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  1. acerocknroll

    eBay find: upgraded SE

    Haha, yeah pretty lucky find! I'll definitely do a recap as soon as possible (and yes, the sound is very weak). My soldering skills are... ok at best, but I have a friend who's really good. I'll let her take a crack at it once I order the replacement parts. Speaking of which, the top two T15 screws were completely missing... any source for replacements or specs on the size and thread pitch? Thanks again!
  2. acerocknroll

    eBay find: upgraded SE

    Compgeke, you appear to be correct! I did a cursory cleaning and blow-out with compressed air and the video issue is about 95% resolved. Also, the inside of the case had this signature in sharpie, anyone recognize?
  3. Hi everyone, to build on my post over in the Conquest section here is my newly acquired Mac SE! It seemingly has had some upgrades like a 500MB HDD and 8MB of RAM, maybe some other stuff? Condition is overall pretty good, and it boots and runs fine. The first time I powered it up the screen display was 100% perfect, no issues. Unfortunately, it's developed a weird video issue that seems to be getting worse each time I start it up so I'm trying to figure that out before I play around with it any more. It's not displaying certain pixels, and is especially apparent when there is a large block of black pixels present (especially on the shutdown screen). Here's an example: You can see it clearly on the RAM use bar next to System Software but it's all over the place sadly. Here's a video that will hopefully be helpful: https://youtu.be/LWQh9xyfnew I've looked at the repair guides pinned here but I'm not really sure what to even call this issue in order to diagnose it. Any advice on where to begin would be hugely appreciated, thanks!
  4. acerocknroll

    eBay find: upgraded SE

    Hey guys, been out of the classic Mac game for a long time now but used to be really into this stuff in my younger days... owned many Performas, Quadras, etc etc and still have my G3 Wallstreet PowerBook and G4 tower but no longer have my very first Mac, an SE/30. Got an urge to pick up another, load it with games and let my kid play it with me so started looking on eBay. Short version, SE/30's seem to be a bit pricey these days but I made an offer on this SE and got it for $95 shipped. Case is in good shape with some yellowing but nothing broken. I'd like to get the original keyboard at some point but this extended is nice. Computer boots and runs great, and the first thing I noticed is the HD capacity is listed on the finder window as 500mb? Seems like someone replaced the top floppy disk drive with a 500mb HDD, confirmed when I opened the case up. Another interesting thing is in the About This Mac screen, it lists the computer type as an SE/30? And it appears to have 8MB of built in memory? Haven't had time to get any deeper into the internals to see what else may have been modified/replaced in there. You'll probably also notice the picture is looking pretty screwy, the first time I booted up the picture was 100% perfect, shut down normally and when I booted up again I began to see some minor artifacting. This has proceeded to get worse on each subsequent startup to the point where it's really pretty bad. I'm hoping it's just a bad solder joint or something, any tips on where to look first? I've forgotten most of what I used to know about these things but I'm hoping I can pick it up again quickly! Other than the screen issue it seems to be a great little computer and I'm looking forward to fixing it up. Any insight or advice appreciated, thanks!