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    I am enjoying upgrading my Color Classic.

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  1. mraroid

    Color Classic Analog Board problems

    I am guessing that you tried to boot to a boot floppy? Rsolberg has a great idea about trying to boot to a good board. But if you do not have one, that is an expensive test. I also suggest you slide out the 575 board and photograph the front and back then post the photos here. Also, if you remove the case, stick your ear near the neck of the CRT. Then try to boot. Let us know where the noise is coming from. Is it from the rear of the CRT? Maybe from the hard drive? Be careful with your ear.
  2. mraroid

    .img files with old Macs

    I would like to know the answer to this question as well. mraroid
  3. Bump. No one knows? My B&W can boot to a early OSX, but not directly to 9.22. Is a card even made to do this? mraroid
  4. Thanks all for the information. Can it only boot to a early version of OSX, or can it also boot to 9.2.2? mraroid
  5. So Waynestewart.... It souds like that G3 1.1Ghz cpu is just going to waster sitting in your
  6. But can you boot from this card?
  7. It might be hard to find radio shack stores any more. When part numbers are referenced in your post? Are they part numbers supplied by a vendor or a part numbers from a specific manufacture? I have found that the huge mail order electronics supply house called Mouser had all the capacitors (and other parts) that I needed for my color classic rebuild. Mouser will let you buy just one part or a thousand. I find that shipping is reasonable as well. Here is a link to the main web site: https://www.mouser.com/ And here is a link to just the capacitors that they carry: https://www.mouser.com/Passive-Components/Capacitors/_/N-5g7r/ Other folks here can tell you which kind of caps you can buy (buy the best that will last a lifetime, or modern axial capacitors that will probably last another 40 or 50 years, etc, you decide). The other two large electronics vendors are: https://www.digikey.com/ and https://www.alliedelec.com/ I find that Mouser usually has what I need, the price is right, and I do not get ripped off for postage. Also note that some folks on this forum can sell you a packet of parts just for your machine. It can save you a lot of time (but cost a little more). have fun.... mraroid
  8. mraroid

    G4 processor swaps

    I am also a big fan of Arctic Cooling, now upgraded to MX4. I have used it in rebuilding laptops, Macs and PCs. For novice users, the big problem is that they use far too much. Follow the directions! Thank you for the post Bunsen. mraroid
  9. mraroid

    Extracting SIT files on Macintosh Classic

    What version of Windows are you running on your PC? What software are you running on your PC that lets you use Apple Talk on your Classic? This sounds like a good idea if it will work properly. mraroid
  10. Why? Because it cuts my time down more then half. I installed OS9 over 10 times when I was rebuilding the B&W. The stock CD optical drive took 21 minutes to install it. When I used the older CD/DVD apple drive I just bought, it took 9 minutes. And this older drive is quite a bit slower than the SATA windows drive I used to install Tiger. So this drive that cost me around $35 cut my time in half. In half! I would say that is a good investment of the $35.00 and a really good reason.
  11. Got it. Thanks again Gorgonops. mraroid
  12. You have given me many things to think about and try Gorgonops. Thank you. What I was thinking about, but did not clearly say, was that I wondered if a Apple branded SATA CD/DVD burner optical drive was around that would drop into my B&W, plug into my SATA card and work? Are you saying that even if it were a Apple branded SATA optical drive, the PCI SATA card would probably not support it? Thanks mraroid
  13. Folks.... I *finally* have a working DVD drive in my B&W. And I have *finally* updated to Tiger. I am running a G4 Yikes! logic board @ 500Mhz. Tiger is installed, as well as the apple updates. I have yet to install OS 9.22. What I am looking for now, are recommendations for a browser or two for Tiger. I use gamil. Is a browser around that will work under Tiger that will let me send and receive my gmail email? Thanks in advance, mraroid
  14. All..... I finally have a CD/DVD working in my B&W. The first thing I did was look in my computer parts/junk box. I found a windows SATA Blu-ray CD/DVD burner. I have a PCI SATA card in my Blue & White, so I plugged the SATA optical drive in, put in my DVD of Tiger, held down the C key and booted. I was unable to boot to the optical drive. But the tiger DVD did appear on my Panther desktop. So I started the install of Tiger from that. The software told me it had to reboot to the DVD to do this install, so I clicked the reboot icon and did not hold down the C key. The B&W booted to the tiger DVD and I did the install. Then I did all the updates. All seems well. This morning, a Apple branded CD/DVD drive arrived. It is this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mac-Tower-G3-G4-G5-DVD-R-CD-RW-Optical-Super-Drive-DVR-103PA-678-0269-TESTED/192548781788?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 I pulled my SATA optical drive and installed this one. I installed my Tiger DVD, held down the C key and booted. It boot to the Tiger DVD. I did the install of Tiger all over again. After that, I did all the updates. The windows SATA optical drive was made in 2011. It is quite fast. The apple drive is slow. But it works, and will boot to bootable media if I hold down the C key. I need to go to this thread to see what all has been posted. Now I wonder if I can buy a SATA CD/DVD drive that will boot if I hold down the C key. If so, I would like to replace my optical drive with a faster one. Thanks for everyones help. I had no idea a windows optical drive would have a chance of working with this B&W. What a surprise! mraroid
  15. Gorgonops and all.... You have given me an idea. I have a SATA card in my B&W. Could I buy an inexpensive SATA Windows CD/DVD burner and plug it into my SATA card and have a chance of it working? I have 4 ports on my SATA card. I am using one of the ports for my hard drive. Thoughts? mraroid