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  1. pcamen

    Daystar Universal PowerCache P33 in SE/30

    Sounds cool guys. For those of us for whom the details discussed in this thread are a little over our head, a summary of what has been discovered to date, and what exactly it does would be helpful.
  2. I'm working on the Inside Macintosh series too, should be up on my site soon.
  3. pcamen

    Help identifying NuBus RAM card. (RAM Disk?)

    Looks like a Rasterops video accelerator which can also act as a RAM disk. I think this thread will help:
  4. pcamen

    Identify SE/30 video card

    That 9-pin connector is the same as the Full Page Display cards.
  5. pcamen

    Quick DiimoCache question

    I took my SE/30 to Switzerland for a summer internship in one of those bags as carry on back in the day. I liked it because it was a working Mac with a small footprint that I could later improve with an external monitor when I could afford it. i think people like them so much because the compact Mac is the iconic humble origin of the Mac line and the SE/30 is the king of that form factor. I’ll use my pimped out SE/30 the same as I would any other vintage Mac.
  6. Well, got two new cables, one of the Portrait display, one for the FPD/gs. Radius display power light comes on, but it won't display an image. I can see nothing on the screen at all. My first thought is that it is at the wrong display settings, something that isn't compatible with the Portrait. But when I plugged in the FPD/gs, it seems to have automatically gone to the proper settings, 640x870 (or something close to that, I don't remember exactly). Portrait cable is showing a little road rash or something on one side. Perhaps it is defective. The FPD/gs does show an image, but it is scrunched horizontally. The size adjustment on the back work fine for vertical, but horizontal barely does anything and the image is pretty far from the edges. Anyone have any ideas about this? I got a VGA to EGA adapter from Amazon, but haven't tried the regular FPD yet.
  7. Well heck, isn't this the cable you are trying to get working with your other thread @Trash80toHP_Mini? http://archive.retro.co.za/mirrors/68000/www.vintagemacworld.com/radius/590-0057.html Seems like you could then just use a DB15 to VGA adapter to get to the LCD. Sadly, doesn't appear to be any DB-9 to DB-15 cable pinouts. Cable Part Number: 590-0057 Assembly Number 590-0057 CPU side connector type DB-15 Monitor side connector type 1 BNC Built in Monitor ID 1152 X 882 CPU Side Pins Monitor Side Pins CPU Side Connector DB-15 Monitor Side Connector Single BNC Pin 01 Ground Inner Pin Green Video Pin 02 Not Used Outer Pin Green Ground Pin 03 Not Used Pin 04 SENSE ID 0 Pin 05 Green Video Pin 06 Green Ground Pin 07 SENSE ID 1 Pin 08 Not Used Pin 09 Not Used Pin 10 Ground Pin 11 Not Used Pin 12 Not Used Pin 13 Ground Pin 14 Ground Pin 15 Not Used
  8. Adapter boards. I am (trying) to make a joke. I know it is a work in progress.
  9. Awesome @Trash80toHP_Mini! When are you going to start selling those boards?
  10. That's a good thread. For me, an FPD with a Mac Plus is kind of a Holy Grail. A big monitor with one of those early systems, is just cool. I have a number of FPD cards for the Plus, I think, with the BNC connector. Anyone know of a way to go from BNC to something more modern? I'm guessing finding a FPD with BNC is like, impossible.
  11. I think the last mystery is the cable standard for going from the DB-9 Radius FPD, Rasterops Portrait Clearvue/15 (turns out that is the full name) to the DB-15 Mac standard video. It seems this would be possible because both Radius and RasterOps seem to indicate compatibility of their FPD and Clearvue/15 displays with standard Mac video. I know I can at least use the Radius FPD with some FPD cards I have, but would be nice to use them with a standard Mac video output on like a IIci or Q700. Not sure of the RasterOps will work with a FPD card. Amazing how much non-work related stuff I am getting accomplished since my Macbook Pro is in the shop getting a new battery, top case, keyboard, and trackpage (they all come as a single unit). Hopefully it is the new 4th gen butterfly keyboard.
  12. Here is the manual for the FPD/gs it appears. I'm also attaching some other related manuals in case they are useful for anyone. FPD card for Mac Se manual FPD software manual Two Page Display manual Radius FPD Interface Card For the Macintosh SE (ocr).pdf Radius_Full_Page_Display_User's_Manual_(ocr).pdf Radius_Software_for_the_Full_Page_Display_User's_Manual_(ocr).pdf Radius_Two_Page_Display_1988_(ocr).pdf It is interesting that nowhere in the user manual does it mention the resolution (1152x870 for the /gs) or whether it is B&W or grayscale (or it is greyscale ...). But, the software manual has some good info: The GS can do up to 256 shades of gray (as they write it, not grey). The normal FPD monitor is just B&W.
  13. Does anyone know if the Full Page Display/gs model 0424 is color (seems doubtful) grayscale, or B&W? I know the Portrait display is Grayscale. I've got cables on order for the portrait display and the FPD/gs, and have one shielded 9 pin to 9 pin for one of the two other full page displays. Can probable use a gender changer for the other if I have one. I hope to be testing these out soon.
  14. Ah, one of those is a Raster Ops. That is why the two middle ones look so different. That is the one with the 9 pin male connector.
  15. pcamen

    Getting a Jaz drive to work

    Okay, discovered my Umax tower has a 1GB Jaz drive in it. The cartridges load fine. That system is running IomegaWare 1.1.3. I'm going to try just copying the extension and control panel to the other Mac I was testing it with, and try the 2GB Jaz drive on this Umax system.