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  1. Radius RocketNozzle - Backplane Exhaust Cooler

    They’re about $60 on eBay these days. Not sure about the rest, haven’t oc’d anything yet. Makes sense to have a bit more cooling.
  2. Radius RocketNozzle - Backplane Exhaust Cooler

    If you're hacking things up to get rid of heat, why not get an L88M mask 68040? They're built on a smaller process and are only warm to the touch and can be run without heatsinks. One of the best investments for old 68040 macs imo.
  3. SCSI2SD Mount for the SE/30

    Any updates on this Joe? Would love to get STL file to print myself. Thanks and great job!
  4. Project30 - IIsi NuBus adapter in SE/30 trials - take 3

    Unfortunately the dynamic nature of the page URLs (e.g. the ? after /viewtopic.php?f=16&t=14915) mean that wayback machine isn't archiving them. I'm also kind of frustrated by the thread situation, given that so much of this work is archival in nature and I spent a lot of time collecting notes that link out to old topics. I know mla is run by volunteers so I don't want to complain and super appreciate all the work they do. Meanwhile just hoping threads can be restored in some fashion. One way around this would be to move to a more modern forum stack (Discourse) that is better supported and that can be hosted someplace that is pretty resilient (e.g. you can one-click add a DigitalOcean droplet with Discourse, and get frequent backups and other things built-in). Discourse uses fixed URLs like /t/topic-name/26329 which I believe are better for wayback machine archiving. Moving entirely different forum software is a tough migration tho, and would change the UI on people which not everyone may love. Another way around this is to move some content to a database like Airtable or a wiki so that fixed knowledge can be put someplace (like an archive of cards and their images), which would link back to threads where those were first mentioned. But all this is getting pretty off topic
  5. Project30 - IIsi NuBus adapter in SE/30 trials - take 3

    It was for the board only. I forgot to save the listing unfortunately, but maybe if someone has one of those ebay price scraper sites they could look for it - it was sold by 'electronicspart' (https://www.ebay.com/usr/electronicspart) in Nov 2013, and purchased by p****m, someone who I'd seen bid a lot at that time in vintage computing. Info on the expanse box was listed here before at this URL: http://68kmla.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=14915 but that's no longer accessible
  6. Project30 - IIsi NuBus adapter in SE/30 trials - take 3

    No solder side pics unfortunately. I have been kicking myself for a long time for not bidding on this. I assumed someone here had picked it up but I haven't heard a peep from anyone. If the serial is to be believed we know there are at least 7045 of them in the wild, minus the thousands in trash heaps.
  7. Project30 - IIsi NuBus adapter in SE/30 trials - take 3

    The ExpanSE/30 went by eBay back in Nov 2013, I saved the pics. Maybe they're helpful:
  8. Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, ThunderCards... HO!

    Interesting... Bolle, does yours look like this? I thought I had a 1152 but it doesn't look like omidomo's 1152 - it looks like a 1600 with half the ram. Maybe this is a 1360? Never found an image online of this particular Thunder IV variant. EDIT: looks like mine is a Thunder/24 GT because of the assembly number, according to this Radius Thunder FAQ.
  9. Carrera040 Info / Hacking Thread

    Interesting note here, discovered a super old usenet thread from Jan 1993 discussing the impending launch of the Mobius Speedster 040 (aka Carrera 040 afaik) and at launch it was going to be for the SE/30. Later in Apr 1993 someone else was inquiring about it in the SE/30 And if you want to know the person who made the control panel software, here he is: That site has a lot of related links of other usenet threads that are surprisingly relevant. There's probably more gems in there. Interesting that this product seems to have changed hands several times - Mobius, Galaxy Hardware Publishers, Sonnet (Jun 1995), and Micromac. trag - funny you mention the Designers Handbook, as someone in 1991 was trying to build their own accelerator and mentioned it - This is probably all old news to everyone, but posting here in case there's some relevance.
  10. Carrera040 Info / Hacking Thread

    Regarding the IIcx adapter, I have a Daystar one that lacks an onboard 68030. Not sure if knowing this is useful in the investigation or if the Carrera IIcx adapter (or whatever that was earlier in thread) is supposed to be different. Interested to see where this thread leads.
  11. Lot of Macs and peripheral too much to count ...

    Thanks! can you take pictures of the radius nubus card?
  12. Here's my socketed board video ROM, which looks the same except for the -01 you have on yours. Only diff I see are the orange RP7/8/9. Also attached: my non-socketed board has a video ROM without the sticker on it. The ROM looks like my SE/30 ROM (4 chip), but I don't know what IIfx/IIsi look like.
  13. Lot of Macs and peripheral too much to count ...

    Nice score! In the rare chance that you have them, I'm in for a Sonnet QuadDoubler, Micron Xceed video card for SE/30, and Sonnet Presto 040 PDS. Unlikely you've got em but those are the things I'm trying to find these days Thanks!
  14. RasterOps Colorboard 264/SE30

    Ebay discovery of another RasterOps 264/30 with ROM: 264SE30 1.3 0002-2019 10/2/90 Looks like 1.3 is probably the last version of the ROM given Themk has the same version # but dated 09/03/91, almost a year later.
  15. Fan replacement for a Mac SE/30

    Wondering if we can rig up some kind of temperature-controlled fan speed changer, so we can have our silent macs and have them protected as they heat up. Edit: I think this 12v PWM Noctua (amazon) + this 12v thermostat might work (here's the manual). Seems the things to do are getting PWM-capable fan, and getting the right voltage (5v or 12v). Maybe with this thermostat you can go with a fan that can achieve higher CFM fan though, since it can throttle. As far as thermostats, there's several ones on the market that may work (no idea if so, but here's one and another), and there's a bunch of DIY projects like this one and this one that do this, but DIY projects can be flawed based on reading the comments.