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  1. John Hokanson Jr.

    PB5x0 to VGA adapter?

    I *think* the connector on the back is called DV-14, but I'll be damned to know where to get one. Anybody know?
  2. John Hokanson Jr.

    PowerBook 520 - Can't Get IP Address

    Have you tried hooking it up to your other Mac via a crossover cable? That would rule out a hardware problem.
  3. John Hokanson Jr.

    1400 vs. Wallstreet Keyboard Quality?

    That's about what I thought. Funny how the older tech is better in this regard. Then again, I have always suspected that keyboards are really regressing. I purchased my 520 with the intent to use it as a easily movable word processing machine, but I'm kinda put off by the keyboard (but otherwise like it). I'm thinking about putting it on other duties, like vintage games, and getting something like a 1400 for a word processor.
  4. Based entirely on keyboard quality and nothing else, what one was better? I know people rave about the keyboard on the 1400, but I've heard the Wallstreet was good too.
  5. John Hokanson Jr.

    Digital art on a B&W G3 or eMac

    I would most definately recommend *NOT* running Tiger on a stock B&W. Especially a 300Mhz Rev A like you seem to have (see my thread on this forum as to problems Rev A B&W Macs have). Yeah, you can technically run Tiger on a 300Mhz G3, but you probably won't be happy with it. Were it me, I would run 9.2.2. That effectively limits you to Photoshop 7. I run Photoshop 5.5 on my iMac, and it serves my needs, but I'm not a professional artist or anything. The sheer number of options PS offers causes my head to spin. Regardless, RAM is the most important thing. The 64MB that these machines came stock with is okay for light usage in 8, extremely borderline for 9 (the system heap with use up about 40 megs of that, give or take), and right out for X. Go to 256MB at least. Clearly the eMac is the better machine for running X and more modern incarnations of Photoshop. I can't help with your tablet unless you're a bit more specific about what it is, and what's on the driver CD. YMMV.
  6. John Hokanson Jr.

    B&W Rev A - Is it really that bad?

    I am totally comfortable with DOS, but unfortunately don't have a PC. Thanks for the suggestion. The PCI SCSI or IDE card totally seems like the way to go with these things. Assuming I even get one.
  7. John Hokanson Jr.

    8.1 on a LCIII

    The "faster disk access" thing advertised in 8 seems to be BS. If you go over to System 7 Today, they reached the same conclusion when benchmarking a PM8600. The minor increase in FPU might be a fluke. There's almost always minor variation between benchmark runs, even under the same conditions. In all, that's not too shabby, but more RAM would definately be a nice thing.
  8. John Hokanson Jr.

    Totaled G5 - Idea Thread

    Did the G5 iMacs have VGA or DVI video out? Because if they did, there's no reason you couldn't put it in a custom case and use it something like a really piss poor excuse for a PowerMac G5 (piss poor in the sense that expansion opportunities are limited). I have seen this done with a G3 iMac logic board after the CRT and/or PAV took a dump. It looked kinda silly, but *did* work.
  9. John Hokanson Jr.

    Gentlemen... Behold! I have a Powerbook 520.

    I know about the 19 image disk set, but I am going to have to wait till I get a AAUI to RJ45 transceiver, because that's about the only way I'll be able to get software onto this thing. My iMac is sans floppy, of course. I do still need to create a boot disk or sorts though. Something that will allow network access after I wipe the drive. The best thing would be if I can get 7.1 or 7.5.3 install disks, but that doesn't look like it's an easy find.
  10. John Hokanson Jr.

    Gentlemen... Behold! I have a Powerbook 520.

    As far as a recell is concerned, I'm not holding my breath. It appears to have something like 16 AA batts inside and is held together with chewing gum and bailing wire (I think one of the contacts on the inside broke). Really nasty looking. The keyboard works, but it's almost like it's suspended on shock absorbers and you need to restrike keys sometimes in order to get them to register. If you type slower than normal it seems to work okay.
  11. John Hokanson Jr.

    Gentlemen... Behold! I have a Powerbook 520.

    Also, the keyboard really sucks and slows down my typing speed, but I presume that should be filed under "normal."
  12. I have a Powerbook 520. You must FEAR this 520, for it has a blazing fast 25mhz 68LC040 processor and a swank 16 shade passive matrix B&W screen. You must all bow before it! Special thanks to forum member racepres who sold it to me. Anyways, it's a pretty good cosmetic condition, but I have some questions about it. 1. Is there anything like "Apple System Profiler" on System 7.5.3 that will give me an overview of the hardware installed on this thing? 2. The single battery in the right hand bay is pretty clearly shot (it's also taped together and looks like it's seen better days). What is the likelihood of getting a replacement? 3. Ditto with the PRAM batt. It thinks it's 1904. 4. I'm probably gonna want to wipe the drive. Any hope of getting system 7 floppies?
  13. John Hokanson Jr.

    Holy Quadra- Lots o ram

    If you are running 8.1 on that Quadra, 192 megs would be nice. Regardless of what you do, I'd definately hold on to those SIMMs. 30-pin SIMMS are only going to be more and more of a pain in the ass to find. Especially in the larger capacities. By the time the first Pentiums and PPCs cams out, the industry had switched over en-masse to 72-pin SIMMs.
  14. John Hokanson Jr.

    Choices for OS 9 Box

    It might be purging the heap. I gotta re-read about VM. I do use a program called "Mac OS Purge" from time to time. Now if only somebody can do something about those goddamned Power PC Exception Errors that crop up...
  15. John Hokanson Jr.

    Choices for OS 9 Box

    I think the MDD has a limit of 2GB, but OS 9 can only address up to 1.5GB in either case. Which is kinda interesting. That's another thing to add to the Mac OS 9 wishlist: Support for the full 2GB of RAM. Another interesting fact is that 9 forces VM off once you hit 1GB. While you really shouldn't need VM with that much RAM, I have heard that having it on results in a better a job of flushing memory when closing an application.