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  1. Let's see if we can get an Apple Watch connected to an Iomega Zip Disk! https://youtu.be/YMawlPVKdUw
  2. The floppy EMU already emulates a HD20! The guy that made it basically crack the lost code on how the HD20 works.
  3. I'd be happy with an HD20 or HD20SC USB Mass Storage Adapter.
  4. Problem is, iOS 13 new external storage feature only can read HFS+, APFS, FAT (12,16,32), and ExFAT. It will never understand MFS or HFS. Heck, even 10.15 can no longer read or mount HFS.
  5. Not yet! LOL! But I sent him the actual video just now.
  6. Sure! https://www.tinkerboy.xyz
  7. This has been a fun video to put together!
  8. Even more retro than my Zip Drive video!
  9. iOS 13 now allows external storage to be connected to an iPhone or iPad. I was wondering why retro tech that supports USB Mass Storage might work. Let's try a Zip Drive! Will it work? Enjoy the video I made of the procedure. https://youtu.be/YLYrK8-TOu4
  10. napabar

    Apple Watch to Mac 512Ke

    AppleWorld Today picked up my video. http://www.appleworld.today/blog/2015/5/28/sharing-files-between-a-mac-512ke-and-an-apple-watch