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  1. I know its silly and a nostalgic thing as i have a 2001 imac networked to both my 6200cd and an SE/30 so i can just file share which makes transfers easy but not as much fun keep the zip drives alive i say lol agree though getting software on these old machines can be an utter pain if you’re new to old macs or any old computer for that matter
  2. You got further than me then as i never managed to get basilisk to work on my mac mini. In theory yes using the emulator you can write hfs formatted floppy disks that said pc exchange is easier as you can just download straight from macgarden or other site and pop it straight onto a readable disk. Myself though brought i few old zip drives from ebay. I really enjoy using them for transfering files. neal
  3. SE30_Neal

    Intermittent horizontal flickering on Mac SE

    Hi krishna, could i ask if it’s an actual line or a brief intermittent shimmer/wobble? neal
  4. SE30_Neal

    SE/30 PDS Adapter Epic Blunder

    I agree you can straighten the legs
  5. SE30_Neal

    SE/30 PDS Adapter Epic Blunder

    How bizarre. Lets hope you can get them
  6. Cheers John. I was always told never to open hdds so yes it’ll be a last resort. Maybe i can keep the outer housing and power supply and change out the hdd, will see i’ll give it one more try before accepting defeat neal
  7. Hi John, tried lido and Apple HD SC and just get an error 5 after 3 sets of 6 flashes on the HDD’s LED indicator followed by the drive spooling itself down so it’s definitely not happy. i’m kind of out of options with this one, there’s a few videos online about reviving these old full hight HDDs so I’ll attempt to get it out of the outer case to see if i can see the stepper motor and oil that but the HDD is in a wapping cast steel housing bolted on risers in a 2mm thick welded steel housing) with no space to get it out without a complete strip down AND removal of power supply and cabling, if not its opening it up to see if old rubber is the issue. i do understand if i get to this point it’ll probably be ruined. ah HDD rather than HHD lol hard drive device miss typed neal
  8. Hi Dochilli, i could give it a try i have nothing to loose otherwise it’s bin fodder. It does start up and run, do i run whilst open or just open it move the read head and put it back together to test? neal
  9. SE30_Neal

    Kinetics Etherport SE Ethernet Adapter

    I moved into a new built house and that came with fibre to the house itself and a Huawei fibre router built in and that simply wouldn’t work for me on my older macs but I did find a relatively cheap 4 way half duplex switch from ebay for £12 and than run that from a mains ethernet extender to my computer room and that worked a treat but it sounds like you have a few options already. make sure the switch on the back plate is switched correctly to the twisted pair connector.
  10. Didnt work unfortunately i get an arbitratry failure which then crashes the os is sats check connection and terminators. I think its worth pulling everything out and trying i different cable and using my zip drive as the terminator. Weekend job as it means ripping all the wires out. To be honest i think the drive is toast but I’ll give it one final go.
  11. I say i’d like the classic hardware but reality is SCSI2SD is probably much more stable.
  12. No. I want sd options yes but really it’s classic
  13. You’re right but no i want classy hardware
  14. Hi LaPorto, No not really i doubt there’s any data on it i just wanted some extra storage in a vintage style (its an exact fit under the compact Mac) and as i have used a fair amount of the 1gb Internal drive within my SE/30, having the extra 2.4gb for software and games is what i was after. I saw this on ebay advertised as a vintage macintosh SCSI HHD so I wrongly presumed it would just work. Likely hood is it either doesn’t work or lacks a file system so yes i’ll attempt just to obliterate it as i have little to loose, it was only about $40 6-7 months ago when i came across it. Thanks for your help its much appreciated Neal