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  1. gryffinwings

    Macintosh IIci board repair, Missing pad?

    I'm ok with doing a bridge wire, any idea what gauge I should be using for a bridge wire? On the idea of scraping off solder mask beside the pad, is there fresh copper underneath that on these boards? Here's a picture of what I am dealing with. Maybe you can help me with figuring out how where to solder a bridge wire to. Thanks for the help so far.
  2. While working on a Macintosh IIci, the negative pad for Capacitor C16 came off during capacitor removal. What can I do to fix this problem?
  3. gryffinwings

    Are these computers worth getting?

    $50 was not going to happen, prices for vintage Apple products seem to be on the rise. The Performa 550 was a no go with the busted battery causing damage, so I didn't want to get into that, I already have a Power Macintosh 7200/90 that should work nicely as a bridge PC anyways, along with my Powermac G4 loaded with OSX 10.4.11 to maintain classic compatibility.
  4. Sweet find, I also recently got a Quicksilver, instead of the cards, I got the 17" Apple Studio Monitor.
  5. gryffinwings

    Are these computers worth getting?

    Thanks everyone for the information, I passed on both the Beige G3 and the Performa 550. Didn't really want to get the Beige G3 and I found out that the Performa 550 PROM battery had gone critical, bunch of battery acid and gunk had gotten on a portion of the board, didn't really want to bother with it since I've got plenty of projects, so I only got the Macintosh LC III, only issue is that it does not have a hard drive and the hard drive carriage is not there, if anyone knows where to get one I would appreciate the help.
  6. gryffinwings

    My PowerMac G4 haul for today!

    So I have gotten the Powerbook G4 running properly. Found out it has the 1.5 GHz processor and 1.5 GB of ram, I have to say that this was a pretty good deal for $10 even though it didn't come with a power adapter. @JustG thanks again for the information on the deal for a new power adapter. Posted with Powerbook G4
  7. Hi guys, I have my Apple Powermac G4 Quicksilver setup and I was trying to setup the email program and had no luck with setting it up with my Hotmail/Outlook email account. Is the old Apple Mail program a no go or is there something I am not doing? Also if this is a no go, is there software that would work? Thanks for any information/advice provided.
  8. I'm looking at ordering a set of capacitors for my Macintosh IIci. I found the reference picture to find all the capacitors, but I'm not sure about the SMD capacitors, I've only really worked on the more common types of capacitors. Anyone have a list for these capacitors for what I need? Side note: I'm almost thinking about created a database for the machines that I work on.
  9. gryffinwings

    Are these computers worth getting?

    I might ditch the Beige G3 anyways because I have a Power Macintosh 7200/90 which seems to be a very similar machine anyways. Thanks for the information, I wasn't sure about the LC III with the empty socket, by the way, what it is the purpose of the FPU?
  10. gryffinwings

    Are these computers worth getting?

    These machines will not be free as the center sells items on eBay. So I do not have a reference point to work with, but I'm hoping to negotiate due to the fact they haven't been really looked at and are really dirty. Recaps are not a problem for me, just did the analog board for a Macintosh SE FDHD. For the LC III, what is the deal with the FPU chip, is it required to run the computer? Thanks for the information so far.
  11. gryffinwings

    Are these computers worth getting?

    So at the local e-waste recycling center, I found the following: Beige PowerMac G3 (Non-tower) Macintosh Performa 550 Macintosh LC III (Seems to be missing a chip that would go in the square socket, FPU Chip?) Are any of these worth getting? What should I expect in regards to problems? What should I expect to pay? Additional thoughts?
  12. gryffinwings

    Macintosh SE FDHD expansion slot???

    Are you talking about something like this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/16MHz-020-Accelerator-upgrade-CPU-FPU-card-for-Apple-Macintosh-SE-68020/254227173389?hash=item3b311ed00d:g:proAAOSwfiZc1eyp&frcectupt=true
  13. So, now that I have a mouse to work with, I can finally explore my Macintosh SE FDHD. I understand that the hard drive is probably functioning on borrowed time, I was wondering how I could migrate the contents of the old hard drive to a new hard drive or SCSI2SD setup, it still has a bunch of programs that could be useful, also I've learned the provenance of this particular Macintosh originally came from a town in Kinsale, Ireland. At least that is what one of the letters says of the owner in the machine. Thanks for any advice that can be provided. I think the best thing I might be able to do is save all the files on 3.5" disk, but if there is a better way, I would appreciate the help.
  14. gryffinwings

    Macintosh SE FDHD expansion slot???

    What is the expansion slot on the logic board for my Macintosh SE FDHD? What can I put in there?
  15. gryffinwings

    Monitor Solution for Macintosh IIci?

    Thank you for the information, I wasn't quite sure. I'm looking at picking it up tomorrow with the anticipation of having to fix the power switch.