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    SE/30 recap and blown SCSI

    Can someone recommend a source for recap service? I have used AllCaps and it was returned non-functional. Then sent three of them off to Charles Phililps in May 2018 and they still haven't been returned. Also, I believe I have a blown SCSI or blown fuse after connecting an external CD with a bad SCSI terminator. I'd appreciate any help on these items. Thanks.
  2. I've got my late 2003 iBook G4 (800 MHz, 12") running OS 9 pretty well. I understand Apple never made a driver for Airport Extreme to run under OS 9. I read somewhere there is a driver made by IOXperts that will put me in business. I have searched high and low for it, but can't find it anywhere. Anyone heard of this?
  3. ortencia

    SE/30 - blown capacitor

    I received my replacement capacitors from Trag (thanks, Jeff) and have started to solder this morning. I have three finished, when I decided to put the board back and try it out. One of the capacitors exploded. I immediately unplugged the unit, and have redone this one capacitor three times already. Every time, it keeps blowing. Any ideas? Maybe I should hire someone to do this for me. I think member "Freakout" offers this service (if I haven't REALLY screwed things up yet.)
  4. ortencia

    SE/30 - blown capacitor

    a big thanks to JDW for such a thorough reply. just to be clear i am *not* that dexterous with a soldering tool. in fact, this whole process of cap replacement is new to me. my problem is at C13. there is a white box running around the space where the old cap was. i am looking in that general area to see where to scrape exactly with the idea of exposing the correct copper wire. phreakout, i have sent you a PM.
  5. ortencia

    SE/30 - blown capacitor

    i have 220uf 35v for 220uf 16v can i use this ? and the surface pads have come up off the board for one of them. how will i make a good connection now for that capacitor?
  6. ortencia

    SE/30 - blown capacitor

    the tantalum ones are not marked positive or negative. how do i know which end is which ?
  7. I have an internal Assante ethernet that works with one of my SE/30 units. I have moved it to the other one, and this causes a boot error. I have washed the board, and will be replacing the capacitors that Trag sent to me. I'm hoping this will correct the problem. Any ideas why the card would work in one unit, but not the other ?
  8. ortencia

    SE/30 boot problem with PDS Assante ethernet card

    it just seems strange that it only causes the problem in one of the machines, not both. i will replace the capacitors on both of my boards and post the results.
  9. This monitor was given to me by a friend who had it stored for a few years. I was surprised that it came on right away and has a beautiful picture...until about a week ago. Now I have three very bright vertical lines, and it also made some noise at the onset of this problem. In additional to the three bright lines, the viewable picture has shrunk in from the left and right (but not from top to bottom.) I would love to keep using this, but the picture really is distorted enough to be a problem. I would love to keep using this monitor, however I have * no * experience working with CRT monitors / televisions. Does anyone know of a fix for this ? Thanks in advance.
  10. ortencia

    17" Apple monitor beige (manufactured 1996)

    hmm...interesting that you and DogCow had opposite situations with regards to the resolution. i will see what happens when i'm back home and can try it out. i feel like the "green" thing to do would be to try to repair this and keep using it, but the truth is i know nothing about monitors. i started to read an article that went way over my head as it mentioned interlacing, flyback transformer, and the like. i also read somewhere else where someone replaced capacitors which resolved his issue. the latter seems more doable for me.
  11. I have an Apple //c with orig ROM. I have done the bootstrap via serial cable to my G4 laptop by way of USB - serial connector, and successfully pushed over .DSK images. After amking three or four disks, I now get an I/O error on the //c. it will not read or write any disks at all. I have read that this *could* be caused by an erratic disk drive speed. What is the best way to adjust the drive speed? Could the problem really be indicative of a bad disk drive altogether?
  12. ortencia

    Mac SE with CD?

    what version of OS is it running? I can't recall the minimum required for CD support. Might be 7.1 (?)
  13. ortencia

    SE/30 - blown ADP ports

    I've read this is a fuse. Can't remember where I saw that. Can anyone tell me where this fuse is, and how to change it ?
  14. ortencia

    SE/30 - blown ADP ports

    phreakout - thanks for your reply. based on the article i mentioned earlier (re: mac II in same situation) i was thinking it could be F1 or F2. I have located these on the logic board. F1 it is.... i have two of these SE/30 machines, as you do. the one with blown ADP ports also has no sound, which doesn't bother me much, but i know it's a sign of bad capacitors. i have emailed trag@io.com to place an order for these. i've decided to get two sets, and just do both boards at the same time. maybe this will take of things for a good while still not totally sure about doing the soldering myself. the current cylindric capacitors are seated in a little piece of black plastic. when removing the old capacitors, does the black plastic part come off as well? if you have any pics of that process, that's what i'd like to see. thanks a bunch, ortencia
  15. ortencia

    SE/30 - blown ADP ports

    thanks. i found the site again; it tells of a IIfx in a similiar situation. different motherboards obviously. shouldn't i be able to find this out with a copy of the schematics of the SE/30 ? anyone have access to that ?
  16. ortencia

    SE/30 - blown ADP ports

    what do you mean "mobo?"
  17. I have installed a quantum 2-gig internal drive. All was well with formating, installing system software, etc. I was on my way to installing netBSD when after a reboot, I got the simasi mac. In reading on line (http://www.biwa.ne.jp/~shamada/fullmac/repairEng.html#SimasiMac) this link suggests cleaning the RAM and ROM connections, removing the network card from the PDS slot, and changing the PRAM battery, which I did, all to no avail. So I'm pretty convinced that one of the capacitors has gone bad. I'm more than willing to do this myself, but have no idea about soldering/desoldering. Does anyone know of someone who will look at the logic board for a reasonable price? Or any suggestions for replacing the capacitors myself?
  18. ortencia

    Free working SE/30 (not mine)

    is this still available? reply to: scruggs.jason@gmail.com