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  1. nahuelmarisi

    Ethernet cards for SE/30

    They are quite hard to find ,however if you do an EU wide search you might get luckier. I got mine from Belgium for a fair price. On the other side, you could also buy them from ebay US, although of course the posting might be a little pricey or too slow. However, you can always use an SCSI to Ethernet adapter as it has already been mentioned. I have a couple, and I'd be willing to sell you one if you wish.
  2. nahuelmarisi

    powerbook 100 HD

    Does it have to be apple branded?
  3. nahuelmarisi

    powerbook 100 HD

    I finally managed to boot my powerbook 100 Before I used to get a black screen, while now I can boot it from a floppy. However the harddrive seems dead. I was wondering which type of hard drive do I need to get? is it any scsi laptop hard drive?
  4. nahuelmarisi

    broken 512k on ebay

    I was wondering if this mac 512k on ebay is fixable. The image looks similar to the simasi pattern on the SE/30 but it ain't quite the same. If I acquire this 512k, do you think that some capacitor replacing would fix it? I have a plus that I could use as a donor if needed http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=300229616485&_trksid=p3907.m32&_trkparms=tab%3DWatching#ebayphotohosting
  5. nahuelmarisi


    It is indeed sad news. The site is really, really useful, and well organised. I think it should be mirrored instead of saved in a wiki format. It should be preserved the way it was, if anything the links could be fixed, but the format should be kept. I wonder how big is it, I do have a bit of space on my server.
  6. nahuelmarisi

    Even the Lisa 2/Mac XL gets a Flash Card Drive!!

    Well to be honest JDW, they need it less! Think about it, where the hell are you going to find a working profile or widget drive? Finding a decent SCSI drive for your SE/30 is relatively cheap and easy. Therefore, there is less incentive to develop one. On the other hand, I have my Lisa without a widget drive or floppy drive and I am unable to use it, due to the cost of such hardware. Which basically means it's sitting there just for display :S. It's a shame that one can't use it n a floppy-driven mode as it is possible to do with the macs.
  7. nahuelmarisi

    SE/30 "simasimac" problem

    I've replaced the ram with 'new' 4x1mb dims and the SE/30 has been working perfectly (no pattern anymore, which occurred with the original 8x256k dims). However I still don't get a start up bong, I closely inspected the capacitors mentioned in the guide and they don't seem to be leaking. Could the lack of sound be caused by something else? Oh, and where can I buy decent ram chips for my SE/30? I want it to have at least 32mb of ram (depending on the price). P.S. Sorry JDW if my last question has already been asked (I searched se/30 ram dims with no significant results)
  8. nahuelmarisi

    Two SE/30s with identical no-startup problems.

    well obviously I wasn't referring to my own post! but a third party looking for questions about the topic
  9. nahuelmarisi

    Two SE/30s with identical no-startup problems.

    It's not as easy to find topics in old posts as you think it is JDW. It does seem to be a hot topic so I agree with your suggestion of making it a sticky. Anyway, the point of this forums are to talk about old macs, I'm sure at heart you really enjoy showing your knowledge by explaining (quite a few times, granted) how to fix the SE/30
  10. nahuelmarisi

    SE/30 "simasimac" problem

    I had a quick look and nothing seems to be leaking, I'll inspect the thing closer today. If I do need to replace them, does anybody know where I can get those capacitors in the UK? I doubt Maplin will have them
  11. nahuelmarisi

    SE/30 "simasimac" problem

    Hi, I have an SE/30 which suddently stop working, and when powered on I see the classic simasimac pattern (as described here http://www.biwa.ne.jp/~shamada/fullmac/repairEng.html#SimasiMac), that is black and white horizontal stripes. I did what the guide said and removed all the ram and rom dimms, cleaned the slots and only put 4 ram dimms back (total 1 mb). The pattern is still there, but after a few seconds it goes a way and boots. One can't really be said that the problem is solved. Oh and I still don't get a startup bong. I was wondering if this means that the ram is faulty or that I definately have to replace the capacitors mentioned in the guide?
  12. nahuelmarisi

    Classic Mac serving files through TCP enabled Mac.

    Well as far as I know you can't use AFP over Appletalk (as opposed to tcp/ip) in Leopard. However, you could use ftp with your classic's. I use FTP to share files with my macintosh plus over ethernet and MacTCP. You can run machttp or ftpd in system 7.0.1 to be able to mount their volumes on your OSX machine.
  13. Hi, As you know some apple IIc's have 3 1/2 drive. When using adt pro to copy files, I am unable to write a 5 1/2 inch drive image on to the 3 1/2 inch floppy. Since the vast majority of images are in this format, I was wondering if there is a way to convert 5 1/4 inch floppy images to 3 1/2. Thanks
  14. Hi, I've been networking my mac plus to my macbook (using an scsi ethernet adapter) and I've been playing around with different settings. Various websites mention that I should install Network Software Installer 1.4.5 and AppleShare for Workstations 3.5 in order to network my mac. however, with a clean install of system 6, mactcp 2.0.6 and the card's drivers I can use appletalk through ethernet and through localtalk perfectly fine. What's more, even without installing the card's drivers (which might update appleshare) appleshare works fine over localtalk. My question is, what does Network software installer and AppleShare for Workstations 3.5 have that makes a difference?
  15. nahuelmarisi

    screenshot software for system 6

    LOL! I love that that command key combo had gone unchanged since 1984. Depending on what you are doing Mini vMac may be a much better option for you. That's where I get all of my screen shots. Now that the developer implemented a script to import and export files to and from the real Mac it's a piece of cake! Not to mention window screen shots have always been available under OS X with (command)⌘-Shift-4, then press the Space bar. Move the pointer over the area you want so that it's highlighted, then click. I didn't know that worked on System 6!! Good to know, i'll try it out. Well, vmac doesn't cut it since i'm using my dayna ethernet card and I want to take some screenshots.