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  1. Roberto

    Macintosh SE 30 display half screen

    thanks, I will give a general cleaning and maybe a new welding point and then eventually I will change those two components
  2. Roberto

    Macintosh SE 30 display half screen

    Bolle, do you mean these two?
  3. Roberto

    Macintosh SE 30 display half screen

    Thanks Bolle, for your interest, I think I'm sure it's the logic board because I tried to change the analog card (including the card that goes behind the CRT tube), and the problem is exactly the same, so I conclude that both the logic card and the cause. Today I will change the two 74LS393 as you would like. However I have not done any kind of recap regarding the logic board, even if it seems to the naked eye that the board is perfect.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and I hope to be in the right place for the help you want to give me. I introduce myself here, since I honestly didn't find the presentation area. My name is Roberto I am Italian and for some time I would like to fix my macintosh SE 30, which has an unusual problem, that is, you only see half of the lower screen. It is very strange because, according to what L. Pina writes in his book, it is not a part of the screen that collapses (in fact, the horizontal central line is not visible), this last problem is in fact due to a problem of the analog card. Here instead we see a part of the screen that is missing and has not collapsed. I tried to replace it with another analog board and the result is the same, so I assume it is to be attributed to the logic board. In the logic board I haven't done any intervention at the moment. Has anyone experienced such a thing? I thank all those who want to make their contribution to understand where the breakdown is.