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  1. Powermac 8100 ATX PSU wiring

    https://discussions.apple.com/thread/2171912 Here someone says that the 8100 wants only +5V, +5V TRKL, +12V and -12V so, yes, you can do it. You'll not have the soft power, you'll have to power on/off the Mac with a rocker switch between the Green ATX cable (PS_ON) and a GND cable, there is a circuit to enable soft power, but honestly I never used it because I prefer the manual power, in a thread i submitted in this section a user posted the diagram of that circuit. However, I have this diagram from Dan Calhoun, in the first pinout is clearly mentioned the PowerMac 8100, so I think you can use it, if you put a manual switch to power up the ATX you don't have to connect the /PFW point, simply left it not connected.
  2. I really hate these Sony Floppy drives, while I was trying to lube the head driver I lifted up a bit the higher head, now this doesn't want to lift down when I insert a Floppy Disk, how can I solve this before I destroy it with an hammer? Thank you
  3. Mac LC III don't boot up from a non apple HD

    Sounds strange, like a bad SCSI driver partition on the HDD. The Quantum HDD certainly has the disk arm glued to a bumper, this is a "lovely" feature of Quantum and Conner HDDs (I'm sarcastic for "lovely", obviously it isn't) Have you tried to check the 1 GB HDD with Disk First Aid?
  4. The original PSU died in 2016, I use a modded ATX with IIsi and IIci
  5. UPDATE - 14/03/2018 DID IT! I changed all the 47uF 16V caps on the motherboard and on the FPU card, now it works like a charm! Now I have sound from speaker and I kept power on the Macintosh for 1 hour, it booted 7.1.2 and 7.5.3 from SCSI2SD and I played Shufflepuck, Shatterball, Prince of Persia and Spectre without issues, it runs good. I also washed the motherboard, obviously. I used electrolytic chinese caps from Aliexpress, they works. However, It does the boot chime after 10 second, I didn't changed the two Axial 220uF 16V caps yet, I think that this problem is related to them, but I'll solve it! I'm so happy
  6. Do Mac LC III need recapping?

    Recap it, it's the best thing to do with a pre 1995 Macintosh, especially with an LC
  7. Missing cap on my Macintosh LC motherboard

    However, in my life I saw wire traces only on Amigas (mostly 1200)
  8. Missing cap on my Macintosh LC motherboard

    Okay, I'll put a cap also on C105, 5 minutes ago I saw again my LC motherboard and I noticed too the cutted leg of the cap, I also saw a lot of photos on Internet and I noticed the cap on C105 in every motherboard. I provided also to search informations on Google about the annoying noise from speaker on Google, obviously the problem are caps, looks like a common problem on LCs. I have the same problem of this video:
  9. Missing cap on my Macintosh LC motherboard

    Quantum 40MB HDD repaired, it works perfectly also with the internal HDD with 7.1
  10. Hi everybody! Today I received a beautiful Macintosh LC with stuck HDD head and obviously I have to recap it completely, from the speaker comes a lot of weird sounds like a cap that is charging and discharging (a stupid example: *I power on the Mac* *boot sound* uuuuiiIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIiiiiiiiiiiiuuuuuuuu), however, it booted up 7.1.2 an 7.5.3 from my SCSI2SD on the external SCSI port and I played Shufflepuck for 5 minutes, it “works” good. I’ll recap it soon together with my IIsi, but I can't explain a little thing on the LC's motherboard: why on C105 there’s no cap? I think that a 10uF 16v cap goes here, I have to put it while recapping it? It came with a PDS ethernet card with a wire soldered on it, and I can’t explain myself why, I see no interrupted traces on the ethernet card, can someone explain me why there's this soldered cable? Can someone help me about these two things? Thank you all.
  11. Okay, finally I "connected" the Iici and Q700 with the Pi Zero W, "PPP UP" in MacPPP but, why can't I surf Internet? I tried Netscape, MacWeb and iCab, no way to go on internet, why?
  12. This afternoon I became completely crazy, I tried to connect my Pi Zero W (I put the Pi 3 in NesPi case, so it is stuck in that case) with Serial-USB and Null Modem cable with my Quadra 700 on 7.6.1 and on my IIci on 7.1.2, completely no luck... I'll wait for a good tutorial.
  13. Thank you, I'm reading these posts, especially the first is explained in a good way, I'll try to follow it!
  14. I'm reading the whole thread after a little bit of time and I'm confused af, maybe someone can write a clean and good described tutorial for connecting the Mac through the Pi to internet, it would be very useful to everyone...
  15. Here it is a list of IIsi's Sony PSU caps http://www.maccaps.com/MacCaps/Capacitor_Reference/Entries/1990/10/5_Macintosh_IIsi_Sony_Power_Supply.html Honestly, I would also recap the IIsi, here another caps list http://www.maccaps.com/MacCaps/Capacitor_Reference/Entries/1990/10/5_Macintosh_IIsi.html