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  1. Bolle

    Hate to do this but... SE/30 Help needed

    Only problem is that a lot of the problems that are occuring with these machines today have different causes than your usual problems back then. You simply had no damage due to leaking capacitors and batteries back then to the extent we have now. As long as you are aware of that the book is a good read nevertheless.
  2. Bolle

    PowerLogix UltraCache 1MB UC1MB

    You can see if you can find a datasheet for that chip and check what pins they did connect. Might be some enable line or an unused address line that’s pulled up or down. Nothing too unusual.
  3. Bolle

    Hate to do this but... SE/30 Help needed

    First needs a recap if not yet done. One of you VRAM address muxes or a trace to one of those muxes is bad causing the video problems.
  4. C10 is critical for the power circuit to function. So are you saying there is no contact at all or is the pad just wonky? Edit: just took a closer look at the pictures, seems you have fixed C10. Are you sure your wire is not touching the other via that's right next to it? Also I see a lot of traces that have started to corrode under the solder mask.
  5. Yes, this can be one of the possible fault scenarios. There are several traces involved and you should check them all. As said the ICs itself can be faulty as well.
  6. This might give you an idea. Basically it's follow all traces in that circuit and see if they are good. If they are good replace the 74HC132s and 74HC74. (or test the original ICs in an external tester)
  7. Bolle

    Daystar 68040 woes

    Can you check for damaged traces around the mounting tabs? Happened to me before. How much RAM do you have in there? For some reason the SE/30 still does a RAM check on bootup even with the T040 in place that should disable the RAM check. Just waiting some time and let it sit. If it chimes there can't be any serious damage to either the adapter or any of your T040s.
  8. You have broken traces and/or broken ICs in the startup circuit. This is common on the IIci and results in weird behaviour with either not turning on, not restarting from software or not turning off automatically like you are experiencing on your board.
  9. Bolle

    New member buys a macintosh se/30

  10. The card does have SCSI and you do in fact have to connect the drive you want to record to to that card. I think what jimjimx was going to say is that the external connector is not SCSI. The internal IDC50 is standard SCSI just as you already figured out. Without the TDM piggyback that card is basically a Disk I/O card (also sold as Session 8 bundled with an 882) In bigger ProTools systems you would have a separate SCSI card that allows for more than 8 tracks. Without TDM you would max out at 8 tracks I/O per card anyways so connecting the disk right to your I/O card will be fine.
  11. In case someone wants to build themselves a 32MHz 68030 accelerator including 32K cache and optional FPU. This design is the same used by Micromac (ThunderCache), Extreme Systems (Impact), Total Systems (Enterprise) and probably some more (Formac had comparable accelerators as well I think) We are talking about this one: Schematics: GAL equations: ;$GALMODE MEDIUM chip U1 GAL16V8A i1=1 i2=2 i3=3 i4=4 i5=5 i6=6 i7=7 i8=8 i9=9 GND=10 /nc11=11 o12=12 f13=13 f14=14 f15=15 o16=16 f17=17 f18=18 o19=19 VCC=20 @ues 0000000000000000 @ptd unused equations /o19 = /f18 + /f17 o19.oe = f15 /f18 = /i1 * i3 * i4 * i5 * /i6 * /i7 * f14 * i8 * /f13 * /i9 + i2 * /i1 * i3 * i4 * i5 * /i6 * /i7 * f14 * i8 * /f13 f18.oe = vcc /f17 = /i1 * i3 * i4 * i5 * /i6 * /i7 * f14 * /i8 * /f13 * /i9 + i2 * /i1 * i3 * i4 * i5 * /i6 * /i7 * f14 * /i8 * /f13 f17.oe = vcc o16 = vcc o16.oe = gnd f15 = i3 * i4 * i5 * /i6 * /i7 * /f14 * /i9 + i2 * i3 * i4 * i5 * /i6 * /i7 * /f14 + i3 * i4 * i5 * /i6 * /i7 * /f13 * /i9 + i2 * i3 * i4 * i5 * /i6 * /i7 * /f13 f15.oe = vcc /f14 = gnd f14.oe = gnd /f13 = gnd f13.oe = gnd /o12 = i3 * i4 * i5 + f14 * f13 + i2 * i9 o12.oe = vcc ;$GALMODE REGISTERED chip U4 GAL16V8A CLK=1 i2=2 i3=3 i4=4 i5=5 i6=6 i7=7 i8=8 i9=9 GND=10 /OE=11 rf12=12 o13=13 rf14=14 ro15=15 o16=16 f17=17 f18=18 o19=19 VCC=20 @ues 0000000000000000 @ptd unused equations /o19 = /i2 * /f17 + i2 * f17 o19.oe = vcc /f18 = i2 f18.oe = vcc /f17 = f18 f17.oe = vcc o16 = /i2 * /f17 + i2 * f17 o16.oe = vcc /ro15 := i3 * i4 + /i5 ro15.oe = OE /rf14 := /i2 * /i6 * /i7 * i8 * rf12 + /i6 * /rf14 rf14.oe = OE /o13 = /i6 * /rf14 o13.oe = /i9 /rf12 := i6 rf12.oe = OE ;$GALMODE REGISTERED chip U11 GAL16V8A CLK=1 i2=2 i3=3 i4=4 i5=5 i6=6 i8=8 i9=9 GND=10 /OE=11 f12=12 f13=13 rf14=14 rf15=15 rf16=16 rf17=17 rf18=18 rf19=19 VCC=20 @ues 0000000000000000 @ptd unused equations /rf19 := /i2 * rf19 * i3 * i4 * /i5 * i6 * /f12 + /i2 * rf19 * i3 * i4 * /i5 * i6 * /i9 + /i2 * rf19 * i3 * i4 * /i5 * i6 * /i8 + /rf19 * rf14 rf19.oe = OE /rf18 := /i2 * rf19 * i3 * rf18 * i4 * /i5 * i6 * rf15 * i8 * i9 * f12 rf18.oe = OE /rf17 := /rf17 * rf14 + /rf19 * rf17 + rf17 * /rf15 rf17.oe = OE /rf16 := /i2 * i3 * i4 * /i5 * rf16 + rf18 * /rf16 * rf14 rf16.oe = OE /rf15 := /i2 * i3 * i4 * /i5 * i6 * rf15 * /i8 + /i2 * i3 * i4 * /i5 * /i6 * rf15 * i8 + /rf15 * rf14 rf15.oe = OE /rf14 := /i2 * rf14 * /f13 rf14.oe = OE /f13 = gnd f13.oe = gnd /f12 = gnd f12.oe = gnd ;$GALMODE REGISTERED chip U12 GAL16V8A CLK=1 i2=2 i3=3 i4=4 i5=5 i6=6 i7=7 i8=8 i9=9 GND=10 /OE=11 f12=12 f13=13 rf14=14 rf15=15 rf16=16 rf17=17 rf18=18 rf19=19 VCC=20 @ues 0000000000000000 @ptd unused equations /rf19 := /i2 * rf19 * /i3 * /i7 * /f13 + /i2 * rf19 * /i6 * /f13 + rf19 * /i6 * /f12 rf19.oe = OE /rf18 := /i2 * rf18 * /i5 * /i7 * /f13 + /i2 * rf18 * i4 * /i7 * /f13 + /i2 * i3 * rf18 * /i7 * /f13 + rf18 * /i6 * /f12 + /i2 * rf18 * /i6 * /f13 rf18.oe = OE /rf17 := /i3 * /i4 * rf17 * /i5 * i6 * /i7 * /f13 + /i2 * i4 * rf17 * i5 * i6 * /i7 * /f13 + /i2 * i3 * rf17 * /i5 * i6 * /i7 * /f13 + i2 * /i3 * rf17 * /i7 * /f13 + rf17 * /i6 * /f12 + i2 * rf17 * /i6 * /f13 rf17.oe = OE /rf16 := i3 * i4 * i5 * rf16 * i6 * /i7 * /f13 + /i4 * /i5 * rf16 * i6 * /i7 * /f13 + i2 * i4 * rf16 * /i7 * /f13 + i2 * i3 * rf16 * /i7 * /f13 + rf16 * /i6 * /f12 + i2 * rf16 * /i6 * /f13 rf16.oe = OE rf15 := /i2 * /i3 * /i5 * /i7 + /i2 * /i3 * i4 * /i7 + /i6 * i7 * i8 + i6 * /i7 * i8 + /i6 * /f12 + /i6 * rf15 + rf15 * /i7 + /i2 * /i6 rf15.oe = OE rf14 := /i2 * /i4 * /i5 * i6 * /i7 + i2 * /i3 * /i5 * /i7 + /i6 * i7 * i9 + i6 * /i7 * i9 + /i6 * /f12 + /i6 * rf14 + i2 * /i6 + /i7 * rf14 rf14.oe = OE /f13 = gnd f13.oe = gnd /f12 = gnd f12.oe = gnd ;$GALMODE REGISTERED chip U14 GAL16V8A CLK=1 i2=2 i3=3 i4=4 i5=5 i6=6 i7=7 i8=8 i9=9 GND=10 /OE=11 f12=12 f13=13 o14=14 o15=15 o16=16 rf17=17 rf18=18 rf19=19 VCC=20 @ues 0000000000000000 @ptd unused equations /rf19 := i2 * /rf19 * i3 + rf19 * i5 rf19.oe = OE /rf18 := i2 * i3 * /rf18 + rf18 * i5 + /rf19 * /rf18 rf18.oe = OE /rf17 := /rf17 * f13 * /i9 + /i4 * rf17 * /i5 * /i6 * /i9 + /rf17 * i6 * f13 + /rf17 * i5 * f13 + i4 * /rf17 * f13 rf17.oe = OE /o16 = /i2 * /i4 * i9 * f12 o16.oe = vcc o15 = i7 o15.oe = rf18 o14 = i8 o14.oe = rf18 /f13 = gnd f13.oe = gnd /f12 = gnd f12.oe = gnd ;$GALMODE REGISTERED chip U17 GAL16V8A CLK=1 i2=2 i3=3 i4=4 i5=5 i6=6 i7=7 i8=8 i9=9 GND=10 /OE=11 rf12=12 rf13=13 rf14=14 o15=15 o16=16 f17=17 o18=18 rf19=19 VCC=20 @ues 0000000000000000 @ptd unused equations /rf19 := /i2 * rf19 * /i7 * i8 + /rf19 * /f17 + /rf19 * /rf12 rf19.oe = OE /o18 = /rf19 * /f17 * rf12 o18.oe = /i3 f17 = gnd f17.oe = rf19 o16 = /i4 * i5 o16.oe = /i3 o15 = /i4 * i6 o15.oe = /i3 /rf14 := /i3 * /i7 * i9 + /rf14 * i9 rf14.oe = OE /rf13 := /i3 * /i8 * i9 + /rf13 * i9 rf13.oe = OE rf12 := /i3 * i4 * /f17 * /rf12 + /rf19 * rf12 rf12.oe = OE For the SRAM you want 8k x 8 static RAM. The two TAGRAMs need to be 8k x 8 as well like IDT 71B74 or ATT7C174. The other parts should be self explanatory. I did not yet build any actual clones due to the lack of machines to put them into, however the GAL formulas are tested and do work. If someone is up to the task of funneling the functions inside those 6 GALs into one modern-ish PLD let me know (like how would I start with an approach at this?) I might have some more projects like this in the drawer that could need this sort of work.
  12. Bolle

    Carrera040 Info / Hacking Thread

    So as you can see the Carrera kind of works in the SE/30 after some fiddling but onboard video is broken. Besides those vertical white bars everything else is rock solid. To get around the video issue the only way right now is to use a Micron card for internal GS: While digging through the init geekdot kept insisting that we had a hardware timing issue which resulted in the crashes right when the init loads to enable the C040. I wouldn't believe him at first but he wouldn't stop When working on the PowerCache I discovered that they have a clock distribution GAL on there that takes the 16MHz clock from the logicboard and distributes it to various other GALs that need this signal. They implemented a way to shift the phase of the clock signal that gets distributed on the PowerCache depending on how some of the undocumented pins on the cache slot are either tied to ground or left floating (which pulls them up internally on the GAL) On the official Daystar adapters those pins are configured for each machine type. This results in the 16MHz clock signal being phase shifted using feedbacks in the GAL just a little bit more or less for each machine. (they also have an external feedback circuit right next to that clock distribution GAL but they did not populate it with any components) This made me think that certain machines seem to have slightly different timing requirements that need to be accommodated on the accelerator. With that in mind I tried what happens when I shift the phase of that clock on my own before it even enters the accelerator. On the PowerCache it did not seem to make any difference (in the SE/30 at least - didn't try any other machines) When I inverted the clock signal the Turbo 040 would suddenly work if I stuck my adapter on top of a MacCon which wasn't working very well (if at all) before. Even two PDS cards would work together nicely with the Turbo 040 that way. Surprised by those findings I modified my Carrera adapter to do a 180° phase shift on the 16MHz clock as well and it booted up right away, loading the init without crashing and was running rock solid. (the init still needs WiW or patching of the IDs to load) Right now we are not sure where the onboard video issues originate. QuickDraw was a suspect but we did not totally rule out that it still might be a timing issue of some sort after all. Trying to find out if fine-tuning the phase of the 16MHz clock gets us somewhere is the next thing on the list.
  13. Bolle

    Bolles finds

    Need... more... accelerators That one came up in the eBay finds thread some time ago. Notice that fancy QFP to PGA adapter for the 040. The card is a 40MHz model, QFP 040s only went up to 33MHz I think so it looks like they overclocked the one on there. The manual talks about how to plug in that fan so this thing might have been coming the way it is right from the factory. (or the original CPU had a heatsink/fan installed as well) I am going to scan the manual in the next days. It is different from the paper copy I got with my other Carrera040 and the copies I could find on the net so far. Next I need a IIcx to go with that adapter...
  14. Yes, mostly the same components. The bipolar ROM will be replaced by a normal flashrom but other than that it will be the same. I was planning to just wire up an AUI port to the breakout box connector on the card and use an external transceiver. (or use the standard Asante breakout - for some reason I have more breakout boards than ethernet cards)
  15. I was working on cloning the MacCon and had this funny idea: https://imgur.com/a/bDyI1Jj Why build a MacCon in original form factor that needs another adapter plugged on top of it if you can make it just one big thing and safe a few bucks on useless connectors? Curious if this will work.