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  1. Bolle

    Oh. Great. Another IIsi...

    No sound is definetly caps (and maybe something else that got damaged by cap goo - sound section is prone to fail in the IIsi) Cap goo dries up after time depending how the machine was stored, so you don't necessarily have to see anything but they are still bad.
  2. Bolle

    CPU upgrades for Cube

    Yep, will work just fine without any of that crap. Make sure the die and heatsink still touch though just to be sure.
  3. Check if those are connected by accident: The solder blobs look quite big on the picture and if the protective layer over the trace that's running by is damaged right there you will short those two together.
  4. Bolle

    Portable and 12 volts !!!

    If the battery was connected while you plugged the 12V charger in you sent 12V right into the Hybrid. I would bet the transistors are all good. The fuse is the yellow thing right under one of the transistors you marked. It does not protect anything on the board though from power coming in from the power jack other than maybe the Hybrid because of the way it’s wired up. It is sitting between the battery connector and the rest of the board. Check it anyways, chances are it blew and at least protected the Hybrid but I don’t think it did.
  5. Bolle

    Mac SE FDHD - Repeated resetting on cold boot

    Caps in the power supply. It looks like at least the 5v supply is fluctuating. If you have a digital voltage meter it may not pick up the voltage changes quick enough and just show 5V instead. Got an analog meter or a scope? You’ll see the voltage is breaking down with either of those.
  6. If I remember right yours didn’t have a jumper wire installed on the back, right? If it had one then that’s missing. Check if you damaged the protective layer around the traces that run close to the passthrough solder spots. It‘s possible that you are shorting one of them to one of your new solder joints. The other possibility is that you ripped some pads/traces on the component side while removing the old connector. That didn’t happen to me yet though when removing those kind of connectors. If you pull too hard the contact usually just slides out of the plastic housing but it won’t rip out the pad on the board. How did you remove the old connector anyways? Worst case will be that you have to remove the new one again and check for damage on the component side once more.
  7. Bolle

    Finally got a DiiMOCache!

    Demanding pics of the final setup @Knez
  8. Bolle

    Damaged ROM SIMM Socket on SE/30

    I have done a ROM SIMM like this once: RAM SIMMs are easier, as your standard cheap chinese pin headers fit their 2.54mm pitch: That's more of a permanent solution though.
  9. The one I had that crashed at loading the sonnet extension had a bad CPU. The L2 cache was just fine on that one. Soldered on a new CPU and it was going strong again. The extension talks to the small CPLD on the accelerator before doing anything else. CPU or L2 failure would show up later in the process of the accelerator taking over. I would suspect some kind of contact issue here as well at first sight.
  10. This. That crystal is used as a timing source for the RTC. SE/30 boards have those two alternate pads for the sound chip crystal. I have one that had a bad oscillator and replaced it with a SMD part on the normally unused pads instead of the through hole component that’s on there from the factory.
  11. Bolle

    CPU upgrades for Cube

    It did. For 800MHz and 1.2GHz you need SGC-KIT which includes a fan and mounting hardware for the CPU card. The 1GHz needs SGC-VRM which included everything that came with SGC-KIT plus a new VRM. As said this is due to the 1GHz beeing an overclocked 800MHz 7450 which is getting really hot because it is running a higher core voltage to take it to 1GHz. You need the fan for any upgrade faster than 800MHz.
  12. Bolle

    CPU upgrades for Cube

    As said I have seen Sonnet CPUs burning up Cubes as well. If you want to be absolutely sure go for the upgrade VRM. Factor in the costs for a new logicboard, CPU and stock VRM replacement in case things go wrong and those 200$ don’t sound too bad anymore. The failure usually isn’t instant but if you really use the Cube the stock VRM eventually breaks down under the additional load and heat. The VRM can be fixed and most of the time you can fix the CPU board as well but I could not yet fix a broken logicboard. Always wanted to try and transplant parts over from a working G4 tower board. I‘ll do that some day to my dead Cube board. The 1GHz upgrade was using an overclocked 800MHz chip. It was the same thing as the 800MHz upgrade but with a higher voltage set for the CPU. The 1.2Ghz and 1.4GHz upgrades are using a more modern chip that generally runs cooler than the older 800/1000MHz upgrades.
  13. Bolle

    Mac Classic Expansion board?

    The floppy connector is just a passthrough. It plugs into the logicboard underneath. PowerCache adapter for the Classic does the same.
  14. Bolle

    Mac Classic Expansion board?

    Not too big of a deal if it's missing though. You can throw in a cheap small 5V power supply and bolt on the appropriate cable. You gotta be careful though, the pinout on the 4 pin power connector of that accelerator is not your standard PC floppy drive power pinout. It has two 5V and two ground pins. The accelerator in my Classic came without a power supply as well but I wired up a chinese eBay PSU in series with the mains switch on the analog board so it turns on together with the Mac itself. Works like a charm. Power connector on mine is different but the accelerator itself looks pretty similar:
  15. Yeah, IIcis ca be a pin with that startup circuit. I had a board like that as well... had to repair a ton of traces and swap the 132s and one of the transistors. After all that it would turn on but did not POST. Turned out the CPU was dead so I had to replace that one as well. Great fun.