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  1. VintageRecapEurope

    rules for the forum concerning bad ebay sellers

    thats sickening Bunsen. You paid through paypal and still no refund..........I thought paypal has all the protection in place for such events. Tell us more!! - 2 years ago i bought a 512K on ebay from a guy in the states.......paid through paypal......when it arrived i opened the box and it was in bits!!......caseing was shattered. Looks like it was opened and the mac was dropped on a hard surface. The box was perfect no damage of any kind. - went through all the usual....but in the end i got the full refund off paypal....to both the seller and myself's delight. I even got to keep the mac........which i got working! - I saw recently on ebay that ebay and paypal are parting ways. I wonder is this a result of that
  2. VintageRecapEurope

    The collection so far

    After going through all the macs I found 3 drives that wouldn't boot. And they did when I stored them. 2 gave constant restarts.........1 has come back to life - these drives were never opened and wont open them for a while. No clicking. - hoping its just bearings on the platter - took all the rest out and stored them facing the same way up as in the mac. - see what happens! - from the failures I have seen with liquefying seals and the overall age of the drives I don't think there is any method to keep these devices working for decades!
  3. VintageRecapEurope

    Apple Network Server 500

    I get the same complaints for herself as well - I have to sneak new machines up the stairs when she is not looking. Picked up an IBM400 server last month - guy was giving it away and it looked like a large desktop in the picture. he was kind enough to bring it to my house. That's when I saw the true size of it.........It took 2 of us to carry it.....a massive machine. - you should of seen her face when we carried it into the kitchen! - get it, learn from it, you never know what you might learn. - every new machine is more knowledge - - just make sure you have the 'milk tray' and flowers in the other hand when you walk in with it!
  4. VintageRecapEurope

    The collection so far

    The brown leather bag is for an apple II... there an apple Iie inside it. Its old as the apple logo on it does not have the 'bite' out of the apple from it. I think they only a few made for reps when the apple ii first came out. I saw a video on utube with woz in it talking about it. Saw it on ebay and snapped it up - removing the drives to keep them in a more stable climate. Keeping them in an attic (which is where they usually live) is not good - temperature swings etc). Thankfully I have been checking them all day 1 by 1 and no failures yet. -
  5. VintageRecapEurope

    The collection so far

    Hello from sunny Ireland.......that's right the sun is actually out today - With the need to remove all the drives from my machines I decided to take down most of my machines. - With the sun out just had to get a few snaps -
  6. VintageRecapEurope


    Finalizing a few details here...............