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  1. Too bad @ants but happy you got a speed up on 040! Re Tpope’s note about cpanel, see link below on the lack of need for system enabler in MacOS 8 as noted here. Maybe focus on getting OS 8 going on se/30? Or find that driver. Else you mayyybe could try setting gestaltID to 104 as noted in link: https://wiki.preterhuman.net/DayStar_Turbo_601
  2. @ants in this thread it was recently figured out that there's a pin that needs to be bridged on the twinspark to make it work like daystar adapters to enable cache on SE/30. Maybe this is the answer?
  3. nickpunt

    Daystar Universal PowerCache P33 in SE/30

    Interesting. I don't understand what changed to make the P33/P34 ones 'universal' then, if prior ones still worked with adapters. The TwinSpark states it can only work with P33 cards, but then again the TwinSpark is most likely a clone of DiiMo's IIsi adapter.
  4. nickpunt

    Daystar Universal PowerCache P33 in SE/30

    Be careful @Bolle, that does not look like a P33 card - no label in lower left corner. Yours looks like the regular non-universal powercache card (seen here), which I believe only works in the IIci. Not positive, but there might even be an electrical risk of plugging one of those + adapters into non-IIci machines. For reference, here's what my P33 looks like. EDIT: Looks like I'm wrong, see @omidimo's response below.
  5. That's interesting. As Gorgonops mentioned earlier in thread: That stuff is *electrically* going to conflict with any other PDS device you try to put there. Perhaps that's what you're seeing on the main monitor. Not sure if I understood all the permutations you tried, but did you try pulling the video ROM *and* setting the MacCon to address E? Or would that be pointless?
  6. Looks like 1996 according to JDW's Flickr photo. Dunno about the rest!
  7. Could be jumper is used with (2 years newer) IIsi and ignored on SE/30, since reasonable assumption circa 1991-92 would have been nobody installs a second PDS card on SE/30 due to physical constraints. There weren’t other PDS cards on the market at the time that had vertical slots or the MacCon to hop on top of, SE/30s were really just single PDS card machines.
  8. nickpunt

    Fun with colour on my SE/30

    This looks fantastic @ants - you're doing an amazing job with your SE/30 projects, its very inspiring! Would love to get my hands on a curved resin screen and try this myself @PB145B as far as video cards, since the controller board supports 66Hz, your best bet would be a Radius IIsi Color Pivot which were available in decent quantities until relatively recently. Several people here have probably stocked up on a few. Some assembly required though - they're a touch too long for the case so you need to Dremel them (!) or come up with an alternative mounting, such as a PDS extension cable, or @BadGoldEagle's vertical mount hack because it doesn't fit. You also need to make a VGA cable.
  9. nickpunt

    Help identifying Lapis PDS card.

    No idea about 15-pin compatibility, my guess is it'd be same as other non-15pin ones as far as output res & compatibility. The ProColorServer 24 is 15-pin and works fine outputting to an LCD.
  10. nickpunt

    Help identifying Lapis PDS card.

    Not the same but similar is this one on eBay: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F132580730811 I have the procolorserver 24 (I believe) for LC, has similar parts. Agree yours could be the 8. Look at my gallery to compare
  11. nickpunt

    SE/30: RAM configuration with 16MB SIMMs

    I'm not sure about ROMinator solutions. I have one that no longer works in SE/30 (but fine in Iici) and another that works fine. As far as RAM in Bank A, I'd assume regardless of having an accelerator (socketed or pds) or being stock, 4 x 16mb in Bank A alone is not going to work. Only 4 x 1mb and 4 x 4mb work. Feel free to try all the permutations, but I'm not sure you'd get a different result than from the Japanese repair link posted earlier. If (sans accelerator) you're able to get 4 x 16mb to work in Bank A alone, then that's a new finding.
  12. nickpunt

    SE/30: RAM configuration with 16MB SIMMs

    I use Dougg3/BMOW ROMinator based on IIsi ROM with my machine along with the stock se/30 ROM and both work fine. I use OWC's 16mb chips. Apologies, looking at my notes just using Bank A with 64MB won't work according to a table I copied from this page. However with Bank B filled with anything (1mb x 4 or higher) works. I run this config (68mb, with 4mb in Bank B). Also, apparently larger / higher density RAM must be placed in Bank A not Bank B. Also, an 8mb (2MB x 4) configuration using 2-chip sticks didn't work for me. Apparently this is not a valid config. Only 4mb (1mb x 4) and 16mb (4mb x 4) work with just Bank A filled. Here's some other links from my notes that may be helpful: MacFAQ Memory Old 68kmla post that said 2-chip and 3-chip ram worked in se/30 (these are known to be more flakey, so they may not always work) Old 68kmla post on a sadmac error 0300FF that is memory related, this time due to ram chips being the wrong speed (ns) and solved by changing ram chips
  13. nickpunt

    SE/30: RAM configuration with 16MB SIMMs

    Yes, I have 64mb in bank A in my se/30 and the configuration works. Worked with both DiiMo & Daystar PDS-based accelerators, haven't tried socketed yet. EDIT: I am wrong, you need to have Bank B filled with something for Bank A to use 16x4 (64mb)
  14. nickpunt

    Lapis ProColorServer 24 LC

    Came with 68882 which was removed