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  1. ... and back then I was complaining about the lack of conquests/liberations I got. Well, not any more! In the course of this year I got (all for free, mostly would-be dumped machines): - a G4/733 Digital Audio, complete with a 17'' Studio Display (the big, extraterrestrial one, over a tripod...) - a pair of 6400/180 (those two were just laying in the corridor, waiting for the recycler to come... I took both because I expected one not to work. After all, they both work! ) - a G3/233 "Gossamer" (everything stock, save the extra 64 megs of RAM it has...) - and it still had a VGA adapter hanging from it, a really valuable find!! - a Classic (unfortunately, the only one which does not work... boots to a garbled screen, I still need to find the large screwdriver to open the case and check its innards...) . a LC (this one had been heavily upgraded - memory maxed at 10 MBs, VRAM maxed as well, and a FPU on a card stuck to the LC PDS slot... this belonged to a Biology department, I believe they did some theoretical, computational work with it... and the G3 also had some similar software on its hard drive...) And the latest ones: - a Mac 512k (it states "Macintosh" at the back, the serial number dates to mid-July 1984, but it does have 512K of memory (I've checked that once I got a working boot floppy for it...). Maybe an aftermarket upgrade? (Battery is obviously dead, but fortunately it did not leak into the analog board, like my Plus... The screen is nice and crisp, the internal disk drive needs to be serviced, but I do have an external floppy drive which came with my Plus... - and a 333 G3 iMac (Blueberry). That one is really nice cosmetically (save for the CD tray cover, my friend at the IT department opened it up to upgrade it a little and forgot to put it back... and now he doesn't know where he placed it! ), and came with matching keyboard and mouse... I urgently need to find a solution to keep my collection decently stored... I'm thinking of shelves, but that will need some time to work out properly. I wished I had more time to play with them!! (with all this course and research work, I don't have the time I did when I was simply a high school student!! ) Well, that's all for now. Today I found a little time to browse the forum, and I've enjoyed it a lot - again, I wished I had more time to dedicate to this hobby (my website is extremely out of date, the hard drive on my server needs, er, servicing (, among other things). Unfortunately, time is not infinite...
  2. bsod

    hello from my Quadra 800 :D

    Well, here am I, typing from my Performa 5200 . It sure looks strange browsing 68k MLA with IE 4.5 and a 640x480 resolution... (the monitor supports up to 832x624, but the TV tuner only operates while the screen is at 640x480...).
  3. bsod

    hello from my Quadra 800 :D

    Maybe later I'll salute this fine community from my Performa 5200 . Friday night is TV series night... so, one excuse for firing up the Performa (as it has a TV tuner...).
  4. bsod

    hello from my Quadra 800 :D

    I ran IE 2 in my SE/30 for quite some time and it was a really reliable browser! Can't say the same about IE3+, unfortunately . Of course, Netscape is also a good option. But iCab supports many modern web things, and works well too! If you have an intermediate Mac (in my case, I have a Performa 5200 running OS 8.6), you can also network the Quadra with that Mac and transfer the contents via AppleTalk to the latter. Then, from there you can burn CD's or do whatever you like (in my case, my 5200 has a big 60 GB IDE drive, so I've got enough storage for all of those vintage apps and old documents! (in fact, I should begin the tedious task of archiving everything I have in my other vintage Macs in that big hard drive - maybe on Summer vacations I do that))
  5. bsod

    20" Cinema Display

    Large displays are really great, and the Apple ones have a really nice picture. I am no videophile (I hope this word exists, I was trying to make use of the word audiophile ), so I really don't care for response times, viewing angles, and such... but I noticed my new HP display needed a lot of calibration, and still is no match for my iMac's internal display (even with those horrible vertical stripes that plague it! ).
  6. bsod

    Vail/Elise III

    For some time I had two of my LCIII's inside a drawer, with an opening for cooling. I had to lift the case (with Lego bricks) in order to make some space for the hot air to circulate. And I had them with the top case open . They don't generate that much heat... but again, I have my Mac collection in my basement, which is kept at a constant temperature, regardless of the weather outside .
  7. bsod

    iMac Core 2 Duo.

    Yes, it could be the slower internal hard drive, like Cory mentioned (the mini has a laptop 5400 RPM hard drive...). Have you tried booting off an external FireWire drive? The performance should increase significantly...
  8. bsod

    Garage sale find

    Really neat score!
  9. bsod

    iMac Core 2 Duo.

    Nice, nice! These iMacs are really nice... I have a "Early 2006" one, and with the 2 GB RAM upgrade runs like a champ .
  10. bsod

    Scanners? TWAIN?

    Yes! I remember using it with my HP 5300C scanner and it could even be used with a document feeder (which I believe it was an optional feature for the 5300C...). Unfortunately, me and VueScan didn't get along: it was always crashing, had a crumpled interface, but did the job - until I got a brand new Brother DCP-540CN which talks perfectly with my two main Macs, and every single peecee around the house (Linux included! ), has a document feeder (which is a really nice feature, I scan a lot of course notes onto PDF that way) and also network capabilities! Sorry for the off-topic, but I really like that little sucker .
  11. Quite nice indeed! I apologize for digging up this thread, but I really want some feedback about this: has anyone tried this Adtron adapter? I'm planning on getting one of those for my LC III web server (its 40 MB hard drive is a bit too small to me . I know there's also the CF PowerMonster, but it is really expensive (about $100, plus the SCSI to ATA adapter!).
  12. bsod

    even more minor haul

    Right, right . Guess I'll have to clean the dust out of my Extened then . I really love that keyboard!
  13. bsod

    even more minor haul

    Oh, and by the way (sorry about hijacking this topic), does the iMate work with 10.5? I was thinking of getting one for my Intel iMac - I really like my Extended, wanted to use it instead of the tiny and uncomfortable Pro keyboard I have here .
  14. bsod

    Gateway Laptop

    Or you can stack up a pile of books behind the display, to hold it in place ]'> . Had a girl who came into the college helpdesk I work who had a severe problem with her laptop's hinges... and she did just that.
  15. bsod

    New Here

    Already had your blog on my reading list... don't know where I got it, but it sure has lots of resources on old PowerBooks and Newtons!