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  1. novusgordo

    Quicksilver has VGA issue

    Good to know. I'm keeping an eye out for USB cards for my two Old World Power Macs, so this helps me know what to avoid. (It's less of a priority now, because the two machines just got FireWire cards.)
  2. novusgordo

    Irwin Tape Backup for Mac II

    Reminds me of a story about Y2K compatibility testing: There was this all-Mac shop that wanted to verify their Y2K compatibility, so they set their network time server ahead to January 2000 to see what would happen. Everything seemed to work fine, but then they noticed the network running sluggishly. They traced a bunch of extra network activity... turns out that their ancient Mac II backup server thought (the clock having been moved forward) that it was way behind on its backup schedule and started doing daily/weekly/monthly/yearly back-ups!
  3. novusgordo

    PowerMac 9600 startup problem

    Put in a new PRAM battery and see what happens? The fact that it works perfectly on reboot suggests something like that.
  4. novusgordo

    LC and LC II Power Supply Question

    The battery store here sells the Xeno ones for $6 CDN and the Saft for $10 CDN. What sort of prices do others pay?
  5. novusgordo

    LC and LC II Power Supply Question

    Does that mean conversely that an older machine will be more reliable with an LC475/Q605 power supply?
  6. Dumb question, but... if you're running Classic, do you really need more than half a gig of memory anyway?
  7. novusgordo

    Carboy7's conquests!

    OK, do not show that listing to my wife! I want to keep my AIO!
  8. novusgordo

    Carboy7's conquests!

    Don't people on eBay ask crazy money for just about anything, though?
  9. novusgordo

    Macintosh and stylewriter ???

    If you're willing to run System 7.1, then certainly. If you want to stick with System 6... will the System 6 StyleWriter driver support the 1200? Or can you use the later StyleWriter 1200 driver on System 6 with TrueType and GrayShare installed?
  10. novusgordo

    Carboy7's conquests!

    *keels over laughing* Just keep any first-date reports SFW? ok?
  11. novusgordo

    Carboy7's conquests!

    Go get it, man!
  12. novusgordo

    RAM Dilemma

    Yes, but that's a IIfx. It's probably faster than, say, a Quadra 605 anyway! And I'm likewise, except that both of my pre-System 7 Macs are still projects and not in working state.
  13. novusgordo

    RAM Dilemma

    Another thought: at what point is it a better investment just to keep your eye out for another machine to run Mac OS X rather than try to shoehorn it into this one?
  14. novusgordo

    LC 475 Questions

    I'm in the process of getting FireWire on my G3 AIO and my 8600 for this exact reason. All my classic Mac software is getting backed up on my Drobo, but if I need something for a classic Mac, I just copy it onto an HFS+ FireWire HD, mount that onto my G3, then copy it over onto an HFS SCSI HD.
  15. novusgordo

    I saved 100+ iBook G3 Clamshells

    What would shipping be to here, I wonder? (slow boat is fine, use postal code V5V 1A1 for calculating rates) I probably shouldn't, but it's soooooooooooo tempting...