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  1. Isn’t there a switch in the headphone connector? Not sure if all Macs had it but some did at least. If it gets stuck it disables the internal speaker.
  2. I am happy when I can play around with it for a bit before sending it back to you... in case it works.
  3. I have a IIsi here and the internal speaker only gives very distorted sound output. The speaker itself is fine, already tried a known good speaker as well and it is giving the same distorted sound. Board is clean and recapped. External sound output is working fine without distortion. Found and fixed a bad trace between the audio op-amp and the transistors driving the speaker but that didn't help. Transistors Q10 and Q11 check out fine. No other bad traces in the output stage. 12V and -12V are present and stable. That's pretty much the whole speaker output stage so what else could go wrong and give me distorted sound?
  4. Bolle

    E-Machines Big Picture Card w/Mac SE Interconnect

    I was going to say that there are 64 pin connectors on CPU upgrades and that the card plugs in there. The PAL looks like it's just an address decoder. One of the outputs goes to /EXT.DTK which tristates the /DTACK on the logicboard. This would normally be handled by the accelerator.
  5. chip u2 GAL16V8 CPUCLK=1 FC0=2 FC1=3 FC2=4 ROM_OE=5 AS_CACHE=6 DS_CACHE=7 BGACK=8 RESET=9 GND=10 /OE=11 f_DS=12 AS=13 DS_CACHE=14 rf15=15 rf16=16 ro17=17 PAS=18 DSACK0=19 VCC=20 equations /DSACK0 = /AS_CACHE * /rf15 DSACK0.oe = /AS_CACHE * /rf15 * BGACK * RESET /PAS = /FC2 * ROM_OE * /AS_CACHE + /FC1 * ROM_OE * /AS_CACHE + /FC0 * ROM_OE * /AS_CACHE PAS.oe = BGACK * RESET /ro17 := vcc ro17.oe = OE /rf16 := /ROM_OE * /AS_CACHE rf16.oe = OE /rf15 := /rf16 rf15.oe = OE /DS_CACHE = /f_DS DS_CACHE.oe = /BGACK /AS = ROM_OE * /AS_CACHE AS.oe = BGACK * RESET /f_DS = ROM_OE * /DS_CACHE f_DS.oe = BGACK * RESET The DS pin is configured to use feedback. The address decoder PAL for ROM_OE is next Will have to hook up the analyzer to see where they mapped the ROM and when it is accessed.
  6. That AIFF file in particular will be fine as it should not have any resource forks. However files that do have resource forks will break when transferred over FTP. You should always encode them in some way that keeps forks intact before transferring them.
  7. It is running RAM test at the gray screen before the mouse pointer appears, so my first guess would be something RAM related.
  8. Bolle

    Color Classic Mystic Mods

    That’s what I did on my Mystic as well and it’s been running fine ever since.
  9. Bolle

    Help on connecting SE/30 to LAN/router

    No reason not to use OpenTransport on System 7 and a SE/30.
  10. Bolle

    FPU and SCSI2SD for LC550

    The SCSI2SD can be powered just from the termination power supplied on the SCSI cable on most machines.
  11. Bolle

    Help Identifying SE/30 NIC

    Fire up NewerTech SlotInfo and see what it tells you.
  12. Bolle

    ROM Interleaving tool?

    ROMWizard can do that, I think it‘s german obly though: http://www.wolfgangrobel.de/romwizard.htm srec_cat is also made for that job if you don’t need a GUI.
  13. Bolle

    SE/30 logic board is just dead

    Get one of those ATX power supply extension cables. They fit into the logicboard power connector on the SE/30 as well and you will be able to run the logicboard placed next to the chassis. Otherwise troubleshooting will be hard.
  14. Bolle

    SE/30 logic board is just dead

    The PDS slot is at J13. Check if the reset line reads 5V while the machine is running. It does not have necessarily be shorted to ground.
  15. Bolle

    SE/30 logic board is just dead

    Ah, it's still early on new year morning :P I meant to say capacitor instead of resistor. The one in question is C2. The reset line is running right next to one of its solder spots and sometimes gets damaged when removing the cap. You can use a multimeter to check the reset line. It should read 5V otherwise the system is stuck in reset for some reason. Reset can be checked on pin 5 of UB11 for example or on A12 of the PDS connector (I would check on both places to see if the reset line isn't broken somewhere in between)