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  1. ChristTrekker

    Is the Wiki dead?

    I don't drop by often these days, and definitely don't have time to curate an encyclopedia any more, but definitely would authorize a new user if I got a request to do so. I don't think I've seen a request in a couple years. So, yes, part of the blame for the state of the wiki is the user community. The work ain't gonna do itself.
  2. ChristTrekker

    State of the wiki

    I've added a notification to the main page about the registration lockdown.
  3. ChristTrekker

    State of the wiki

    All you need to do is drop me a note, and I'll get your account created. I thought there was a note to that effect, but maybe not.
  4. ChristTrekker

    style problem

  5. ChristTrekker

    style problem

    None of the CSS has been loading for quite some time. ☹ Anybody know what happened?
  6. ChristTrekker

    680x0 Super Computer?

    I know one could cross-compile, I just like working on the native platform. And I like m68k architecturally.
  7. ChristTrekker

    680x0 Super Computer?

    I'd love to build an 8-way 68060 box and port NetBSD to it. Just so I'd have a really really fast box to make native builds of software for my 68k NetBSD Macs to run. Compiling on a CC is slooooow.
  8. ChristTrekker

    Error when trying to edit wiki pages

    I know there are mailing lists for MW. If it's not immediately obvious, might save a lot of time just to ask.
  9. ChristTrekker

    Error when trying to edit wiki pages

    Any update on that update?
  10. ChristTrekker

    Kaleidoscope Scheme to Appearance Theme Conversion

    How did Greg's permission go? I imagine that since Kal is not really a revenue stream for them anymore, and never was for the scheme designers, they couldn't really care less, and thus were gracious enough to give permission. Darn nice of him to do so.
  11. ChristTrekker

    Ick! Masive UN-CONQUEST

    Congrats, C! Hope this is the beginning of a good stretch in life for you. You've certainly had your share of setbacks.
  12. ChristTrekker

    80 pin -> 50 pin SCSI adapter in SE/30

    Quick googling finds this: http://lowendmac.com/sable/07/mac-drive-setup-patch.html Or maybe Gamba's page has a link.
  13. ChristTrekker

    SE/30 (finally a working A/UX machine!)

    I am curious how different 2.x is from 3.x on the Unix side, though.
  14. ChristTrekker


    Cory5412 disabled new accounts in order to quell the spam attack we were getting. I'll create one for you.
  15. ChristTrekker

    Ohh, I'm bad. Core2Duo color classic.

    IIRC (not personal experience), the display is virtually illegible at 800×600, and it is impossible to center it in the geometry of the visible screen area. 640×480 is the highest usable resolution.