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  1. For the unfamiliar , can you clarify what v8 means and what version mini?
  2. Came across this today in my stack-o-stuff to scan. Radius_Compatibility_Guide_&_Retail_Price_List_Nov_1993_(raw).pdf
  3. pcamen

    First print on my SE

    Printing is one of my big use cases for my vintage collection. For some reason, in addition to Imagewriters, I am fascinated with the idea of working daisy wheel printers. I’ve got two Brother units. I really want the Apple daisy wheel printer but have never actually seen one on eBay, just various parts.
  4. pcamen

    First conquest in a long time...

    You know, years ago I bought one of those too, for, a lot as I recall. Now, I'm struggling to remember what makes this game so important, especially when a disk image is available online. Mine was (is still I think) shrink wrapped too. I see them for sale on eBay for quite a bit.
  5. Haven't gotten the motherboard back from recapping yet, but it is an interesting one. Allcaps says it is a IIvi board with all IIvx components.
  6. pcamen

    scsi2sd best practices

    I am hoping that, in addition to being able to backup the SD drives in case of failure on some regular basis, that I can have a library of setups that I can use for multiple machines. The thought of installing every piece of software and configuring things like networking over and over (I have a lot of machines) seems tedious. I'm surprised there isn't a library of drive images generally available with software already installed and things setup, that other's have created. I've searched for this at various times, but have never found much.
  7. As I start to go through my rather large collection of Macs and get things working, I am contemplating how to best handle the scsi2sd cards for things like duplication, backup, and best compatibility between host systems. As I've been searching the web for a good tutorial on backup up scsi2sd cards (probably with dd ...) I came across this tidbit. Does that make sense to anyone? It would be nice to be able to read and write directly to the partitions on the card from my host Mac, but I hadn't really counted on that. And from what I understand, the v6 boards and the resultant card formatting (which stores the partition info on the card, not the board) will support that. But as I have mostly v5x boards (and some v3 boards) .... As anyone found the above necessary?
  8. The ratings link posted by AichEss above (https://www.resellerratings.com/store/eBattery_Inc_8) shows a whole lot of negative reviews. I'm guessing these guys are best left along even if they do respond.
  9. No, it hasn't been recapped yet. I'm going to send it to Allmacs this week for a recap. Perhaps that will fix the problem.
  10. I tried to create an order with batteryrefill.com a couple of weeks ago. Immediately after, I got a bounce: So, they aren't getting notifications of orders placed on their website. I also called the number on their website and got a VM; no call back yet. It doesn't look like my credit card has been charged at this point.
  11. Radius Precision Color 8xj, Supermac Spectrum/24 III. I forget the third.
  12. Working on resurrecting a IIvx. It came with a (surprise!) Daystar Turbo040 x 40 MHz and booted just fine, with a slight whine to the hard drive. I've since cloned the HD to a scsi2sd device (very old v3 hardware) and it now boots off of that. At one point it appears to have had a video card and network card installed, but those were pulled by the previous owner. In trying to get something better than 640x480 video, I installed a Nubus video card. Once I did, the Mac would no longer boot. It gets the chime, and the grew screen with a mouse, and sometimes the Welcome screen, but won't fully boot. Pull the card, it boots just fine. I've tried three different video cards and they all do the same thing. I am running under 7.6.1, if it matters. What am I missing here? I assumed that I might need a driver to get the video card to operate properly, or at all, but I didn't imagine that just having a card in a Nubus slot would prevent booting. Any ideas?
  13. pcamen

    MicroMac MultiSpeed manual?

    Is this it? http://vintageapple.org/macbooks/pdf/MicroMac_Marathon_Accelerator_User_Guide_V1.0_1995.pdf
  14. I have a color pivot monitor model 0356. The focus appears to be off. If I turn the brightness and contrast down, the focus seems to improve, but they are too dim. If I turn one or both of them up (turning only one up doesn't make it quite bright enough) the focus gets way out. Anyone know of how the focus might be adjusted on this monitor? Could it be bad capacitors?