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  1. pcamen

    SE/30 Xceed greyscale adapter cloning thread

    I would have assumed that separating out the internal greyscale function from the card would be more work than just cloning the entire card. Especially if there are driver considerations to having some of the card hardware missing. Is that not the case?
  2. pcamen


    Old thread but I thought I'd post a pic of the insides of my MacCharlie. https://vintageapple.org/pic/maccharlie.jpg
  3. pcamen

    512k with very unique fan

    I got this 521k a few years back from my local Craigslist. It has a Mac Rescue board in it with an unknown amount of ram. The fan seems like major overkill; it is massive for the size of the unit - about 4 inches across on the side of the unit. Here are the pics hosted on my website as the image posting here seems to be broken at the moment. https://vintageapple.org/pic/512-fan.mov The addition of the plug in for the fan on the analog board seems pretty solid work. The case mod is a little hinky aesthetically, but otherwise solid. It is giving me a sad Mac error 020020 - anyone know what that means?
  4. pcamen

    SE/30 Xceed greyscale adapter cloning thread

    Agreed, feature creep control is essential. I think an exact cloning of the current card would be a great first step.
  5. Unattended backup to multiple floppies? That would have been the dream back in the day.
  6. @olePigeon I have no software disk. Mine just came with the unit and the power adapter, that's it. Didn't occur to me it might need one. I just assumed it was a mechanical process.
  7. It's been a while since I've had this much anticipation over getting a manual.
  8. pcamen

    SE/30 Xceed greyscale adapter cloning thread

    Agreed to the project creep comment. Cloning the existing one verbatim would be a great start.
  9. pcamen

    SE/30 Xceed greyscale adapter cloning thread

    I'd love an external monitor connection that could do more than 640x480, in addition to the internal greyscale.
  10. pcamen

    SE/30 Xceed greyscale adapter cloning thread

    Bring in comments from the eBay Finds Thread @Bolle said: I think those are available on the net already. At least I got a copy flying around here somewhere I thought. Also buzzed out my card for mostly complete schematics before I knew those were already out there. Make that one custom chip. If those documents really contained the hardware description of the main video controller that could easily be converted to some modern FPGA. The four GALs are very similar to the XCeed 306-48 judging from the signals that are present. @maceffects said: @pcamen I think the market is larger based on my experience. This is something more people would want than just a accelerator. I would suspect $250-$350 is appropriate. With a market size of around 200-250 (sold within a 1 year period). If you are serious about this, there is a place that makes the rear video adapter and harness. I suspect this would be a good project. Unfortunately, given the various projects I’m involved with the savings is running low on my end. But I’d be happy to facilitate this. I have tons of contacts in China and have basic Mandarin skills.
  11. Starting this thread to discuss the possibility of creating cloned versions of the Xceed greyscale adapter for the SE/30. I'd be willing to throw in some money to help get this off the ground. My interest would just be getting my capital back, if possible, not making any profit.
  12. Ah, it seems this system doesn't like PNG files.
  13. Yea, those instructions are going to be key. Mine did come with a wall wart transformer.
  14. Here are some pictures of mine. It supports quite a few models from the MacWorld add I found - SE, SE/30, II, IIx, IIcx, IIci, IIfx. This forum won't let me attach a screen shot of the ad unfortunately, just gives me the dreaded Queued that never resolves.
  15. It just has two little metal hooks that hang over the lip of the floppy slot.