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    Old Macs, motion picture film, vacuum tube radios, botany.

    I am enjoying upgrading my Color Classic.

    My likes: CRT as opposed to LCD or LED. Upgrades were I do not have to butcher the inside of my Color Classic case. Polite conversation. Freely sharing information

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  1. Macintosh Internet browser?

    You can find old browsers here: http://www.macfixer.com/vintage-software/ You can also access this web site with older Macs. It works with my color classic running 7.6 mraroid
  2. Best Mac OS version for Color Classic?

    So true! mraroid
  3. Best Mac OS version for Color Classic?

    I think you found your issue with termination.. But just in case.... I had a heck of a time getting mechanical hard drives to work as well as SCSI2CF and SCSI2SD drives to work until I used a 3rd party formatting software called LIDO. Here is a place in the US that sells a boot floppy with LIDO and other tools installed on the disk. When I used this tool on my CC with a SCSI2CF card, it worked perfect. Here is the link: https://www.bigmessowires.com/shop/product/mac-scsi-tools/ I have this disk but it is in a shipping container in the pacific ocean someplace at the moment and I can't get to it. If I had it in hand I would mail you a copy. The Superdrive in your CC will read this 800K disk (well, at least mine did). Do you have a network card for your CC? This is the network card I use: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Macintosh-Color-Classic-Ethernet-Card-Apple-LC-575-PDS-Farallon-New-Networking/231332620598?epid=1431958381&hash=item35dc7fa936:g:zSgAAOxyyFhTeL5i The price is right and it comes with the needed software. I do not know the seller. Keep us updated. mraroid
  4. SSL email solution

    I use gmail techknight. Which ISP do you use? mraroid
  5. SSL email solution

    I found the main Stunnel web site. It is here: https://www.stunnel.org/index.html I only found support for Windows, android and Linux flavors, no Apple versions. However, I did find Mac information here: https://my.hostvpn.com/knowledgebase/30/Stunnel-with-OpenVPN-or-Viscosity-on-Mac-OS-X.html And here is information on how to get the Linux port to run under mountain lion: https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/79312/how-to-install-stunnel-on-mountain-lion Assuming I can get all of that done, I then read what MPE says: "expose clear IMAP/SMTP ports to your vintage client." Un, OK, clear IMAP/SMTP mail appears on the mac mini? But then what? Thanks everyone for all the good information. Has anyone done this? mraroid
  6. SSL email solution

    Hopefully, someone here is working on it and might let us know of the progress. I am willing to buy another Mac to act as a mail server to my color classic if that is what I need. I don't have the background to build hardware and and write code to solve this problem my self, so I need to wait until someone can figure it all out. Maybe someone will post.... mraroid
  7. SSL email solution

    I have been trying to get email to work on my Color Classic for over a year. I am running 7.5.6 and I can also boot to 8.1. No joy. Someone here was working on a complicated solution using a raspberry pi and some software he was working on, but I never did find out if that was finished let alone ready for prime time. If anyone knows of anything, please post, or point me to a link to someplace so I can also work on this. Thanks mraroid
  8. This is a good read: https://www.newyorker.com/culture/cultural-comment/the-woman-who-gave-the-macintosh-a-smile mraroid
  9. Best Mac OS version for Color Classic?

    jefframsey....... Here is a CC web site tha just went on line about a year or so ago. Upgrades, manuals, data, links, etc. I think it is the best place to find CC info: https://powercc.org/ mraroid
  10. Best Mac OS version for Color Classic?

    Can you boot from a floppy and see if your tools can see the drive and perhaps format/init it? If you boot from a floppy, does your screen look OK and is stable? mraroid
  11. Best Mac OS version for Color Classic?

    What a lot of folks do is swap out the original board in the CC, and plug in a board from the Apple Performa 550. It is drop in replacement. The 550 board runs a 68030 @33Mhz and you can use the same match co processor in it. I believe the literature says it can only run up to 32MBs of RAM, but this is the board I used the 128MB SIMM in (If I recall correctly). You are not going to get 640 X 480 when you use this board (often referred to at the CC II board). But your entire machine will run much faster..... The afvantage of this board is that all you do is slide out your old one, and slde in this one... mraroid
  12. Best Mac OS version for Color Classic?

    The motorola math co processor I have installed is: MC68882FN33A 2C12R QEPQ9708 Note that math co processors are built to run at higher speeds then required in your original CC board. But they will run just fine. Just drop them in and boot and you are good to go. I just did a search on ebay USA. Gez! I think I only paid around $8.00 for mine, but the prices seem high. Here is one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Motorola-MC68882FN33A-FPU-Math-Coprocessor-Chip-Apple-Mac-Amiga-Vintage/320789692675?epid=1352221187&hash=item4ab08e4103:g:0FMAAOSwBLlU8lqT I believe (ask folk here that know more about this) that different model numbers of math co processors were made that will drop into the slot on your board. Again, you can drop in a faster match co processor and it will run just fine. The price above is way over the top! Perhaps you can build a search in ebay and find one for less money. mraroid
  13. CC analog board DL21 & DL22 values?

    I believe both values are the same and the part number is: BZX85C18 I like Mouser: https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Fairchild-Semiconductor/BZX85C18/?qs=sGAEpiMZZMtQ8nqTKtFS%2FD313Kx94AdFWcLVZo8Tv20%3D less the 50 cents each. Mouser has low cost, non rip off shipping. Keep us updated. mraroid
  14. Best Mac OS version for Color Classic?

    I was able to find a 128 mg stick for my CC. And if missing, you can install the math co processor. I wanted to install 7.1 but was unable to so. I think one needs to know the trick to installing it. I even bought original CC floppy install disks, but I could not make it install. I am sure I was doing something wrong. So I installed 7.6.1. I installed a CF2SCSI adapter card for a hard drive. I always use the SanDisk branded cards, no others. I ended up using the SanDisk 16 GB Extreme Pro CF card (about $35 on Amazon). I partitioned it into 6 partitions. This gives me more hard drive space than one could ever hope or. Many folk are now installing microSD 2 SCSI card adaptors, and I suspect that also work just fine. I installed free FTP software on my 64 bit windows 10 box. Using the browsers in Windows 10, I go to places (like MacintoshGarden) and down load software into windows 10. Then, using free FTP software running under 7.6.1, I FTP the software to the CC. If you find a CCII logic board, your CC will run much faster. My original idea was to run 7.1 on one partition, and then 7.5.5 on another, and then 7.6.1 on a third. If I was running the CCII logic board in my CC, I would have put 7.1 on one partition and 7.6.1 on another. But in the middle of all of this, I did the upgrade to 640 X 480. I now have a LC 575 logic board in my CC. I upgraded the CPU to a full 68040 and just by accident I found a fan and heat sinc that fit this CPU. I installed that and took power from the wiring harness for the hard drive (which now is a CF card) to power the small quiet fan on top of the 68040. Some literature I have read says that the full 68040 runs a little hot so that is why I put a heat sinc and fan on top of it. I did find a drop in replacement fan for the CC and installed it. It moves quite a bit more air then the original, but I could hear the fan. So I did the CPU thing and re installed the original fan. After the LC 575 upgrade I moved to 8.1 and 7.5.6. Next time I play with my CC, I will try to install 7.1 yet again. Some folks complain about the small text size (on that lovely Sony CRT monitor) if you do the 640 X 480 mod. I am sure it is a personal choice, but for me it is a non issue. That color monitor is awesome. The CF or micro SD cards draw far less current than a machincal hard drive. I like that. Keep us updated. mraroid
  15. Macintosh SE FDHD Restoration Project

    babilit... I had some smaller stainless steel auto parts dunked at a local place. After all the chrome was striped away, they nickel plated the part, then copper plated it, then chromed it. It was so inexpensive that I took in a rusted metal trowel I had made in high school. For about $10, they dunked it and then did the same thing. A chrome trowel can sure cut through the dirt much better then it did with it was rusted metal. I do like your idea better. When I was a kid, my dad would sand blast parts for a old Model T car he was rebuilding. Later on in life, I read that some folks have switch from sand to small beads - I think they were made out of glass, but I am not sure. From a "polluting the planet earth" point of view, I think sand blasting is far better then dunking in a toxic solution. Do you use sand or something else? Thank you for your post. mraroid