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  1. kastegir

    Is it a conquest...?

    I also have the "Apple Preferred Components" book, circa 1990. It outlines electronic components to be used in Apple products. Not that I solder particularly well...
  2. kastegir

    Is it a conquest...?

    Yeah, I'm thinking I'll use it for storage of one of my Pluses. I have another stored in the original box.
  3. kastegir

    Is it a conquest...?

    Is it a conquest if you uncover something in your own storage space? I have a workshop in my garage that's been home to my Apple/Mac accumulation for over 10 years. I'm moving later this summer, so I've started to go thru things and am rediscovering some cool stuff. The first is an Apple technical service manual from 1985. It covers the Apple II series and the original Mac. The second is a hard flight case for a compact Mac.
  4. kastegir

    Socketed SE/30 board!

    I had the Daystar 50mHz socket upgrade in my SE/30 a while back, along with the grayscale upgrade card. With the dual PDS adapter, I was able to get ethernet in there too.
  5. kastegir

    Good "Think Different" poster find

    They were the same people, just alternate pictures, used for other locations, like bus ads or billboards.
  6. kastegir

    Good "Think Different" poster find

    I had one each of the full-size sets that were released. I gave a number away to other apple geek friends over the years. I have Einstein, Jim Henson and Buzz Aldrin in my home office. I had a friend who worked at Chiat/Day, so I got some smaller-sized alternates that weren't released and a copy of the book as well.
  7. kastegir

    Someone to do an SE/30 re-cap?

    I've got an SE/30 with really weak audio, so I'm guessing it needs a re-cap. I've done the dishwasher trick and cleaned the board well with alcohol and I got a slight improvement in the audio volume post-dishwasher, but it's still really quiet. I'm hoping a re-cap will solve the problem. I also know that soldering is NOT in my wheelhouse. Anyone able to suggest a place to get it done, or want to volunteer? I'm expecting to pay time and materials, shipping costs, etc. Help?
  8. kastegir

    Levco MonsterMac SCSI for 512K

    Amen to that. I have an Apple //e fully loaded in my workshop and enjoy playing Short Circuits on it every now and again. I enjoy tinkering with my Mac Plus's and SE/30's because that's what I used in grad school to write my technical thesis. I also used an SE/30 to spend WAY too much time playing on MUDs... The Plus was my first Mac, so I'll always have a soft spot for it.
  9. kastegir

    Rescued another Plus

    Picked up a mint condition beige Mac Plus for $10 last week. This one came with an almost new MacBag, a Kensington MacTilt, a Fanny Mac cooling fan, and an old Mouse Systems optical mouse. Unfortunately, I didn't get the special optical mousepad for the mouse, so I'll have to look for one of those. This Plus is in pretty close to mint condition. The only evidence that it's been opened is the receipt in th bag from the university for replacing the logic board (along with upgrading the RAM) back in 1990. Everything looks like it's been packed up in the bag since then. All in all, a nice addition to my collection and the fan will come in very handy on the Plus I use more regularly. Now I just need a clean beige mouse to go with this set...
  10. kastegir

    Got another clean SE/30 up and running.

    Agreed. For now, I'll leave this one running as is. This is actually my 3rd SE/30. I have one that pretty yellowed, but in god working condition that has an Xceed card an an accelerator in it and I also have one that's pretty beat-up that I may experiment with. It also has the volume problem as well as a flaky analog board. I may see about re-capping the logic board in this beat-up one as a test before working the other 2. The new clean one will be set up in my office along with the Mac Plus I've been cleaning up.
  11. I picked up a really nice SE/30 last week and got it up and running. Honestly, it didn't take much, as it was in great shape. I bought it from the original owner (bought new in 1990) for $40 shipped. Seemed like a fair price. It has 8mb of RAM and the original 40MB hard drive. The speaker volume seems a little weak, so I'll have to look into that, but otherwise, it's really clean.
  12. kastegir

    PowerBook 150 Questions PowerBook 2400 & Duo Doc

    Well, if you're strictly looking for a 68k powerbook, the 540/540c is a nice way to go. They're a little tougher to find. I've got a 180 and a 180c and they're built like tanks and pretty cheap. I prefer the trackball to the trackpad on these older macs, so the 180 is my machine of choice. You can probably find one for under $25 on eBay. I've also got a Duo 280, which is also a nice machine, but you need to deal with the whole external floppy thing.
  13. kastegir

    CPU replacement for Mac Plus?

    I bought one of the plus upgrades a few years ago when Micromac was blowing them out. I think it was like $20. It's still in the plastic, I'll probably install it soon as I've just about got my Plus sorted out.
  14. Make sure you use either the "Apple 800k drive" or the "Apple 3.5 Drive" and NOT the "Unidisk 3.5". The Unidisk is not Mac compatible.
  15. kastegir

    Replacement battery for a Mac Plus?

    I've got a plus that's running well and maintaining time/date (with power off overnight) with a AA alkaline battery in the holder. Anyone else try this?