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  1. New Favorite, Mac 512K

    Holy crap...I forgot I have one of those Apple II 3.5" drives! I got it with my IIgs years ago. So, is it easier to transfer disk images over to it than 400K disks? Your blog is looking good. Do you plan on doing any posts about how to transfer images over to those disks? My primary PC is a Windows 10 machine. I also have a bunch of disks for the Amiga. I wonder if I could take a couple of them and format them for the Mac 512K?
  2. New Favorite, Mac 512K

    Yeah, I may be interested. I will send you a PM. Thanks!
  3. New Favorite, Mac 512K

    I've tried 15 times to upload more pics but all I get is an error message. Even pictures much smaller than the ones that worked. Not sure what that's about. https://www.dropbox.com/s/72u5g2aa1b64lab/Photo Dec 08%2C 2 14 01 PM.jpg?dl=0
  4. New Favorite, Mac 512K

    Some pictures of my new setup.... Half of the pictures would not upload for some stupid reason.
  5. Top screws SE30.. rounded out?

    Spiders are smarter than other insects. They like to "think different". What I hate finding in old computers are blood stains and rat turds. lol (yes, found both).
  6. New Favorite, Mac 512K

    So I just bought a (new to me) Macintosh 512K for $60 (USD). It came with the 512K (dur), keyboard (original), mouse (IIc mouse) and 400K external floppy drive. Oh, and a non-Apple bag to carry it all in. The computer has a small crack in the case on the top-right but I think I can eventually fix that or even replace it. It's also VERY yellowed so I got some retro-brighting to do. I will post some pictures later. The first thing I do is power it on. The seller showed a picture of it working. I don't have any software for it so all I got is the disk with a flashing ? on it. Which is a great sign! The startup tone was great too. The screen is superb. I cannot believe how great it actually looks. In fact, it's so bright that I have to turn DOWN the brightness to a comfortable level. The next thing I do is open it all up to see what damage it has. There is a SMALL amount of battery corrosion on the terminal leads. But it's so minimal I think I can literally put vinegar on it and scrape it off. When I opened the case, I was amazed how clean it was! Other than a little dust, there is NOTHING wrong with it. Almost mint. As you know, there are only three electrolytic capacitors on there. I will be replacing those soon. But they show no signs of leakage. I still cannot believe this board is all THT. Oh, even the ports on the board (DE-9, etc.) are super clean with no rust. I swear this board looks new. On to the analog board. Again, aside a little dust it's pristine. I will certainly want to re-cap it. I should start on that after Christmas. None of the caps look to be bulging. But I'm going to replace them anyway. So, as you can see, I'm very excited about this find. I think with some hard work I can make this computer almost new and mint with a few dings here and there (just like me...lol). Now, I have a few questions. 1) I attempted to remove the annode wire (I think that's what it's called) from the CRT. I made sure to properly discharge it first by connecting a long screwdriver to the ground wire of the CRT and slowly sliding it under the suction cup. I never heard any kind of pop. But I'm 100% sure I touched the metal under it. The problem is that I couldn't get it to come off. I didn't want to pry very hard but that wire seems to be bolted on tight or something. Is there a safe way to pry that thing off without cracking the tube? I've pulled them off on other Macs before. Not sure why this one has a death grip like it does. BTW, the suction cup is black and not red/maroon like someone mentioned in a previous thread. I thought they were all red/maroon too until I saw this one. 2) I'm pretty sure I have an 800K floppy as a spare. I have a super drive on a non-working SE/30 that I might be talked into using on this computer. But the fact of the matter is, 400K is going to be a problem. HOWEVER, since I have literally 0 disks/programs for this, is it possible to just buy some 400K software somewhere and use it? I just want to play a few games, mess with a few music programs and type a few letters. Nothing major. And since I have the external drive (also 400K) maybe the disk swapping won't be that hard. What are your suggestions? Do I need to upgrade the ROM if I use >400K drives? If I upgrade that drive, seems then that the external drive would be worthless. 3) Are there any recapping kits for the analog board on this computer? So that I don't have to manually trace down each size? Thanks!!!!!
  7. Apple Mouse IIc on Mac?

    I confirmed that you were correct! It indeed worked on my new Mac 512K. Thanks
  8. Apple Mouse IIc on Mac?

    Will the Apple Mouse IIc work on a Mac 512K without any adapters or conversions? I finally have one and I may swap it out between my IIc computer and my new 512K. Thanks!
  9. FYI, my wife won a new (modern, 2016) laser printer at an office party a few months ago. It was made by Lexmark (I can get the exact model if interested). Anyway, it's an awesome printer supporting networking (wired) and USB. But what really surprised me is that it also had an old-school an IEEE 1284 36-pin Centronics printer port! I couldn't believe it. But I guess there's still a lot of old business machines out there without network or USB. Anyway, I wonder if it would be easier to get one of those running on a vintage Mac than running a RPi/Linux layer in between? Just a thought.
  10. I'm certainly no expert in things 68K Mac, but from what I've read, couldn't this memory upgrade be "sanctioned" from Apple? IIRC, Apple offered a $995 upgrade kit for 128K to 512K Macs. Also, I remember reading that even the very first 128K Macs had support for 19 address lines on the board so 512K could be addressed but you had to do weird stuff like piggy-backing DRAM's. I can't remember where I read that. But Jobs only approved of the 128K (17 address lines) so they secretly put the extra two on anyway. Either way, that's a good find. I just bought a 512K Mac with keyboard, mouse, external floppy and bag (not Apple) for $60. I'm going to post some pics soon. It is very yellowed and the case has a crack. But I think we both got a good deal.
  11. 512K Case Cracked

    Hmmm. That's an idea. I had thought about filling it with epoxy, sanding and painting the case. Seriously, since this thing is so yellowed, it might be a good candidate for painting. If I could find the original color. However, my painting skills are not that great. I'm going to retrobright it either way. If I can get it to a good shade, I might just live with the crack. Maybe. I may try taking it to some autobody shop and see if they would paint it!
  12. 512K Case Cracked

    I just got a 512K Mac with keyboard, mouse, external floppy and carrying case for $60. I'm very excited. Other than having SEVERE yellowing, there's a 1" or so crack wrapping around the top-right of the case. On the front bezel (not the main case). So, any ideas on how to fix that? I don't mind a few dents and scratches but that crack really keeps pulling my eyes towards it (no jokes please...lol). Anyone have a front bezel for sale? Thanks!
  13. SE/30 Problems Part Two

    When I boot my SE/30, I get a screen with horizontal stripes. Nothing else. No beeps, either. First thing I did was recap the logic board. I believe I did a good job but I can double check (even though I've triple checked already). Tonight I replaced UE8 (74LS166) with a new one. Actually, I only had 74HC166 but I think that should work. After I replaced UE8, I still get the exact same thing. Nothing changed. Any ideas? Thanks!
  14. @Alex Yes, I mean the internal metal frame that holds the motherboard, drive cage, etc. You can't see from the pics above but trust me when I say it was beyond repair. I mean, I guess it technically could be rebuilt. But at least half of it or more was rusted all the way through. I don't think it was just battery leakage. I think it was full blown rust. The rust was so bad that I could break off large pieces of the frame with my fingers. It wasn't something that could be scrapped off.