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    SE/30 networking almost working, help

    Up until recently Asante offered the old drivers and manuals for download. Seems to be gone. I think 5.6.1 is the latest version of Asante EtherTalk.
  2. bobo68

    SCSI2SD in HD20SC?

    I have no specific experience with this combination but I cannot see why this should not work. The HD20SC - without the HDD - is just a case with a power supply and an SCSI connection. Do not mix up the HD20 with the HD20SC. The former is a special kind of HDD with am Apple floppy connector. The HD20SC is normal SCSI HDD. The SE/30 can use all kinds of SCSI drives, e.g. also SCSI Zip drives. So: should work.
  3. bobo68

    SE/30: distorted picture

    I asked the seller: he did not change the caps on the analog board (but on the main board) and did not manipulate the crt magnets or yoke.
  4. bobo68

    SE/30: distorted picture

    Hi, I purchased an SE/30 which runs fine but the monitor picture is vertically compressed (more on the left side, less on the right side). It stays the same even when the SE/30 warms up. Is this a problem on the analog board or at the monitor yoke? Any hints are much appreciated. Best, bobo68
  5. bobo68

    SE/30: distorted picture

    Yes, he wrote that he could not regulate the height of the picture with the pot. That is one thing. I'm more worried about the uneven distortion. Maybe it is the deflector magnets? P.S. How did you find the ad?
  6. Yes, these are the chips plus the muxes UA8 - UD8. Numbering scheme is correct. You need to check all connections systematically. When I did it I built a little spreadsheet with the expected connections (chip & pin <-> chip & pin) and then checked all of them.
  7. bobo68

    SE/30 distorted or no sound

    I'd check all connections of the ASC based on SE/30 schematics. What kind of bomb / message do you get? I would assume that there is something wrong with the bus address lines incl. chips select etc. of the ASC. HTH, bobo68
  8. Nope, in this case the three mentioned jumpers disable: http://keycorner.org/pub/text/doc/dsas3xxx.pdf If it works I would not change anything.
  9. Is there a pcmcia card installed with the UPS program? Anyway, you should be able to circumvent the UPS package from starting by booting with extension off. See http://www.pda-soft.de/faq/frames_newton-faq-nos.html#IIIB2c Best, Boris
  10. You do not need one of the very rare SCSI-Ethernet adapters. There are PDS slot cards available like the Asante MacCon+ 30i.
  11. bobo68

    Installing Xlr8 450 MHz G3 ZIF

    Just search the interwebs. Don't know if this is the card you have: http://www.xlr8yourmac.com/OSX//G3CARDS/XLR8_MAChCarrier450/ The software to configure the card is described here, although it should boot into standard settings without software: http://lowendmac.com/misc/05/0606.html Best, bobo68
  12. bobo68

    Reading Floppy disk

    I'm not really sure what you want to achieve. But you probably need a bridge Mac that can transfer files between the 400k floppies of the Mac 512k and the "modern" world (1.44 floppy, network, zip drive, usb stick, ...). New external floppy drives cannot read the 400k/800k GCR floppy format of the classic Macs.
  13. bobo68

    New to Newton - Card Problems

    The getting started cards that came with the OMP were ROM cards: http://www.forcedperfect.net/gear/software/newtongettingstartedcard/ They have no battery.
  14. bobo68

    se/30 SCSI2SD

    SCSI2SD util says "SD Capacity (512-byte sectors): 0" when I have no SD in the slot. Otherwise it reports the size of the SD. The SCSI2SD monitor opens a little window with: SCSI2SD Device: Ready, 4.6 SD Test: OK SCSI Test: OK Have you tried different USB cables? Apart from that I'd say your SCSI2SD is broken but the USB HID Write Failure is strange. There is a short manual and a FAQ available.
  15. bobo68

    Macintosh Plus...should I buy?

    Mac Plus has no fan.
  16. bobo68

    Cant get SCSI2SD to boot Mac Plus

    I'd ask Michael McMaster. I do not think that the terminators cannot be powered by the molex plug but then if there is no jumper anymore +5V from the molex would always be connected to the terminators and the TERMPWR line?!?
  17. Hi, I'm struggling to install Mac OS 9.1 on my 6100. The only CD-ROm drive I have is a third party one and I cannot make it boot from the original Mac OS 9.1 install CD. I also cannot install OS 9.1 from the mounted CD without booting from it because the 6100 currently has OS 7.5 installed (readme says I'd need to boot 8.5 for that to work). So I copied the CD's contents to a Jaz disk. If I boot from the Jaz I get a message that I need to boot from the original CD - aaaah. Is there a way to disable the CD check on a copy of the CD? There must be something in the System Folder of the CD which does the check. Any help is appreciated. Best, bob68
  18. I have a Belkin USB 2.0 card in my beige G3. It is called Belkin F5U220 (see http://www.belkin.com/IWCatProductPage.process?Product_Id=107412). I heard for maximum Mac compatibility one should go for a card with a NEC D720101GJ chip (like this Belkin). I'm using these extensions: HID Library 1.4.6 Serial ShimLib 1.4.6 USB Device Extension 1.4.6 USB Mass Storage Support 2.0.9 USB Software Locator 1.4.6 USB Support 1.4.6 HTH, bobo68 P.S. I'm pretty sure the Belkin runs with USB 2-0 speeds but I would have to check.
  19. bobo68

    Just acquired a Macintosh SE. Some questions I have...

    Hi Apache Thunder, nice machine. If you want to go for a SE/30 (which I highly recommend) just take your time. The prices over here (Old Europe are often insane (especially on eBay) and I guess even higher than in the US. But if you take your time you will find reasonable prices for good value. Just make sure you can have a look at the motherboard before buying. The Asanté network card (probably a MacCon+ SEET) has to be switched to TX (thick ethernet) to use the AUI (sic!) port. TN uses the coax (thin ethernet) port. It is not called *A*AUI (Apple...) but AUI - the the typical port used at that time for transceivers. They look like this http://www.automation-drive.com/EX/05-14-00/DATA4852.JPG. Asanté still has the manuals for these cards on the web: http://www.asante.com/downloads/legacy/macconmlrb.pdf A good way to get data onto classic Macs are Zip drives IMHO. There are USB and of course SCSI versions available and 100 MB is a lot of storage space for such an old machine. Have fun bobo68
  20. bobo68

    Recapped SE/30 with no Speaker Sound

    C13 has nothing to do with sound IMHO. You can find SE/30 schematics on the web. C13 is part of the pullup/pulldown of the power connector J12. It should connect to pin 12 of J12.
  21. Why not use Mac OS 8.6?
  22. bobo68

    SE/30 RAM upgrade problem

    Are the 4MB SIMMs so called "composite SIMMs", i.e. they are constructed of a lot of smaller memory chips and some logic? This might cause problems.
  23. I'll try 8.1 when I find the time. In the meantime I got a 256k cache card which helps. Thanks four your advice.
  24. Hi, I acquired a Quadra 650 which was in very good visual condition but would not start up. I'll make the long story short: the Quadra has a blown capacitor C203 on the underside of its mainboard: (the cap was initially "complete" but blown - one part fell of when I tried to clean the surrounding) The "explosion" left some smoke on the housing: Somebody put some clear tape across that part of the mainboard (obviously after the explosion): The mainboard PRAM battery (which of course I thought was the reason for the Quadra not starting up) was probably installed the wrong way (polarity). I ripped the old one out quickly without checking but I think it was reversed. The battery is from 1997 and still has 3,6 V - another indication that it was installed wrongly because it should have been empty by now. The PSU is working, I can start it up by shorting output pin Pin 9 (/PFW, power fail warning) and pin 10 (+5V.TRKL). It obviously cannot be started up by the Quadra. There is a thin film of some sticky (dried up?) stuff on the underside of the mainboard. I thought that maybe somebody poured Coke etc. into the Quadra and the mainboard got a little bath but the inside of the lower housing is clean. The upper side of the mainboard is also pretty clean. So: Can someone make sense of this situation? What happened here? I do not think that the cap touched the lower metal housing and blew. Could the wrong polarity of the PRAM battery be the cause? Maybe the tape held the blown cap in place so that the Quadra would have worked years ago... What can I do to permanently fix the damage? What cap is needed as a replacement? Can I just replace it with a wire (cap is not really needed maybe)? Do we have schematics for the Quadra 650? TIA, bobo68
  25. I ordered a replacement cap. Will feed back after I installed it.