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    At the moment, collecting old Mac software, taking apart my Macs, putting them together again and trying to run them at their optimum configuration.
    As well as that, playing Armor Alley, Civ I, Marathon and Deus Ex.

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  1. ArmorAlley

    Laserwriter / Laserwriter Plus refurbishment

    @danda: I'll bear this in mind and thanks for the info. I may send you a PM or three once I get around to it. I'm trying to find out why my 512K isn't booting. I fear that the analog board needs recapping. @pcamen:Thanks for your wonderful site! I have downloaded all of the PDFs that looked as if they may have something to do with the LaserWriter Plus.
  2. ArmorAlley

    512K Flup Flup Flup and Schottky diodes

    Are you getting a startup bong? I am but I'm getting any no video at all on my 512K. I had the flup-flup-flup earlier today but now nothing. I'm currently going through the Dead Mac Scrolls too and the suggestions that seem most helpful so far are without a startup bong and point to the analog board.
  3. ArmorAlley

    Major Score! 8600 with Sonnet CPU, 3DFX card, Etc

    It looks as if your stereo is just behind you. Why don't you plug the sound out from the back of the mac to the aux in on your amp? The little computer speakers are grand but if you've got 50W of amp onhand, I'd go for the rich sound of the better speakers (not to mention the amplification). Of course, if you have young children (as the pictures on the wall seem to indicate) then Marathon may not be the best choice of game to be playing in front of small children.
  4. ArmorAlley

    Laserwriter / Laserwriter Plus refurbishment

    I have just into possession of a LaserWriter Plus. I haven't turned it on yet, but I don't expect it to work. If you are on for a challenge, I could do with some help. I have a lot of reading to do.
  5. ArmorAlley

    Advice for new 840AV owner

    SCSI2SD perhaps? Another alternative would be a NuBus card with LVD SCSI ( ATTO Silicon Express IV or FWB Jackhammer) and then either a U320 SCA-drive with adaptor or an SCSI-IDE adaptor from Acard in order to attach CF card. This latter option is much pricier, though, than the SCSi2SD.
  6. ArmorAlley

    WHAT FONT? "can't wait to get out of that bag"

    I was purely thinking about your 1,500 MO-discs. 16TB is quite a lot. How do you keep that backed up? In the Cloud?
  7. ArmorAlley

    PowerBook 1400 VST MO Drive

    My guess is that the standard software that mount MOs will work on this too — Formatter, SilverLining and the like.
  8. ArmorAlley

    WHAT FONT? "can't wait to get out of that bag"

    Maybe a RAID NAS with 2x 1TB drives might worth your while. There are some great disk-cataloguing apps, like Diskeeper, available.
  9. ArmorAlley

    Kinetics Etherport SE Ethernet Adapter

    This looks good. I'm at the stage where I can set the time with the Network Time control panel in System 6 (so it can get online), but I can't yet see any of the macs on the LAN.
  10. ArmorAlley

    Kinetics Etherport SE Ethernet Adapter

    I have one of these in my SE. I may drivers for it if you have no luck finding them.
  11. Fair enough. I had assumed that you would have a 68-pin to 50-pin SCSI adapter on hand. They aren't that expensive (about $10 from China) and useful to have. There are also 80-pin to 50-pin adaptors that van be used on old SCA drives.
  12. Would you run this again with the disks reversed, the 10K drive on the Q84av bus (assuming it supports 8-bit SCSI) and the SCSI2SDv6 on the 8-bit port of the SEIV please? This would give more info as to whether the limiting factor is the bus or the drive on the Q840av. You may to put a system folder onto the 10K drive and bless it, in case you can't boot from SEIV.
  13. ArmorAlley

    Major Score! 8600 with Sonnet CPU, 3DFX card, Etc

    Congratulations and I am very happy for you. I have many happy memories of the Voodoo III 2000 card (but on a PC). Half Life, StarCraft, Quake II & Quake III all ran well on it. With the possible exception of a PCI SATA card (with SIL3112 chipset) and SATA drive, I would not make any changes to this system. Leave it as it is. That being said, keep the heat of the system in mind. There is a lot inside that machine that generates heat.
  14. ArmorAlley

    Recommended system extensions?

    Be warned that the plastics in your 840av are *very* brittle! I have a PM 8100/80 (the model that followed the Q840av) and I learned the hard way when I was trying to max it out. How much RAM to do you have? If you have 16MB or less, then something like RAM-Doubler 8 might be good. Speed Doubler 8 (also from Connectix) is also useful. There are mac magazines in the Internet Archive (MacWorld, MacAddict) and in the Macintosh Garden (MacFormat) that do reviews of Mac software and hardware. Reading through these magazines will give you a good idea of the Mac world in the early 1990s. The Quadra 840av was the flagship Mac just before the Power Macs came out and, except for RAM, was almost perfect. It didn't need a graphics card to be useful, the HDs were quite fast and big for the time, it had the fastest bus the mac had seen (with the exception of the IIfx). System Extensions that I like: WindowShade, SuperClock! (built in), The Grouch (I love it because it's trash), RAMdisk (built in), UDF for reading DVDs. It is very much worth your while to know what every file in the Extensions folder and Control Panel folder does. Use Extension Manager to learn their functions and to «disable» (put them in another folder) the files you don't need (like, say, TokenTalk, A/ROSE or PowerBook stuff). Software packages that are useful: Norton Utilities to repair volumes, FWB HD Toolkit, FWB CD-ROM Toolkit, LaCie Silverlining 2.2, Conflict Catcher, Toast for burning CDs and an anti-virus package. Disinfectant 3.7.1 was standard. Virex is good. I'm not sure if NAV 7 (Norton Antivirus) will run. Something that will rid you of or protect you from the 666 virus is helpful. If you ever see an extension labelled '666' in your Extensions folder, you have a problem.
  15. The ATTO SE IV card and FWB JackHammer card have two main benefits; 1. Support for LVD-SCSI (Low-voltage differential SCSI). This is the 68-pin connector. There are pricey adaptor cards (say, from Acard) that will allow you to attach IDE or SATA drives to it. You can those 80-pin U320 SCSI disks that support SE with a simple 80-pin to 68-pin adaptor from China. 2. 20MB/s transfer rate (if the disk can support that) on LVD-drives. This was originally the primary benefit — the 16-bit bus. That is, more data flowing, either to 14 devices or twice as fast to 7 devices. I wonder if you will see much of a difference with a SCSI2SD on the Quadra SCSI bus as compared to the SE IV bus. They both use the 8-bit SCSI bus. My guess is that johnklos is correct with his post above although whether it is worth paying USD100 for an SE IV is another point. If you have one, of course, then try it out. One final point: can the SE IV boot your Q840av? I have conflicting memories as to whether it can.