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  1. Bolle

    Is this SE dead or do i repair it ?

    Looks like it is repairable from the pictures so far. Remove the filter network, the SCC and the one line drivers that shows corrosion on its legs to see how it looks underneath them and if the traces going to them are still fine. If everything looks ok from there on I would proceed with replacing parts that look sketchy.
  2. Bolle

    Quicksilver upgrade questions

    Send it my way, I can flash it for you.
  3. Same problem with my PLCC DIP adapters here as well. The socket on those adapters wears out pretty quickly. As trag said you can try to not push the chip down all the way inside the socket. This usually works well for me.
  4. Bolle

    Just got an SE/30, have a display issue

    Can we get a closer look of the chips at UA8 to UG8? It looks like there is some corrosion around them. One of them is probably on it's way out (UE8 most likely)
  5. Grab the cap and move it sideways until one of the legs disengages from inside the CRT, lift up the disengaged side and move the cap sideways into the opposite direction to get the second leg loose. Needs some twisting and wiggling sometimes but eventually it will come loose. It gets easier once you have done it at least once
  6. Bolle

    SE/30 Unstable behaviour after 128MB RAM install

    Here is a SIMM with blobs compared to one without:
  7. Bolle

    SE/30 Unstable behaviour after 128MB RAM install

    I have done so on some of my ROM SIMMs and it makes it better (but still not really 100% perfect) Backside should be the one without chips. The front of the ROM is facing towards the burn-in connector of the logicboard when inserted into the socket.
  8. Bolle

    SE/30 Unstable behaviour after 128MB RAM install

    If you decide to solder little blobs onto the SIMM be sure to solder them onto the backside, otherwise it might actually make things worse for some SIMM sockets.
  9. Bolle

    SE/30 Unstable behaviour after 128MB RAM install

    Thickness is the issue I think. I have a few cheapo ROM SIMMs in 1.2mm and 1.6mm thickness. The first is too thin to make good contact and the latter will only fit into the slot with some force. The original seems to be 1.4mm if I remember right.
  10. Bolle

    Quadra 950 PSU died... <cry>

    Plenty of space to throw a standard ATX PSU inside the shell of the original PSU together with the logic to get soft power to work. That‘s my plan B in case the WGS95 PSU blows. I had my unit open for de-dusting. You have to remove all screws and then slide the two pieces apart somehow which then will let you hinge them open. There are PCBs on two sides of the PSU and you won‘t be able to completely open it without removing wires connecting both halves.
  11. Bolle

    $5 Centris 610

    Depending on what pin broke off it might still be worth trying to straighten the bent ones. If the missing one is a power or ground pin the CPU might still work without it.
  12. Bolle

    Simasimac SE/30 Diagnosis

    The older discontinued 866CS might be a better option than the newer one. I did not look this up in detail but I think I read somewhere that the newer one does not support some older chips that need a higher Vpp (the old one does 21V, the new one tops oht at 18V or even lower) If you want to programm older EPROMs that need higher voltages you might want to go for the older model. I got mine on a sale somewhere and it did not include as many adapters as both of your choices. I did however get one of those 25 pieces adapter sets separately - never used most of them. Those clip thingies for SOP/SOJ packaged never work too well for me as mostly the legs of the ICs I am checking are partially corroded and/or contain residue flux from desoldering them which makes for bad contact. I tend to just solder them down on the flat non-clip adapter most of the time. I got a few more of those adapters.
  13. Bolle

    Simasimac SE/30 Diagnosis

    I have one of those chinese MiniPro TL866 programmers. It can run tests on a lot of standard logic chips as well. Really love this thing.
  14. Bolle

    SE/30 Unstable behaviour after 128MB RAM install

    Interesting... I always was under the impression that MODE32 works no matter what memory configuration you have installed. I thought my homebrew 16MB SIMMs sucked but I think I always tried the stock ROM when testing them in the SE/30. Might have to dig them out to test them again.
  15. Bolle

    Simasimac SE/30 Diagnosis

    Should be VRAM or video-address related then. U[A..D]8 are the video address muxers. They generate the address signals for the two VRAMs. Data input to the VRAMs comes directly from the 030 bus. Data output from the VRAM is fed into the shift register at UE8 from where it is put out in serial to the PAL at UG7. The problems lies somewhere before the video data reaches UG7. Do you have a chip tester? I usually desolder all seven U*8 chips and run them through a tester. Takes a few minutes and tells me for sure if I am looking for a bad trace somewhere or not.