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  1. nickpunt

    SE/30: RAM configuration with 16MB SIMMs

    I'm not sure about ROMinator solutions. I have one that no longer works in SE/30 (but fine in Iici) and another that works fine. As far as RAM in Bank A, I'd assume regardless of having an accelerator (socketed or pds) or being stock, 4 x 16mb in Bank A alone is not going to work. Only 4 x 1mb and 4 x 4mb work. Feel free to try all the permutations, but I'm not sure you'd get a different result than from the Japanese repair link posted earlier. If (sans accelerator) you're able to get 4 x 16mb to work in Bank A alone, then that's a new finding.
  2. nickpunt

    SE/30: RAM configuration with 16MB SIMMs

    I use Dougg3/BMOW ROMinator based on IIsi ROM with my machine along with the stock se/30 ROM and both work fine. I use OWC's 16mb chips. Apologies, looking at my notes just using Bank A with 64MB won't work according to a table I copied from this page. However with Bank B filled with anything (1mb x 4 or higher) works. I run this config (68mb, with 4mb in Bank B). Also, apparently larger / higher density RAM must be placed in Bank A not Bank B. Also, an 8mb (2MB x 4) configuration using 2-chip sticks didn't work for me. Apparently this is not a valid config. Only 4mb (1mb x 4) and 16mb (4mb x 4) work with just Bank A filled. Here's some other links from my notes that may be helpful: MacFAQ Memory Old 68kmla post that said 2-chip and 3-chip ram worked in se/30 (these are known to be more flakey, so they may not always work) Old 68kmla post on a sadmac error 0300FF that is memory related, this time due to ram chips being the wrong speed (ns) and solved by changing ram chips
  3. nickpunt

    SE/30: RAM configuration with 16MB SIMMs

    Yes, I have 64mb in bank A in my se/30 and the configuration works. Worked with both DiiMo & Daystar PDS-based accelerators, haven't tried socketed yet. EDIT: I am wrong, you need to have Bank B filled with something for Bank A to use 16x4 (64mb)
  4. nickpunt

    Lapis ProColorServer 24 LC

    Came with 68882 which was removed
  5. I was the one that picked up the 24bit LC Lapis ProColorServer´╗┐ on eBay recently. Let me know if you need to know anything about it. It works, I just can't get the extension to load.
  6. To be honest, once you get to higher resolutions I think the classic MacOS experience degrades quite a bit, especially what can be powered by nubus/68k machines. Lots of picking the mouse up multiple times to get across the screen, and many apps/games either not being designed for those resolutions or too slow to run on this era hardware. If the issue is more common classic MacOS resolutions like 512x384, 640x480, 800x600, 832x624 and 1024x768 don't scale well to 720p/1080p (which they don't, without artifacts), we can always solve the problem at the other end and aim to scale them to higher resolutions like 4K (2160p). With 3840x2160 pixels to play with, upscaling is going to be pretty good, and you can always letterbox a bit if you want even pixel dividers. In practice, I don't know of scaler hardware that will do this yet (haven't looked) but it's something to consider, rather than hunting down super rare cards, tweaking old drivers, etc. Retina resolutions are pretty forgiving when it comes to scaling content.
  7. nickpunt

    Fun with colour on my SE/30

    Love this project, been wanting to do this exact thing myself. Can you link to where you got parts? Looks like those LCDs go for $160+ on ebay. I was looking at doing this with Adafruit's 9.7" display (basically the iPad Retina display), since 2048x1536 would be high enough res to be able to upsample a few different resolutions without bad artifacts. But, that relies a lot on a magical third board that could do analog->DisplayPort, plus even more difficult driving it at >60hz. This seems to solve that with a modern LCD.
  8. nickpunt

    Carrera040 Info / Hacking Thread

    Odd, I've never seen that variant of the Carrera 040 IIsi adapter. Both of mine (one which came with DiiMo IIsi and other with Carrera 040) have a GAL on them, I assume that one in your picture must have it on the other side. You're right that their IIcx adapter has none at all.
  9. nickpunt

    China Ebay 68040 processor

    Yep that looks like a rebadge, the lettering is way too big. The printing varies in these so it's not clear what is / is not real. Here's a legit Motorola 68040 L88M for reference. Runs cool as a cucumber.
  10. nickpunt

    Mystic with LC video card

    I have my answer: yes it is possible to use an LC video card in a mystic. Thanks 3-years-ago @pcamen. Next step is to figure out whether I can get a Dual PDS solution going for IIe card + video card mystic:
  11. Anyone ever try doubling up on LC PDS cards? Would they just work if stacked? There have been multi-LC PDS solutions in the past, specifically MicroQue's TopHat which supported 4 LC PDS cards in a weird thick LC basement case. See my gallery here of images of that. What's interesting is in the TopHat brochure, it states (emphasis mine): Many PDS cards work simultaneously with others. However, the LC and Performa were designed to use only one PDS card, so problems sometimes occur when you use more than one card at a time. To prevent conflicts and to make card selection easy, MicroQue provides a convenient card switching system on the back panel, so you can turn each card on and off individually. For current PDS card compatibility chart, please contact your dealer, or MicroQue. This strongly suggests that it's possible to use multiple LC PDS cards, so long as you can physically connect them. Something I've wondered is if I could stack another LC PDS card atop my IIe card, simply by plugging in a female-female EuroDIN adapter on the solder through holes from the IIe card, then plugging another card into that. For demonstration purposes using a right angle f-m eurodin: I guess @Trash80toHP_Mini you're probably the one to ask, since you were in that thread mentioned in my gallery
  12. nickpunt

    MicroQue TopHat

    An LC expansion chassis supporting up to 4 LC PDS cards and a few hard drives. Images from an ebay auction on 2018-05-25 and from a ThinkClassic post.
  13. nickpunt

    Mystic with LC video card

    I have a mystic (575 board) color classic and just acquired a rather large LC video card called the Lapis ProColorServer 24 LC. It's physically much bigger than I expected, to the point where it gets in the way of the 575 board's VRAM. I could probably make this physically fit by building a riser with a few M-F euroDINs, but before I do that, I have a question: has anyone ever tried any LC video card in a mystic? This card has a 68882 on it, so I'm definitely popping that off before any trial run just because that's unlikely to play well. The card is (c) 1992 so a product of the LC II era, 2 years prior to the 575. As you can see from the images, it's nearly the size of the 575 board itself: On top of the 575 board, you can see that if installed, the card would hit the VRAM on the left: And a view from the side:
  14. nickpunt

    Color video from SE/30 for cheap?

    What's the benefit of composite video in all this? Is it to grab the signal from the video card / AB? @Trash80toHP_Mini the raspberry pi hat I linked to can do HDMI in if you need to capture signal for recording. That's what the guy in the video was doing (tho he was then piping that vid stream to twitch). Yeah bummer about the RasterOps 264, I also have one but lack a monitor that handles 66hz. Didn't realize the Radius Color Pivot IIsi also couldn't do 60hz, that was my backup solution!