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  1. EkriirkE

    Scored a IIfx lot with extras

    They were a community machine shop in SJ/RWC, looks like they closed a couple years ago. You could have had one bent into shape from sheet metal there for you, the design is simple enough... @slomacuser Very cool!
  2. EkriirkE

    Scored a IIfx lot with extras

    @olePigeon Glad I could help! Unfortunately this lot is still in Germany But the stand seems easy enough to make if you have access to any decent workshop. Mabe ask someone over at the TechShop if they still exist?
  3. EkriirkE

    SE FDHD Estate Sale

    @LaPorta No, just put droplets on the affected areas and let is sit until it evaporates, then add more to wet it and gently scrub with a toothbrush. Final rinse with IPA
  4. EkriirkE

    SE FDHD Estate Sale

    Someone mentioned vinegar, I like to use oxalic acid. It removes and sometimes reversed oxidation. Breaks up caustic battery electrolyte wonderfully
  5. EkriirkE

    PowerBook 150 - screens all destroyed?!

    How would that work, how would you control the polarization angle? It must be 90┬░ from the rear film
  6. EkriirkE

    PowerBook 160 help (broken hinge mount)

    Here's my gallery of a PB150 I did about a year ago https://imgur.com/gallery/xlJQgIW
  7. EkriirkE

    PB190, is it the worst? (Probably).

    IIRC it wasn't too hard to add one, tapping into the trackball, because ADB is a parallel topology
  8. EkriirkE

    SE FDHD Estate Sale

    Oh man. When I got to the part where you said you saw the maxwell bomb I thought "impossible! The base SEs don't have those and the wired batteries I've never seen leak" then I saw someone has clipped the original battery out, installed a socket, and put a dirty bomb inside It may be salvageable. Do the acid soak as mentioned
  9. EkriirkE

    Scored a IIfx lot with extras

    Yes, the stand has a sticker on it by Raduis - the other big player in Mac graphics. But nothing more identifying than that like a model Bonus underside shot showing reinforcements made in corners and under the top
  10. EkriirkE

    Scored a IIfx lot with extras

    Just did an acid soak and preliminary scrub with soapy water. The ASIC looks fine. The Zilog is missing 1 pin which I think I can fix and the 2 onboard RAM are shot. Also lots of missing traces. Those I can handle, but I worry for the vias that go to inside layers. I'll have to get the schematic
  11. EkriirkE

    Scored a IIfx lot with extras

    Here is the damage. It's bad but not terrible - I'm going to give it a shot. Luckily I have the other IIf to reference for parts and surface traces
  12. That corrosion isn't all that bad, use vinegar to neutralize it then scrub and rinse with toothbrush+IPA As to the PSU, check the low voltage side's caps for leakage and/or dryness (test out of circuit)
  13. EkriirkE

    Scored a IIfx lot with extras

    Yeah I can't use my back when moving it, this one has 3 BNC as well ( R, G, B ) Vielleicht! But it only just appeared in my saved searches a couple weeks ago, so unless the seller updated the listing I can't say.... Au├čerhalb von MUC? The board doesn't appear all that bad from the inside the case though there are some loose floating tants with corroded legs which doesn't bode well for any nearby ICs. I haven't broken them down yet, and there are a few SMD electrolytics I want to replace. It's nowhere near as bad as the huge brown rust holes you typically see in an SE/30
  14. I purchased this lot just because it was a working IIfx which I've wanted for a while but they don't float by often enough. Turns out this included a second dead IIfx from a PRAM battery explosion. I was not prepared for how large the also-included SuperMac 19" Trinitron was, but I should have known better with how well it fits above the massive Mac II series I'll attempt to repair that one as well as generally re-cap both boards. Both machines included a SuperMac video card (different models) and a third SuperMac video card was included New-in-Box It came with 4 SCSI devices; cartridge-loading CD w cartriges, SyQuest 44MB with bag of cartridges, HDD, and unknown-yet spec DIGITAL Storage Expansion box And a bag full of cables, a second AEKII, and 4 more classic rectangular mice ...Also the guy threw in the DIGITAL (DEC) lappies in with the lot when I arrived. The working IIfx also has DEC software on it. So this guy must have worked for them More pics.... https://i.imgur.com/a3znTUv.jpg https://i.imgur.com/1VkmGvN.jpg
  15. EkriirkE

    Bootstrap card, and MP100 video issues

    I used randoms I had on hand (see this album https://imgur.com/a/69J7YWl ) and didnt have quite the same dimensions but they still fit fine But if you want exact value matches here (these are thru-hole so sizing is not exact but will fit): C1 https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Nichicon/USR0G101MDD C51 https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Nichicon/UMA1V3R3MDD Also the only obvious thru-hole I don't see any designation for [470u10v] which is not the type to go bad really (and mine tested well within spec), but "might as well" https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Nichicon/UVK1A471MED Those 3 are the only electrolytics i saw, the rest being tantalum or ceramic. Replacing these with tant's probably won't (easily) work as the footprints are pretty narrow