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  1. mraroid

    Extracting SIT files on Macintosh Classic

    What version of Windows are you running on your PC? What software are you running on your PC that lets you use Apple Talk on your Classic? This sounds like a good idea if it will work properly. mraroid
  2. Why? Because it cuts my time down more then half. I installed OS9 over 10 times when I was rebuilding the B&W. The stock CD optical drive took 21 minutes to install it. When I used the older CD/DVD apple drive I just bought, it took 9 minutes. And this older drive is quite a bit slower than the SATA windows drive I used to install Tiger. So this drive that cost me around $35 cut my time in half. In half! I would say that is a good investment of the $35.00 and a really good reason.
  3. Got it. Thanks again Gorgonops. mraroid
  4. You have given me many things to think about and try Gorgonops. Thank you. What I was thinking about, but did not clearly say, was that I wondered if a Apple branded SATA CD/DVD burner optical drive was around that would drop into my B&W, plug into my SATA card and work? Are you saying that even if it were a Apple branded SATA optical drive, the PCI SATA card would probably not support it? Thanks mraroid
  5. Folks.... I *finally* have a working DVD drive in my B&W. And I have *finally* updated to Tiger. I am running a G4 Yikes! logic board @ 500Mhz. Tiger is installed, as well as the apple updates. I have yet to install OS 9.22. What I am looking for now, are recommendations for a browser or two for Tiger. I use gamil. Is a browser around that will work under Tiger that will let me send and receive my gmail email? Thanks in advance, mraroid
  6. All..... I finally have a CD/DVD working in my B&W. The first thing I did was look in my computer parts/junk box. I found a windows SATA Blu-ray CD/DVD burner. I have a PCI SATA card in my Blue & White, so I plugged the SATA optical drive in, put in my DVD of Tiger, held down the C key and booted. I was unable to boot to the optical drive. But the tiger DVD did appear on my Panther desktop. So I started the install of Tiger from that. The software told me it had to reboot to the DVD to do this install, so I clicked the reboot icon and did not hold down the C key. The B&W booted to the tiger DVD and I did the install. Then I did all the updates. All seems well. This morning, a Apple branded CD/DVD drive arrived. It is this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mac-Tower-G3-G4-G5-DVD-R-CD-RW-Optical-Super-Drive-DVR-103PA-678-0269-TESTED/192548781788?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 I pulled my SATA optical drive and installed this one. I installed my Tiger DVD, held down the C key and booted. It boot to the Tiger DVD. I did the install of Tiger all over again. After that, I did all the updates. The windows SATA optical drive was made in 2011. It is quite fast. The apple drive is slow. But it works, and will boot to bootable media if I hold down the C key. I need to go to this thread to see what all has been posted. Now I wonder if I can buy a SATA CD/DVD drive that will boot if I hold down the C key. If so, I would like to replace my optical drive with a faster one. Thanks for everyones help. I had no idea a windows optical drive would have a chance of working with this B&W. What a surprise! mraroid
  7. Gorgonops and all.... You have given me an idea. I have a SATA card in my B&W. Could I buy an inexpensive SATA Windows CD/DVD burner and plug it into my SATA card and have a chance of it working? I have 4 ports on my SATA card. I am using one of the ports for my hard drive. Thoughts? mraroid
  8. OK. I think I got it. I picked the first one on the list I posted. It is the oldest of the three with a date of 2001. I have never used iTunes, but might in the future. Re the ribbon cable feeding the optical and (missing) Zip drive. I can use eithe of the two connectors on the ribbon cable? With only one drive on that chain, I set the pin to Master just like my CD optical drive and that is it, right? I wil install OS9 on my Yikes after I have OSX set up. For the most part, do CD/DVD drives work when reading CDs of OS 9? No drivers or patches needed? I think you can tell I am new to this... Thanks for all the help. mraroid
  9. I did receive this replay from a ebay seller saying: ******************************* I have one of these in a Blue and White G3 running 10.2, 10.3 AND 10.4 (partitioned drive) and it works fine; I did not add any drivers but I did run all of the software updates (which no longer can be downloaded via software update; I had to find them on the apple site manually). You might need to search for an additional 10.3.x update on the apple site. The only other thing you might need to do is fiddle with the jumper settings on the back of the optical drive. ********************** The version of Panther I have installed is 10.2.3. I tried to do a update from Apple, but they said I had none. Can I go other places and find updates to the version of Panther I have installed? Do I need to do this to make a CD/DVD drive work? Thanks mraroid
  10. Thank you for helping me. What I have now is the stock CD drive that came with the B&W and it works perfect. No issues. I used it to install a CD of Panther. I have a DVD of Tiger and I want to install it. So I want to upgrade to a CD/DVD burner. I do not know about comparability issues with DVD drives and my system. Are you saying that any of the DVD drives I listed should plug in and just work? Thanks mraroid
  11. I was looking for internal Apple branded CD/DVD drives that are PATA/IDE/EIDE drives (I think that is what I want). Again, I want to install a drive and not have to deal with any drivers or patch my stock system (if possible). I want a plug and play drive that I can plug in, and have it read my apple branded Tiger DVD. Would any of the following work? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mac-Tower-G3-G4-G5-DVD-R-CD-RW-Optical-Super-Drive-DVR-103PA-678-0269-TESTED/192548781788 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-G5-SuperDrive-DVD-Burner-IDE-DVDRW-PIONEER-DVR-106PB-678-0465B-TESTED/132802957660 https://www.ebay.com/itm/OEM-Apple-PowerMac-M9032LL-A-DVD-Writable-CD-RW-Drive-A1047-GWA-4082B-678-0489B/283245140256 Thanks in advance mraroid
  12. Great tip. I will try that. Thanks mraroid
  13. Hello.... I have installed a Yikes logic board in my Blue and White running a G4 at 500Mhz. I have installed Panther and it seems to be running just fine. I also updated my video card to a ATI 9200. I have a DVD of Tiger that I would like to install, but I only have a CD optical drive. I am looking for a CD/DVD burner that I can install. Are any available that will just work when I plug it in? I would rather not patch my software to use an obscure drive. The faster the optical drive the better, but any CD/DVD burner that I can just plug in and have it work will be fine for now. I have a lot of Mac software on DVDs and I want to be able to have a drive that can read them. I have not had a chance to run any benchmarks, install OS 9 or do much of anything else. But my subjective opinion of this upgrade is that it sure is snappy. I like it. Trying to buy a DVD burner on ebay is quite confusing to me. I would like some recommendations. Thanks in advance. mraroid
  14. Thanks to everyone for the CD/DVD suggestions. I will keep an eye out. I did suspect that many of the CDs I saw were machine specific. I know which ones to look for now. Thanks again. mraroid
  15. Hi.... My Blue & White G3 was completely dirty and filthy when I bought it. I ended up taking everything apart to clean it and then put it back together. That was maybe a month ago. I have noticed that the access latch is kind of loose. It seems like if I give the computer good shake, the right side panel could fly open. I found the apple service manual for the B&W. I did not find anything in it that talked about any adjustments to make the side panel lock into place securely. I found no adjustments I could adjust. When I remove the logic board, I found what Apple calls "The Latch Panel". It is white plastic that sits between the case and the logic board. It has a lot of thin strips of plastic that move when the access latch moves. Most of the thin plastic strips were broken when I found the machine. I suspect this is the problem. I have checked all the screws to make sure they are tight, and I have checked over any plastic tabs that may have not been seated when I put the computer back together. I can not find anything wrong other then the many broken white strips of plastic. I will build a search on ebay for a latch panel. But in in lieu of that, do any of you know of an adjustment I can make to make to help the side panel close more securely? Thanks mraroid