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    LC III Help!

    First of all - Has the LCIII been recapped - it needs doing otherwise you'll have issues with sound and SCSI chips - it'll shorten it so get it recapped. AppleCD - which model? It may need recapping in the CD drive. Ensure the SCSI ID isn't conflicting with the main HDD? Ethernet card - picky - some you need correct drivers/extensions for it to work. Are you able to take a photo of the card and we may be able to help. Cheers AP
  2. I've got Crucial m.2 SSD in my 1ghz TiBook without any issues. Cheers AP
  3. AlpineRaven

    Macintosh Color Classic No Sound After Recap

    Before you fault find the amplifier chip - test with another known working board that has confirmed sound output in that Macintosh. Test another board, ie. LC575 or LC520/550 board etc in that Colour Classic. I've experienced with another Colour Classic that had whisper quiet sound but with speakers its working fine. We did logicboard swap and it had sound which eliminated the A/B that pointed to the logicboard. I tested that logicboard in another Colour Classic and it did the same thing, so the fault lies on the logicboard possibly the sound chip? Cheers AP
  4. What game is that? Cheers AP
  5. Its not 9.2.2 laptop its 100% OSX Put everything back - RAM and HDD and do one thing a time. What spec is that 2gb? Cheers AP
  6. AlpineRaven

    Oh. Great. Another IIsi...

    whoop whoop!!! Good find buddy!!! Wonders what that Quadra 700 wouldve had! Recap it buddy including the PSU as well Cheers AP
  7. AlpineRaven

    China Ebay 68040 processor

    Go to Norton SystemInfo - It will tell you if there is FPU or not. I did bought an 68040 33mhz off ebay - it was re-masked as 68040 33mhz which it was really an 68LC040 33mhz - disputed it and got money back no question asked as he must've knew that he was selling fakes. That is how I found out it was non FPU. Cheers AP
  8. AlpineRaven

    Diagnosing the 9600 From Hell(tm)

    Hang on - ATA card? the 9600 has SCSI.. Cheers AP
  9. AlpineRaven

    Diagnosing the 9600 From Hell(tm)

    strip the 9600 to basic, 2 memory sticks in 2 banks slot. Original CPU card, All other PCI cards except video card and go from there. If that fails, swap over to another group of memory sticks and re-test. Remove SCSI cable from the logicboard, and try boot from floppy. Check if there is no bent pins in the CPU card slot (you'll need a good torch to inspect properly) If it fails I would be pointing to the logicboard. Last resort (which I have not seen) is cap leak on the logicboard. Cheers AP
  10. Good afternoon all! This week hasn't been a good week for G4 chargers and now I am getting worried! I had 5 G4 chargers belonging to each PBG4, 2 just went this week and what is the common component inside it that usually goes? Secondly - Can I use magsafe and convert to PowerBook G4 plug in Magsafe charger? Cheers AP
  11. AlpineRaven

    LCIII with no sound

    Recently had LC520 board with no sound, swapped with known working sound chip and voila - it worked! It was shorted/resulted from cap leak. Cheers AP
  12. Hello all, Just purchased an 1ghz a1025 TiBook cheap because it had a “fault” which was the bottom casing coming off. Otherwise its 100% working. Ive revealed that the plastic holders that holds it in has became separated from the aliumium body as the glue has failed. What type of glue would you use to re-apply the bottom classics between the plastic frame and aliumium? Cheers AP
  13. Good evening all, I obtained 2 Macintosh Portables this week, been working on it - got new battery fitted etc... Since the language was Turkish (previous owner was Turkish) I wanted to install fresh system on it, so I used System 7.1 Disk Tools to format the HDD - didn't realise I might have made a big mistake for it, some how formatting failed. I tried to format under System 6.0.4 - still failed. Does that mean Ive destroyed the internal HDD? It was working perfectly before I formatted it. What other options should I do - find another conner HDD - swap boards over, and put it in Macintosh ie. Classic/SE etc and try format it? Or another formatting program should I use? Would prefer to leave as original as much I can. Cheers AP
  14. AlpineRaven

    Mac Portable - Conner 40SC HDD - have I destroyed it?

    Ah at that time I think it was Mac SE via internal cheers AP
  15. How you mean? As far I know theres only 1 IIvx and all had the same style - some had without CD ROM, some had CD ROM/caddy load etc. Cheers AP
  16. AlpineRaven

    restoring Li Ion batteries

    Hiya all, Has anyone ever tried restoring/rebuild/wake up Li Ion batteries from PowerBooks? I have a few of PowerBook batteries and recently I got one battery brought back from dead and others aren't working at all. Someone advised to jump start/shock start the batteries with small spike charge to get them woken up. Well aware - it could be dangerous procedure, he used an old galvanised toolboxn incase it explodes. Cheers AP
  17. AlpineRaven

    CURRENT most reliable Powerbook?

    I have came across a few 3400s need recap in the PSU section - they were still working but I found dry leak under it. Cheers AP
  18. AlpineRaven

    CURRENT most reliable Powerbook?

    Yep theres a couple on the left side under the LCD. I do have an Duo 270 that the person "lost" the power supply which was saved - recapped and its working. I also obtained other 3 Duo 270s and they're blown up because people have attempted to start it up - the mosfat, resisters etc are all damaged and tried to swap parts between others and wasnt working. Cheers AP
  19. AlpineRaven

    Carrera040 Info / Hacking Thread

    I am looking for that Carrera 040 adapter same as photo above.... Cheers AP
  20. AlpineRaven

    CURRENT most reliable Powerbook?

    It might be I've been lucky, I have 3 black and white PowerBooks - 145, 150 and 540 those 3 have been good so far, but I haven't recapped them yet, they're working very well. The Duos needs recap - and 99% of the time people attempted to start them up and blows it, if you come across untouched Duo - RECAP IT!!!!! PowerBook 3400 (I know you said excluded but showing/pointing for others) watch out for non-working 3400s is a bad sign of battery leak on the logicboard. PB190/5300/3400 are known to be brittle. 1400 is reasonably solid. Otherwise PowerBook G3 PDQ-Lombard & Pismo are solid too. Cheers AP
  21. Yep I second that - there is one last version of 9.2.2 in eMac installer on Macintosh Garden. You'll need MacOS ROM 10.x.x not under 10. Cheers AP
  22. do you think there is a possibly of corruption files from faulty CD drive? Cheers AP
  23. This is the adapter I am using in my PDQ - works well with OSX.2 and 9. Cheers AP
  24. AlpineRaven

    Mac Portable - Conner 40SC HDD - have I destroyed it?

    Yeah I recovered it. I managed to find another 40mb conner HDD with 50pin SCSI and swapped the board over, and plugged it in normal Macintosh and re-formatted as normal. I learnt that you have to use System Software 6.0.4 Apple SC formatter util as its specific version for Portable and Ive formatted by using this version. Cheers AP
  25. AlpineRaven

    Quadra 605 cache module in the wild?

    I had to read this twice - Ive never seen/heard of L2 cache for PDS. The only L2 cache I know of was for PowerPC PDS upgrade which I have here and is currently in LC475. Cheers AP