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  1. For some strange reason, I got interested in refurbishing the original Laserwriter and LW Plus. I've collected, and lugged through about 8 moves, 6 of those beasts along with about 7 2.5 square foot storage totes of repair / replacement parts; I bought out Retrotechnology Herb's stock about 10 or more years ago. I'm wondering if anyone that is in the near vicinity of me (Santa Barbara, CA) is interested in partnering up with me in the refurbishment of these guys? At the end of the day, I wouldn't mind having a working Laserwriter or two to use with my vintage Macs, but I need to seriously pare down my holdings, and I don't see continuing to hold all this stuff until the day I actually have time of my own to pursue this. Is this making a light bulb go off for anyone on the west coast? The reason I say someone near me, is that it is highly unlikely that shipping these things is an option. Each one weighs 77 pounds, and they are big. Driving them somewhere, with the 7 totes of parts, is the only real option.
  2. Does anyone use Ethernet to Appletalk bridges? I've seen them come and go on eBay, and have always wondered if perhaps that is a simpler solution than trying to find network adapters for quite a few early machines. Someone mentioned a Shiva Fastpath V4 on the eBay finds thread today, and I notice there are some version 5 devices available on eBay too. Which brand / model / version is the easiest to get results with?
  3. pcamen

    How interesting is the Lisa?

    If you guys haven't played with LisaEM, it is a pretty good alternative to actually owning a Lisa.
  4. pcamen

    Bench testing setup for SE/30

    Cool, thanks guys. Thinking of the SE/30 lately reminds me when I brought it with me to Zurich in the early 90's to do an internship for the summer - travel bag as a carry on. I was nervous to have it to through the x-ray scanner but it held up. I also brought it with me to Microsoft the next year for an internship and was probably one of the few Macs on campus at that time. Fond memories. Can't wait to get one in working order again and play with it. I think traveling with the so called compact Mac helped me with my decision to get PB 180c in 1995 or so.
  5. I'm getting tired of pulling my SE/30 motherboards out repeatedly and having to reach in to connect the audio, power/video, floppy, and SCSI cables. My first thought was to buy longer extension cables for everything. SCSI, no problem. Audio, easy. Floppy, got one. Power ... um. I am stumped. I haven't been able to find a pre-made longer male / female extension cable for the motherboard 14 pin molex connector. I thought I found one, but it was the 20 pin variety. Doh! Anyone have a line on this? Or is there a better setup?
  6. From another thread: I've looked for the Gemini 020 manual as well, with no luck.
  7. Ah, this one is a Novy Mac20MX https://www.vintageapple.org/macworld/pdf/MacWorld_8711_November_1987.pdf Page 240: Sure would love to find the manual.
  8. Another Novy Mac20 thread from 2015: If you click through to the IMGUR Link, it's got RAM on the motherboard, all slots filled. I've got two in the back slots. Do these work in left / right banks? https://imgur.com/a/8zllW Also note the standoffs which mine is missing. Perhaps that keeps it from going do deep into the PDS connector (which makes it a bitch to get out).
  9. Given how this looks with a very low profile SIMM in it, I don't think it looks as if RAM on the motherboard was intended.
  10. pcamen

    Switching processors between 520 & 540c

    How about both? A full 68040 overclocked? I agree, it's academic. But for some reason there is something that keeps nagging at me that says ... it could be just a little better.
  11. I've tried 4 in the card and none on the main board, with the results above. I tried two in the main board and 4 in the card, with the same results. I haven't tried the main board full and none in the card yet. I was originally thinking the same thing, this thing hugs the board too tightly for SIMMs to work, but there are some that are pretty short, and those seem to fit fine. The taller ones I haven't tried yet. Perhaps the board is just trashed and doesn't work. I dunno.
  12. pcamen

    Switching processors between 520 & 540c

    Yup, just to say I did, that fits.
  13. pcamen

    SE/30 won't boot with TwinSpark adapter

    Hmm. So it if was doing that with the Turbo040 installed, could mean that went bad or wasn't fully pressed in I'm guessing. I'm just trying one PDS and the accelerator at this point BTW. Just the TwinSpark, Turbo040, and Radius card.
  14. Some very strange stuff going on with my SE/30. I've been trying to get an SE/30 Pivot card working. I had a monitor plugged in which showed the background and the Radius logo. But in the Monitors control panel, it doesn't show the display. So I start peeling things back, take off the Pivot card, same thing. Take off the Turbo040, same thing. Take off the TwinSpark adapter, it boots fine. Put the TwinSpark adapter back on, no boot. When I say no boot, I sometimes get a startup tone, but usually not. Then it shows a mangled screen (see picture). I had an identical TwinSpark adapter I got from Bolle earlier this year and it does the same thing, so I don't think it is a bad adapter (and there isn't much on those anyways). Anyone have any ideas why it might be doing this? Could the failure to recognize the video card (with 2.6 ROM from 1992) be a clue? I also swapped out the motherboard for another. Both were recapped by UniServer a few years back. This system was booting fine all yesterday and this morning and now I have this behavior.
  15. pcamen

    Switching processors between 520 & 540c

    Ok, I'm going nuts. I could have sworn that (a) what I saw was a full 040 and (b) I took a picture of it and posted that here. But I was wrong, both were LC varieties. Darn.