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  1. RaSCSI Development Thread

    Define "high speed"? SCSI2SD firmware (both for V5 and V6) is totally open source; What is your intended use case?
  2. RaSCSI Development Thread

    If that is your goal, why not consider buying a SCSI2SD V5? http://scsi2sd.com/v5/buy
  3. External SCSI-mounted SCSI2SD Housing?

    The already exists good news!
  4. 40p SCSI to 50p SCSI

    Fantastic! Would you be willing to send one our way for evaluation? I'll PM you.
  5. 40p SCSI to 50p SCSI

    Let me know how it goes, when you get the board. We actually have some 2.5" PowerBook edition boards in the pipeline, now (finally!), but if this works well, I'd be happy to help finance a run of them, provided the board design is open.
  6. RaSCSI Development Thread

    Awesome work on this PCB. Is that assembled, or just for the PCB? hopefully the latter
  7. SCSI2SD Universal Mount

    That seems very unlikely, unless you do it yourself, as V4 boards have not been manufactured in nearly three years. The percentage of all SCSI2SD devices out there which are V4 is _very_ small, I'd wager less than 1%, at this point.
  8. New Disk Emulator - "Tiny SCSI Emulator"

    The V4 board uses the exact same firmware as the V5. That PCB is fully published and open. The V5 boards have only been sold fully assembled, so I'm not really sure what the original poster was smoking. TinySCSI is great, but the use of legacy silicon is not ideal for a variety of technical, environmental compliance, and business reasons, which others have already pointed out. That said, I think it's a very neat and useful thing, and especially if the Ethernet gets fully mature, I'm sure it will do well.
  9. New Disk Emulator - "Tiny SCSI Emulator"

    This is factually inaccurate, and you should be ashamed of yourself for making such claims. The last firmware *release* for SCSI2SD V5 was just over one year ago, and there hasn't been another because it's 4.6 is very stable.
  10. LC PDS Video Card questions

    I doubt it, it's probably just a monochrome card, but that's okay. I'm still interested.
  11. LC PDS Video Card questions

    I can save you some time and offer to take it off your hands for a reasonable sum. I would like to reverse engineer (and document) it. PM me with what you think is fair, plus priority mail shipping to 95130, assuming you're in the US.
  12. What to do with 6100/60?

    Quick correction... the SCSI2SD exposes multiple SCSI ID's, not LUNs, when you use it in multi-device mode, where you slice up a microSD card into multiple "devices" within the SCSI2SD-util configuration tool.
  13. What to do with 6100/60?

    It certainly does!
  14. SCSI2SD Universal Mount