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    At the moment, collecting old Mac software, taking apart my Macs, putting them together again and trying to run them at their optimum configuration.
    As well as that, playing Armor Alley, Civ I, Marathon and Deus Ex.

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  1. ArmorAlley

    Best options for SSD in MDD G4?

    Sorry about that. I had skipped over your post about the Pro Tools. IDE-to-SATA is one option. How about IDE-to-CF? Get yourself a couple of IDE-to-CF adapters and a few 64GB CF cards. On another note: Are all 4 PCI slots filled with Pro Tools? Is there a breakout box for Pro Tools that would allow for the use of more PCI slots? I have seen them on sale for NuBus systems and also for Avid PCI setups. I'm not familiar with Pro Tools, so I don't know if this would be either affordable or suitable.
  2. ArmorAlley

    Best options for SSD in MDD G4?

    I have a PCI card with a SIL3112-chip (Sonnet Tempo, I think) in my B&W and it's running an SSD. It is quiet, needs no drivers and it leaves more space to aid airflow inside the B&W. Send Bolle a PM, he mentioned a while back that he had some PCI SATA cards for sale.
  3. ArmorAlley

    Software for Mac SE

    Prince of Persia will run on your SE with 1MB RAM. You might want to take out any especially RAM-hungry INITs and CDEVs that you have in there. If you want an idea of nostalgia, download Pagemaker 3.5. You can do a lot with it, once you get the relevant text-files and images onto your SE. I used it to lay out my dissertations when I was in college. We also used an early version of Excel (v2.0 or 2.1 maybe) to generate graphs from the readings we had gathered.
  4. ArmorAlley

    LaCie MO 230 drive for PB 190 or 5300

    These are nice icons! Thanks for putting these up.
  5. ArmorAlley

    Zip 100mb from a Win 10 PC to a Mac sys 7.1

    Agreed. I'm just providing another possibility in case the OP isn't happy with using DOS. I have found that I can't always reformat Zip disks from mac to DOS and vice versa.
  6. ArmorAlley

    Zip 100mb from a Win 10 PC to a Mac sys 7.1

    Suggestion: I have never used it, so I can't confirm or deny if it works. But it might. Install Mac OS 8.1 onto your Quadra 700. This will give you access to HFS+. Format the zip-disk as HFS+. Purchase from the company Paragon Software a product by the name of HFS+ for Windows https://www.paragon-software.com/home/hfs-windows/# Maybe someone on these fora has experience with it. There is a time-limited demo. that can be downloaded to see if it works.
  7. ArmorAlley

    Quadra 605/LC475: "EViL RAS LINE HACK" revisited . . .

    Just for reference, I have a 128MB SIMM from an old SUN server in my Performa 475. It's more than I need. I saw it by chance for $50 on eBay and snapped it up. I've lots of other goodies in there too and overheating may be a concern, but it all runs fine, most of the time.
  8. ArmorAlley

    it's dusty

  9. ArmorAlley

    part 2

  10. ArmorAlley

    really quick quicksilver

  11. ArmorAlley

    [PARTIAL SUCCESS!] 7.6 on 32-bit dirty Macs

    I have Mac OS 8.1 running on my IIfx and it runs well. I have access to HFS+ and that is super. Now, it does have 32MB RAM. I see no reason why Mac OS 7.6 shouldn't run well on, say, an SE/30 or a Mac IIcx with 8MB RAM. My memories of System 7.5.5 on a Mac Plus were that it ran but it was a bit sluggish. Would one of the ROMinator SIMMs from BMOW make your life easier or would that be cheating?
  12. ArmorAlley

    What vintage macs do you own?

    Let's see... • 68000: SE • 68030: IIfx | SE/30 | Colour Classic • 68040: Performa 475 (with NewerTech Quaddoubler) | Quadra 950 | PowerBook 540c • 601: PM 8100 (with Sonnet Crescendo G3/400) | PM 8100 (broken) • 603: PM7200 (with Sonnet Crescendo G4/800) • G3: Beige G3 Tower | B&W G3 PowerBook G3 (Wallstreet) | PowerBook G3 (Wallstreet — broken?) | PowerBook G3 (Pismo) | iBook G3 600MHz • G4: PM G4 (Gigabit Ethernet) | PM G4 (MDD) | PM G4 (MDD — broken) | PowerBook G4
  13. ArmorAlley

    SCSI zip drive

    On one of the RetroMacCast episodes [1], back when they were being made, they had an episode about Zip drives. The contributor made the point that the version of the Iomega Driver extension was most important if you intend to create boot Zip disks for Macs that don't support the Iomega Driver v5 or higher. If I remember correctly 8and I am open to correction on this), Iomega Driver v4.2 works in the Mac Plus and upwards. It supports internal and external SCSI Zip-100 (aka Zip-95) drives. Iomega Driver 4.3 is needed if you want to reformat disks from one format (e.g. DOS) to another. Iomega Driver 5.0 comes with Mac OS 8.1 and version 6 with Mac OS 9. Version 5 is needed for IDE Zip-Drives, 250-MB Zip drives as well USB Zip drives. Disks created with version 4.2 or 4.3 with the appropriate System Folder will boot the appropriate Mac. Stick this Zip-disk into a Mac with a version 5 driver and the driver on the Zip-disk will be upgraded. The disk will no longer be able to boot up Macs with the version 4.x Iomega Driver extension. [1] https://retromaccast.ning.com/forum/topics/episode-423-zip-a-dee-doo-dah?commentId=1672786%3AComment%3A131810 (15 minutes in)
  14. ArmorAlley

    iBook power supply model number

    Thanks very much EvilCaplitalist. I have a yo-yo adaptor but its plug is too big, alas.
  15. Hi everybody, I have just bought an iBook, model number M6497, without a power supply. The seller said he believed it was a 600MHz G3. I'd like to know the model number of the power supply so that I can go look for one. On the back of the iBook in awful grey on white (I think I need glasses), it is rated 24Vdc and 1.785A max. Can anyone help? Thanks, aa