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  1. jhorvath911


    And that would be what you didn't want to see while opening it up.
  2. jhorvath911

    What vintage macs do you own?

    Now this is a tough one to remember but roughly: 68k desktop: Plus SE Classic x a couple Color Classic LC520, 550, 575x2, 580, TV LC, LCII x a few, LCIII II, IIfx x2,IIsi, IIvx Quadra 605, 700, 950, multiple quadra/centris 650s Powermac: 4400 5400 6500 73,75,7600 x a few 6116 G3 desktop x a few, beige tower, multiple all-in-one multiple b&w g3 imac G3s imac g4 imac g5 multiple G5 tower Powerbooks: 520, 520c, 540c 1400 2400(with G3 upgrade) 3400 x a few 5300c, 5300cs, 5300ce wallstreets, pdqs, Lombards, pismos, Ti, Al i know that's not nearly everything, I'm officially a hoarder and now editing because I forgot I have a bunch of G4 towers and minis hahaha
  3. jhorvath911

    Mac IIsi SCSI CD boot issues

    Is it an apple cd drive or other brand? If it boots from cd but the drive doesn't show up when you boot from other device I would say it needs software. Have you tried using CD-ROM toolkit or cd sunrise something like that in your working install? actually just reread your post and few more questions. What is the enclosure you are using since more than one drive is having issues with it. Are you setting id with some sort of switch or actually setting on drive? Is there an actual terminator on the enclosure?
  4. Not trying to be rude, but maybe if you stopped trying to move in 14 directions at the same time you would actually have something working. There are plenty of us that have no problems networking our old machines, using old CD-ROM drives with our machines, and using modern devices to transfer data. Pick a method and actually research what you're doing and you can be successful too.
  5. jhorvath911

    AEK typing gibberish in text entry

    I could be totally wrong because I'm not near a machine right now but I would make sure that one of the control keys (or one of the Apple keys, can't remember which one would cause just the boxes) are not stuck in an applied position. That would make sense for what is being typed when you press the other keys. I also want to say if you had the keycaps control panel it would show you if a key is being pressed.
  6. As long as the capacitor is of the correct rating and installed correctly it shouldn't matter what type it is. As for why the markings are backwards from how we expect them I have no idea. I assume you cleaned the board after removing the old caps, if not you'll need to do that. If you post some pictures of the full logic board someone might see something for you to be checking.
  7. jhorvath911

    Ethernet on my CC

    That's something I would definitely look into. I've set up plenty of my vintage macs online and as long as you have drivers, tcp/ip setup manually, and a 10 base t hub in there you should be good to go. For whatever reason newer routers and especially dhcp don't like to work.
  8. jhorvath911

    Ethernet on my CC

    I know you said you get a link light but what kind of switch/hub do you have it connected too? A lot of times I have found that my machines only want to work with a 10 base t hub between the Mac and newer switches/routers.
  9. jhorvath911

    Macintosh Portable battery replacement

    Just a quick bit of info don't use the PowerBook adapter, you're going to kill the portable. Also you should have this topic moved to the 68k PowerBook forum, its more likely to get noticed by those who can help.
  10. jhorvath911

    Next acquisition...

    Picked up a Mac II off of LEM for free plus the cost of shipping. It's gonna need some work. Leaking and falling off caps on the logic board and traces looking like garbage. But it did have original box, some books, and an accelerator I haven't seen before.
  11. jhorvath911

    Need help with Installation of SCSI2SD.

    Try this guide under peripherals: https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/27215-fitting-a-scsi2sd-in-a-68k-mac/&do=findComment&comment=328730
  12. jhorvath911

    Next acquisition...

    Out of all the machines I've owned, none have been a SE... until today Thanks again to just.in.time that picked it up in Arizona.
  13. jhorvath911

    Macintosh TV Recap Issue

    Apple video player is not the app the TV uses. You need the specific TV control panel that switches from computer display to TV, and it will work with just the RCA port without the tuner board installed. Took a few, but here's a link to topic about the software with download link: https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/28181-macintosh-tv-tuner-softwaredrivers/&do=findComment&comment=306219
  14. jhorvath911

    PB 3400 - constant pressed shift key!?

    Oh well that might be a different story then. None of mine were bad just had started.