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  1. Cloaked Alien

    Repair question: 1.4mb superdrive

    Correct. The main issue with the drive was that it was totally seized. I tore it apart according to guides, cleaned it and lubed it. Mechanically it started to work fine after that. But it refused to read disks. To the best of my knowledge it had that issue before. But when I tore it apart yet again I probably got to rough with it because now the head doesn't drop. So I figured I either bent something or caused something to come loose. So if it's broken it's no big deal, because it didn't read disks to begin with, but I have to check if there's any chance to salvage it =)
  2. Cloaked Alien

    Repair question: 1.4mb superdrive

    Don't mind the mess, the drive was completely seized and got it's fair share of white lithium grease.
  3. If the top head of the head assembly doesn't spring down properly, does that mean something is bent out of shape or is it repairable? =)
  4. Cloaked Alien

    se/30 SCSI2SD

    Can confirm, caps needs to be replaced even if they seem fine. I have two SE/30s. One was messed up due to an exploding battery and had to be sent to techknight and uniserver for repairs and recap, it's far more stable than my other one was. My other one isn't being used at all but I'm considering having it recapped to keep it safe but hoping to find someone locally that can do it since shipping overseas is quite pricey. Regarding your issue though you have to prepare the SD card for the SCSI2SD adapter or something. I've got one on my powerbook duo and had to initialize it as a 2GB disk. But it was a one-off deal and I followed some guide, just worked so unfortunately I can't remember =/
  5. Cloaked Alien

    IIci and DaynaPort E/II-T

    Can you see the cards MAC address in the TCPIP control panel? I recently had to learn how to get a Daynaport E/30 to work in my SE/30 and got confused by the hardware diagnostics throwing errors at me, an error to be ignored. However it has issues negotiating with network hardware. Luckily a small 10/100 in between the SE/30 and my router solves the issue.
  6. Cloaked Alien

    Driver for DaynaPORT E/30

    Better update here as well. The "Bad Adress" error shown above is to be ignored. I've got everything set up and working now. Using OpenTransport, automatic DHCP lease and even automounting an AppleShare from my Raspberry running netatalk. Using the 7.7.2 driver with System 7.5.5. Running the diagnostics in this working state still throws the same error in my face, but obviously everything is running fine.
  7. Cloaked Alien

    Driver for DaynaPORT E/30

    Cheers, thanks. No luck though. Not sure if incompetence or hardware issues. Installed both versions and ran the diagnostics with a "bad address" error as a result =/
  8. Cloaked Alien

    Driver for DaynaPORT E/30

    Does anyone know where I can get these? Or are they not even needed? I'm running a SE/30 machine with System 7.5.5. To be perfectly honest I haven't tested yet. I got the ethernet adapter from uni yesterday and just barely had the time to install it but I plan to test it after work today but I hope to have a running start =) www.macdrivermuseum.net seems to be dead. Only thing I've come across is a "DaynaPORT Installer.img" that might or might not do the trick.
  9. Cloaked Alien

    Replacement Hard Drive for SE/20?

    I can't speak for the SE machine but I do have a SE/30 with a 8GB SCSI drive plucked from an old server. The drive has a SCA connector so I have to use a SCA to HD50 adapter. SCSI is very good at being backwards compatible, as long as you make sure to have proper termination (I got an adapter with active termination rather than the cheapest route). Mind you, I only have a 2GB partition on it, but I've used the other space to experiment with A/UX (Apple Unix) dual-boot environment. Edit: Oh, and if you use a non-apple drive you probably have to modify the front HDD Activity LED-connector a wee bit. I had to extend the cables on mine to be able to connect it to the adapter.
  10. Cloaked Alien

    HELP WITH Macintosh SE/30 Horizontal Line

    Elfen is correct. I sent my board from Sweden. It's more expensive to ship from SE->US than the other way around though. Rarely takes more than 5 days for stuff to arrive, all in all it took me 4 weeks from sending it to getting it back =) My board, in my fathers SE/30 from my childhood, was damaged by the dreaded exploding battery and I figured I'd just make things worse if I attempted repairs on my own. I ended up spending a lot more than I would have liked when I started out (bad chips and traces along with the work involved from both uni and tk), but I certainly got my moneys' worth - and not only for nostalgic reasons. Coincidentally I was gifted a working SE/30 system in the meantime. The board of that machine is actually less stable than the repaired one I got back. I'm tempted to send it for a simple recap in the future (despite shipping costs), even though that's something I should be able to pull off myself. No regrets.
  11. Cloaked Alien

    128MB Magneto-Optical Rewritable

    I must be getting blind, I can't find that link. But at that price it's certainly worth getting a second one to connect internally in my retro pc =) It's the machine I use to transfer files to my SE/30. I've got an internal ZIP in the PC and MacDrive Pro and I've got a SCSI ZIP on my Mac.
  12. Cloaked Alien

    External CD Rom Drive

    Speedtools did the trick! Cheers! =D I'll check out CD-Sunrise as well =)
  13. Cloaked Alien

    External CD Rom Drive

    Unfortunately that still seems to be for sale, and at $49.95 no less. I'd rather go the free route, if possible =)
  14. Cloaked Alien

    128MB Magneto-Optical Rewritable

    Well, that might be. But I wouldn't rely on it since it seems like buying a new MO drive would have me paying out my *rse. Zip-drives are easier to come by =) But yeah, of course I'll put it to use! .. now I just have to figure out how to make my CD-drives work with this machine and then I'm only one Ethernet adapter away from making my old SE/30 take over as the new primary machine
  15. Cloaked Alien

    128MB Magneto-Optical Rewritable

    Success! \o/ However the disk shows up like a regular hard drive rather than having a custom icon, but perhaps that's not a bother to begin? .. gonna try to install that MDF 2.3.8 driver kit again. Eureka! After HDT has had it's way with it I can re-init it using the MO Disk Formatter. It now has a proper icon as well =)