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  1. How do you attached the IDE drive to the SCSI controller? Is that board an IDE to SCSI?
  2. MrGasS27

    Internal hard drive power connector type?

    All the mothern ATX PSUs have 4 pin square connectors called "P4", maybe you can search on eBay or Aliexpress and see what matches with the molex connector with your LC, or maybe you can do a very dirty thing: remove the pins from an ATX connector (I think the pins from the 20 pin plug are the best for this job, they are thinner than the pins in the IDE molex plugs), solder a male Molex plug to them, put the pins part into the LC female port and hot-glue them... Yeah, it's so raw
  3. UPDATE 16/6/2018 I had an ASTEC PSU on my LC, not a TDK one. However, I changed these caps and... no more fish smell! Now my LC is "usable" :')
  4. Using an Arduino as SCSI device would be a beautiful thing, however, SCSI2SD has a Cortex M3 based microcontroller, the only Arduino with M3 is the "Due" model.
  5. Unfortunately you can't downgrade the firmware, put OS 9.2.2 which is more stable than 8.6
  6. MrGasS27

    IIci logic board power issue

    I use my IIci with an ATX PSU, I manually power it by shorting PS_ON and a GND rocker switch, never had an issue, I use it also with IIsi and I used it on the Q700
  7. Hi everybody! I want to pick up an iMac G3 350/400 MhZ board to adapt it in an ATX case, does someone have a diagram for attaching an ATX PSU to the G3's mobo? Can I get the video directly from the external VGA port? Thank you
  8. I know, my SCSI2SD v5 board has 100ohm resistor packs. However, I'll hope that they'll release the v5 board's sources in future (It's an improbable thing, but dreaming is costless)
  9. At the moment I gave up and stored the compiled source everything in my HDDs, cloning this board is too expensive, especially for the 5LP and the 110 ohm resistors that costs an eye here in Italy. When I'll want to burn money I'll clone it, at the moment I want to build DA15-VGA adaptors for my Macs. Oh, a week ago I tried for the second time RaSCSI on my Pi Zero W, It's usable, but on 030 Macs doesn't works (I don't know why) and on 040 Macs sometimes it disappears, I used it well on my 6500/270, I also booted 7.6.1 from it, so, I think I'll build a RaSCSI cable.
  10. MrGasS27

    RaSCSI Development Thread

    I need to do them for SCSI2SD (SIP-10 bussed resistors cost a lot here in Italy) but I need 100 ohm for recreating the 4610X-101-101LF, I need only to put 100 omh resistors in each pin? (except the first, obviously)
  11. I was asking myself the same thing, the 5LP costs about an eye for a single piece, but this would imply software and PCB adapting
  12. MrGasS27

    Some questions about the IIsi

    You're welcome, man
  13. MrGasS27

    Some questions about the IIsi

    There are two pins on the IIsi for choosing beetween onboard ROM and SIMM ROM, if you short these the IIsi will boot from the SIMM ROM
  14. MrGasS27

    $4 Macintosh IIsi

    Good find, man! However, yes, re-cap it, IIsi with bad caps tends to freeze while in System, only after re-capping my IIsi I was able to use it after years of random freezing. Fortunately it has only 47uF 16V caps.