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  1. It does. There are caps in the power on section of the logicboard. If they are bad the IIci will not generate the power on signal.
  2. Pos. uF V size (cm) CP34 100 25 CP35 1 50 CP39 3300 16 1,25*4 CP56 3300 16 1,25*4 CP41 1000 16 1*2,5 CP40 5600 10 2*2,5 CP42 5600 10 2*2,5 CP46 1000 10 1,25*2 CP44 470 25 0,9*1,2 CP43 470 25 0,9*1,2 CP47 1 50 CP15 100 25 CP13 1000 35 1,5*2,5 CP12 100 100 1*3 CP54 1 50 CP14 1000 16 1*2 CP9 100 25 CP10 1 50 CP55 1 50 CS4 1 50 CV39 1 50 CV40 1 50 CV21 100 25 CV20 2,2 200 0,5*1 CV17 100 25 CV19 2,2 200 CV13 10 100 CV18 2,2 200 CL19 10 250 1,25*2 CL21 100 100 1*3 CL14 47 100 1*2 CL4 100 25 CL31 1 50 CL11 1 50 CL13 2,2 200 CL24 1 50 CL23 100 6,3 CL33 2,2 100 CL34 2,2 100 CL35 0,47 100 CF9 220 25 CF8 3300 16 2*1,5 CF7 100 25 CF11 470 35 1*2 CF10 220 35 1*1,5 CF2 4,7 50 Taken from the notes I did when doing my Rev A. CC analog board. Edit: btw, did you remove the sealant from the flyback or did it come that way? I have a few flybacks where the glue is really dark and brittle and always feared it might fall off. Is it actually needed or can I get rid of it?
  3. Bolle

    Bolles finds

    Got that Maxell mess cleaned up. Board does not want to turn on with the original PSU and jumpstarting so I wired up an ATX PSU and forced it to turn on and the board does at least chime. With no RAM installed it just sits there after chiming, I guess the onboard cache is enough to pass basic POST but it stalls afterwards. The connectors on RAM bank A are corroded and putting in RAM there results in slow death chimes (is this a sign that it can't access RAM on all II-series? Only know the SE/30 does slow chimes with RAM issues) If I put RAM in bank B it chimes and I think it passes the RAM check afterwards - getting a slight pop from the speaker which I heard before on a lot of boards after they passed the RAM check. Does the IIfx work with only bank B populated? Would safe me the hassle of swapping sockets from bank B to bank A for now. The SE/30s had nice video cards in them. I got one of those Formac cards already earlier this year with another SE/30.
  4. Bolle

    haplain's never-ending quest

    @lucaseverini is one of the guys who worked on that Alto and has contact to the Computer History Museum as well. You might contact him right here.
  5. Bolle

    Macintosh color classic won't power on

    http://www.maccaps.com/MacCaps/Capacitor_Reference/Entries/2015/1/11_Color_Classic_A_B_Bad_Cap_Ground_Zero.html Those are the ones for the logicboard power supply - the ones that usually go bad. I did simply change all caps on my two CC analog boards while I was in there anyways.
  6. Bolle

    Macintosh color classic won't power on

    Yes. It might be fine with nearly no load attached (i.e. no logicboard installed) but once you have the logicboard in there it will draw a lot more power (especially on the 5V line)
  7. Not really... cache is dead even with the original CPU and 1MB chips installed it does not show up. Besides the cache issue it is running fine at 1.4GHz though - just needs proper cooling. I will give it another try someday with a 7455A. I won't be able to reach 1.4GHz with that one though.
  8. Bolle

    Macintosh color classic won't power on

    The LED is not supposed to flash at all. Flashing could indicate power supply failure. CC analog boards are prone to cap failure as well and need new caps most of the time (at least in the logic board power supply section)
  9. Bolle

    Macintosh color classic won't power on

    The CUDA on the CC logicboard seems to be really sensitive to corrosion/cap goo. Most CCs with power up issues I had on my bench were fixed by removing the CUDA, cleaning the chip and the pads really extensively and soldering it back on. Also a few vias/traces around the CUDA leading to pullup/pulldown resistors tend to get eaten away by cap goo leaving inputs floating on the CUDA which also results in weird behavior. If a CC is not powering up without a PRAM battery or needs constant CUDA resets there is an issue with the CUDA.
  10. Bolle

    Factory 32mb Video Card for G4 Cube

    I am running a Radeon 9250 in my Cube. It’s tiny, doesn’t use much power and it is as fast as it can get for OS9 in the Cube without stressing things. I have a GeForce 4 Ti 4200 that can be made to fit the Cube and is accelerated in OS9 but I do not want to risk to blow the VRM and kill everything. I have not yet seen the Cube Radeon in the wild yet but I do have some of the GeForce 2 cards right here. The only thing that differs from the tower variants of those cards is the bezel. You can swap those bezels around between genuine Apple cards no problem.
  11. Bolle

    Warning! Exploding Maxell PRAM Batteries

    And here we go with another one: Good thing is only one of the two went off. Looking at the metal shield I was wondering how those batteries actually go off - more like slowly leaking or are they gassing out explosion-like once the sealing is getting weak enough?
  12. Bolle

    Bolles finds

    Just came back from a trip picking up a major haul. The lot did just about fit into my car: Included are: -2xPlus -SE -SE/30 -SE/30 with SE guts -SE/30 missing logicboard -Mac II with IIfx board -Quadra 950 -Power Mac 7100 -Power Mac 8100 -Power mac 9500 -3xG3 DT -iMac Rev A -G3 B/W -G4 Digital Audio with dual CPU card - missing PSU -boxes with misc. stuff, mice, keyboards, cables, CDs... It's getting crowded in my office... I quickly went through all of them yesterday in the evening removing all batteries and looking for obvious points of failure. The Powermacs, iMac and SE Quadra seem to work fine. One Plus chimes but screen stays dark, the other one has a burned deflection coil connector on the analog board. The II(fx) got hit by the Maxell plague: Already started cleaning it up and it does not look too bad... the serial PIC, its SRAM and the SCC are gone. The RTC/PRAM also does not look too good. I can live without the serial ports, I'll see what it does when powered on after completely cleaning it.
  13. The other U*8 chips can go bad as well, UE8 is the only one you need to replace though most of the time. I like to remove them all and run them through a tester. Saves me time in the end poking at every chip for itself and replacing them step by step if UE8 wasn’t the only one.
  14. Bolle

    PRAM battery

    Pretty sure you can also just feed the 5V directly to the RTC/PRAM chip on the SE/30. It is getting 5V as well from the main 5V power supply once it’s turned on I think.
  15. Bolle

    Macintosh Plus White bars issue

    Screen and CRT section on the analog board are obviously fine (at least good enough to give you a full raster) You are having a logicboard issues here. As bibilit said I would start by trying another set of RAM or a different combination of the sticks you got in there right now and see if the pattern on the screen changes. Also check if 5V/12V supply to the logicboard is within spec. Does the buzzing noise disappear or does it continue to make the same noise as long as it is powered on?