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  1. Well, it appears that it also supports 128MB modules! Sweet! I also have confirmation that the DOS card definitely does NOT support my 64MB stick. It showed up as a 16MB module. 32MB works fine. Kinda weird but whatever.
  2. Brett B.

    Quantum Prodrive possible repair

    The rubber bumper in question is attached to the magnet, correct? I found one there and it's in good shape. I understand that there's one under the platter too, but the head doesn't appear to get stuck there and it moves freely as long as it can't get stuck on that parking brake deal. I will check it again.
  3. Brett B.

    Couldn't help myself...

    I have used a couple Crucial SSD drives that are $35 shipped (240GB.) Cheap and seem to be good quality. I ordered another one for this MacBook, I'm sure it will help quite a bit. My stash of SATA hard drives is really growing... I hope I'll be able to use them someday. Kind of a shame to have large, low mileage drives that are uselessly slow. I really find it odd that this MacBook maxes out at 8GB memory. Will it actually see more? Even the mid 2010 mini I have at work has a much higher ceiling, I have 12GB in it at the moment and it cost 1/10 what the MacBook did.
  4. Brett B.

    Quantum Prodrive possible repair

    I found this thread last weekend when I was attempting to fix an 80MB ProDrive ELS that would spin up, click and spin down. I threw away a pile of these years ago but am slowly running out of good 50 pin drives so I figured... why not try to fix it. The issue on mine was not the rubber bumper, I think. I'm not sure why but the head parks itself too close to the spindle and the white flat plastic piece keeps it stuck there when the drive powers on again. I was able to stuff a small piece of foam insulation on the opposite side so that the head isn't able to park itself too far? and get stuck. I don't understand why the white piece is there and I don't get why the head arm can get latched on it. What gives? So far my repair is working perfectly, the data on the drive was intact and I was able to reformat the drive and it seems to be working great. Is that white thing even necessary?
  5. Brett B.

    Couldn't help myself...

    I now also have a mid 2012 13" MacBook Pro. I haven't "daily driven" a Mac since OS9 was new software so this is more or less new territory for me. My main laptop for quite a while has been a Dell Latitude E6420... love the thing, it's just about as old as the MacBook and they have about the same specs but the Mac just seems kinda doggy. Takes well over a minute to boot into Mac OS (Mohave.) May do an SSD upgrade - the Dell has one and it is at the Windows login screen in 12 seconds.
  6. Brett B.

    Legit "barn find" Apple IIe

    Unfortunately I have made zero progress with it. I poked around and checked continuity and voltage at several points on the motherboard, and haven't found anything obviously broken but that's about as far as I've come. I think I am at the point where I need someone who really knows what they're looking at - I'd love to see it come to life.
  7. Just for fun I ordered a 128MB SIMM. We'll see if that works, 148MB memory would be dope. I will have to try the 64MB stick on the DOS card. I'd be shocked if it works. I was surprised that it worked on the Mac side. I also tried two Kingston 64MB SIMMs in my 6200/5260/120 machine and only 64MB was recognized there. Odd.
  8. I got two of these 64MB 72 pin SIMMs quite a while back and finally got around to using them. One went into my LC475 where it worked great, and not unexpectedly. The other was destined for my LC630 DOS Compatible machine which allegedly has a ceiling of 52MB - 32 in one slot, 16 in the other, and 4MB onboard. I know for a fact that the 16MB card is the absolute max for the first slot (tried a 32MB stick in it, no luck) but the second was unknown. Now we know! Can't promise YOUR Q/LC630 will support these, but mine does. SUPER excited about this.
  9. Brett B.

    Couldn't help myself...

    Oh yeah, I forgot, I also found 2x 64MB 72 pin SIMMs a while back. I finally got around to installing one of them in my LC475. So I have a total of 68MB now. I think that is my record for most memory in a 68k at this point although the SE/30 will have it beat. I need to see if the other 64MB stick will work correctly in my LC630 but it will take some serious effort on my part to take my desk apart so I can unplug everything.
  10. Apple System Profiler under your Apple menu in OS9 should tell you what firmware version you have installed... or you could just try installing one or the other and see if it fails because it's already installed. These might be useful links: http://lowendmac.com/lab/05/0301.html http://lowendmac.com/macdan/md07/1207.html
  11. Brett B.

    Suprise found in a Quadra 700

    Good score. I had a Daystar 601 upgrade in my old IIci - they are cool upgrades. Might think about rigging up a fan to blow over the heatsink, mine ran incredibly hot.
  12. Interesting. I don't think I've ever installed OS X first on a dual boot machine. Keep us updated, I'm sure it's something simple.
  13. Brett B.

    Couldn't help myself...

    I think so? I was looking around in the Netflix settings the other night for that and couldn't find anything that would let me limit content to SD. I have the HD subscription, seems like there was an option but maybe they removed it. Anyway the Netflix app on Windows 10 does not work well. I keep getting this "USB device not recognized" and the plugged in/unplugged alert sound happens constantly but only when the app is open, and never anywhere else. The Hulu app works great. I have just been streaming Netflix through Chrome instead, works fine there apart from the occasional lag. The Core 2 Quad Gateway box it replaced worked perfect but it also had a lot more memory, 2 more cores and a nice-for-it's-age graphics card.
  14. Brett B.

    Couldn't help myself...

    I ended up ordering a 10.6 retail DVD from ebay - was $15. I also installed a 500GB 7200RPM drive in the Mini - that was a nice performance boost. The old 5400 drives are just so slow. As a side note, Windows 10 runs fairly well on this thing. Way better than I would have expected. I downloaded the Netflix and Hulu apps from the Windows store and have been using it as a media PC... it replaced a very loud Gateway tower. Works great although video playback skips occasionally, worth the tradeoff just because of the lack of noise, though. I also ordered 8x 16MB 30 pin SIMMs for my SE/30. Totally unnecessary but it's gonna be cool.