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  1. Can you identify this PB Card?

    As MOS8_30 already did guess this is a VRAM upgrade for the ATI Mach64 that Apple shipped with some PowerMacs.
  2. Need guidance on Classic II repair

    If there is coating on there carefully scrub it away. If your wire is fine enough to go inside the via you should get away without removing any of the protective layer. Your probe probably did not reach far enough into the via to make contact with the tiny copper inlet.
  3. Need guidance on Classic II repair

    Solder some really fine wire to one of the two vias instead. No need to wrap a wire around the whole board.
  4. PowerBook 550c

    Part Numbers on the ROMS are different from the 520/540 CPU module... interesting.
  5. Feeding VGA 31KHz to a Classic II CRT?

    You might want to read this thread: https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/26313-compact-mac-retina-display/
  6. Picked up a QS'02, and other updates.

    The 933MHz one should have L3 cache as well. Should be a nice boost even though the clock rate is not much higher.
  7. Mac SE/SE/30 Ethernet Card Recreation

    We had that discussed in another thread not too long ago I think. You have to swap at least a few address lines to shift the address into another slot range and connect the LC cards SLOT_IRQ to the corresponding IRQ on the SE/30 side. Nobody ended up with actually trying though I think. EDIT - found it: https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/30295-030-pds-lciii-pds-adapter/&do=findComment&comment=574104
  8. ID Mac Plus 030 upgrade card

    I tested all possible versions of the drivers on everything from System 6 to 7.1. It gets better with the newer drivers but the cracks and pops never go away completely in some applications. (mostly games) Also I noticed things are getting slower once you enable the sound fixes.
  9. Powerbook 540c Resurrection

    The second one has no empty space on the other side, I had it out only for reference and cross checking the connections to the socket. I will see if I can squeeze out a design onto a two layer board for cheap production. 64MB and even 128MB should be possible with address/RAS/CAS on there. If the memory controller can handle it that would be pretty nice. I can not really tell a difference with the 40MHz speedup. Then again there is also no noticeable difference between 25MHz and 33MHz for me... but stuff has to be maxed out before I can sleep well at night, so that’s why
  10. Powerbook 540c Resurrection

    As promised... This is the card I started with: It has eight KM48C2100 chips installed for a total of 16MB. On the back there are solder pads for another eight of those chips. The resistors are all 0 Ohms and act as jumpers to accommodate ICs with different pinouts. Some chips that will fit have CAS/RAS and a few address lines in different places and you can set those using the resistors... easy to figure out. I cannibalized two 8MB 72pin SIMMs which I found in the big box o'SIMMs. Took over the decoupling caps from there as well. While I had all the guts of the 540c on the table I did install a 20MHz oscillator as well to get the CPU up to 40MHz. Pinout of the connector as far as I could tell should be the following just in case someone wants to attempt to build some RAM cards: 1 GND 2 A0 3 A1 4 A2 5 A3 6 GND 7 A5 8 A4 9 A6 10 A7 11 VCC 12 A8 13 A9 14 A10 15 A11 16 GND 17 RAS 2 18 RAS 1 19 RAS 4 20 RAS 3 21 GND 22 CAS 4 23 CAS 3 24 CAS 2 25 CAS 1 26 VCC 27 WE 28 NC? 29 NC? 30 ? 31 GND 32 D0_0 33 D1_0 34 D2_0 35 D3_0 36 GND 37 D5_0 38 D4_0 39 D6_0 40 D7_0 41 VCC 42 D0_1 43 D1_1 44 D2_1 45 D3_1 46 GND 47 D4_1 48 D5_1 49 D6_1 50 D7_1 51 GND 52 D0_2 53 D1_2 54 D2_2 55 D3_2 56 VCC 57 D4_2 58 D5_2 59 D6_2 60 D7_2 61 GND 62 D0_3 63 D1_3 64 D2_3 65 D3_3 66 GND 67 D4_3 68 D5_3 69 D6_3 70 D7_3
  11. Need guidance on Classic II repair

    2# You definetly should. Classic/Classic II analog boards are prone to break down due to leaky caps. 3# It can fail. Regardless of that I always do a manual discharge if I have to remove the anode cap. I never had it fail yet but better be safe. As long as the work I am doing in there does not involve taking the anode cap off there is no need for discharging if you ask me.
  12. 520 Logic Board

    Definetly will. Processor speed is set by the oscillator on the CPU card.
  13. Apple Desktop Mouse II - Slow Tracking

    You do plug in the mouse before starting up the PowerBook, right? If you plug ADB devices in while a machine is running you will end up with a slow mouse (and might damage your ADB controller as well)
  14. My bet is you won't get any further than on the SE/30 with a T601 installed. It might still chime but will get stuck right there. No smoke to be expected.
  15. ID Mac Plus 030 upgrade card

    Does spund work well for you? I could never get sound to work without distortion no matter what OS or driver/patch combination with any of my compact Mac 030 upgrades.