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  1. Mac IIsi SCSI CD boot issues

    Nope, controller's ID is 7
  2. Mac IIsi SCSI CD boot issues

    Are you sure that on 7.5.3 you have CD-ROM extension? I suggest you to download Transoft SCSI Director from Macintosh Garden to see if the IIsi sees the external drives, maybe you need to mount them manually.
  3. Use OS 10.4 to transfer data from the iBook G4, it doesn't corrupt anything and you can easily transfer data with a USB adapter
  4. Damn, I tried to put my SD in my G4 Quicksilver but with 9.2 everything freezes when I transfer data, with 10.4 everything seems to be good but I prefer working with 9.2
  5. However, you can also transfer files to the SCSI2SD's card with Linux, if you install hfsutils and hfsutils-tcltk you'll also have a program called xhfs that allows you to transfer files to an HFS volume though a simple GUI. However, with Mint and Ubuntu I write .sit files also though the native file manager running as superuser, for example, if I start Caja in Linux Mint as superuser it allows me to transfer files to the SCSI2SD's card, with Ubuntu I use Nautilus. Obviously first you have to transfer StuffIt though a floppy disk to the Macintosh (you can write a disk image from Macintosh Garden with WinImage and a USB floppy drive), then you can transfer files without corruptions.
  6. Use MacDrive and you'll be able to transfer data on the SCSI2SD's card, I use MacDrive 8 on Windows 7 to transfer .sit files to my SCSI2SD's 8GB card
  7. Thank you, man! I'll try this in spare time
  8. Apple Desktop Mouse II - Slow Tracking

    Clean the internal wheels with water, I think they are dirty, usually I remove all the wheels and I clean them under water while scraping grime with nails
  9. Hi everybody I usually use a 13" AppleColor High-Resolution RGB Monitor (640x480) and I want to replicate the DB15 Male - DB15 Male cable to connect the monitor to Mac, my multimeter is broken and right now I can't discover the pinout (I'm looking for a multimeter with a piezo beeper) so, has someone the pinout of that cable? Thank you!
  10. Star Gate doesn't work on Windows 10, you must have at least 7
  11. Early Mac LC proto?

    Yep, this is an LC prototype
  12. AirPort PC24-H and WPA2

    Hm, I think I will choose an extender with ethernet for better compatibility with OS 9...
  13. AirPort PC24-H and WPA2

    Hi everybody! I want to buy an AirPort PC24-H Card for my Power Macintosh G4/800 Quicksilver with Mac OS 9.2.2 and 10.4.11, I put Wireless on it with a USB Realtek NIC card (it's chinese) and it works only under 10.4.11, it's slow and I have to use necessarily 10.4.11 to transfer files through AFP protocol from my Mac Mini. I want to put an AirPort to use my Wireless network also on OS 9, but I have WPA2 encryption on my router, can OS 9 and 10.44.1 connect to that? Thank you
  14. How can you see a Lubuntu PC on Macintosh via Chooser?
  15. Dead SE/30 question

    You should see if the motherboard is corroded by battery or capacitors, and you also have to recap it