjoy shortly.