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  1. Cory5412

    Wiki/Pages article ideas

    With thanks to trag!
  2. Cory5412

    Macintosh Performa 5200CD

    The TAM isn't a bad computer, it's a really good computer, even, it's just not a good deal from a pure price-performance perspective. The 603e/ev machines got really good reviews from the Mac magazines back in the day. They made no bones about the PCI-based consumer Macs being lots better than the upgraded Performa 630s, in almost every way. They typically said that day-to-day performance was comparable to a 604e of approximately the same speed, so a TAM/250 or a 6500/250 was absolutely a respectable computer to actually use. Executive desk accessory isn't meant to imply the TAM wasn't performant enough to do real work on, because it absolutely was - just that if you're putting multi-thousand dollar desks into an executive suite or conference room, a TAM is one of the classiest available Macs to add to it at the moment. The next best would have been to get an Apple Studio Display, which launched at $2000 in mid-late 1998. (Making it really more contemporary to a beige g3 than a 6500 or TAM, but, just for comparison's sake.) The TAM's price did ultimately float downward, too. I believe you could ultimately pick one up for around $3999 or so, which is a lot more in line with what it was as a product, in terms of being a fashion accessory version of a machine that was $2,599. (Even up to, say, $4,399 or so I'd agree, in part because I don't think the 6500/250 config I listed above had the video/TV+fm kit, and then you have to consider the buy-up in sound and to an LCD display, even if you'll argue that the multiple scan 15av is a better monitor with sound that's about as good (and I don't disagree.) You can make the exact same argument about a Libretto, because in the day those were typically based on older hardware that had been miniaturized and made to run with less power, and were more expensive than larger machines with
  3. Cory5412

    Macintosh Performa 5200CD

    Spicy in the sense that most people really like the TAM and most people don't have much love for the rest of the 5000/6000 series, even the 6360 and x400/x500 versions with the updated architecture. I agree completely that at its original price it didn't make financial sense. The TAM was absolutely an enthusiast/fashion statement, or something like an executive desk accessory.
  4. Cory5412

    Macintosh Performa 5200CD

    I feel like that's a fairly spicy take, but, man, at its original price tag, the TAM is such a bad value, despite actually kind of being a reasonably good computer. Granted, it's hard to get the TAM down to what it "should" have cost, in-itu, because LCDs are so expensive and they used the best available one at the moment, so you have to look at, say, the 6500/250 and the TAM and realize that the reason why even a non-delivery TAM was a grand more was really because of the display and audio systems. (For comparison, in early '97, a 6500/250 in 4/48/33.6 with a business performa bundle (incl. office 4.2) was $2,599 and a multiple-scan 15av was $449.)
  5. Cory5412

    Macintosh Performa 5200CD

    Pretty nice find! A little cleaning to do, but I think that's par for the course. I would like a 5200 one day, but I've got a 6200 and that'll have to be good enough for now. 6200s are also nice specifically because they usually go for very little. They are one of the least expensive "starter" vintage Macs, and because they used IDE and the CD-ROM drives often still work in them, they are easy to get running again. They're not really that bad. My apologies if you've already seen all this before: The 5200 and 6200 bench, for all practical purposes, identically to the 6100/60 in macbench 4 from 1998, and with newer OS releases (8.1/8.6, for example) fewer parts of the OS are emulated and as such you can avoid the main weak point in the entire system, which is the low amount of cache, which hurts the 68k emulator more than anything else. The whole "right 32, left 32" thing is stuff that Low End Mac authors made up in the late '90s, for no identifiable or good reason, and became The Default Narrative. The entire thing about the serial ports and "hardware handshaking" is also all entirely fictional. The 6200 uses the same serial chip as (surprisingly) the 630, which uses the same serial chip as "every other Mac from the Plus to the G3". In reality, the architecture is "Performa 630, but with a pre-integrated 603 upgrade chip", similar to 486 architectures that had Pentiums bolted on in the mid '90s. More: https://www.taylordesign.net/classic-macintosh/the-mythical-road-apple/ As you said, they run a range of OS versions and you can add ethernet to them and the a/v kit is a cool party trick that not all other Macs have and these being slightly newer are usually fairly reliable,and the 5200 (vs. the 5260 in particular) have pretty midrange 832x624 displays, which is also an upgrade (at least in terms of working space) from what most people had on their 68k Macs 15+ years ago. I've got a 6200 myself and it's clearly not as fast as the other machines that came after it and compared with something like an 8600 (or even a 7200, or what you can put in an x100 PDS slot) the graphics aren't great, but they're suitable machines. It would be a good machine to put 7.6.1 or 8.1 on and putter around with IE/Netscape 4, clarisworks/appleworks 4-5, and hypercard 2.x, plus oregon trail, which is most of what people want to do.
  6. Cory5412

    Wiki/Pages article ideas

    Article ideas: Machine code-names Architecture names/code-names
  7. Cory5412

    File size EXPLOSION when one HDD icon dragged onto another!

    Just to be clear, you were copying the contents of one disk (a 160 meg disk) onto an empty larger disk (the CF card)?
  8. Cory5412

    File size EXPLOSION when one HDD icon dragged onto another!

    Yes. Not really - drag and drop is fine normally. Disk Copy 6 should be able to image the contents of a disk to a file, provided the source disk is small enough. I've seen some people talk about using it to image systems they get and/or make steady state copies of systems. (I believe 4 gigs is the threshold) Retrospect would be the next best option, most likely, but I don't know how it actually handles with large datasets.
  9. Cory5412

    File size EXPLOSION when one HDD icon dragged onto another!

    This is a big part of, though technically incorrect, why people claim system 7 can't address large disks. For reference: I'm curious as to what you meant by "tied together" - did you drag the contents of one disk to another? The difference in size might be eplained by two systems worth of information being on one disk.
  10. Cory5412

    Mystery Icon?

    Good idea, and that is definitely what it seems like. It appears the Paladin had fairly few ports on it: https://www.journaldulapin.com/2011/11/01/prototype-le-paladin/ has a photo of the backside.
  11. Cory5412

    Mystery Icon?

    Just to be clear, the lock I was thinking of would install in the slot above the audio ports.
  12. Cory5412

    Mystery Icon?

    What system or device is this from? It doesn't look lke this matches up with the CC/5x0, or, well, any machine I can remember seeing. Ports of approximately that shape and size did get used for a couple different things- ADB and serial (printer/modem) for starters, as well as S-Video in some scenarios (although not many s-video ports were directly on the motherboard, 840 was, IDK about the 660.) When this cover is installed, what port is it? Is it possible it's a labeling oddity and that icon is for the Kensington lock slot above?
  13. Hi Everybody, Quick note on an error signing in. I posted to the bug report thread and I'm going to be notifying our tech person about it.' Sign-ins using an email address may not currently be working around it. The forum will tell you your user name and password are wrong if you try to sign in using your email address, even though the interface says it is a valid option. For the moment, the work-around to this is to sign in with your user name. One of us will post an update when we have more information about this. Best, Cory W.
  14. OP isn't on the forum, but I'm kind of interested in one of these - mostly to safegaurd against potential failure of the original power supply for vtools. Especially because my intent there is to ultimately be running 8 SATA hard disks (and the attendant four SATA cards). (This will go along with a re-casing.) So, part of it's to avoid moles to SATA power adapters, and part of it's for reliability, and part of it's to make sure I have sufficient power for all the cards and disks I intend to run.
  15. Cory5412

    VGA TO HDI-45 DIY?

    That adapter will let you use the AudioVision display on a vintage Mac. You can further adapt this adapter to VGA to use on a Mac such as the blue-and-white Power Macintosh G3 and some PowerBook G3s, whose VGA ports can handle the old fixed-sync Apple displays, but it will not let you use it on anything more modern.