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  1. gryffinwings

    Apple Airport Extreme A1143, $5

    Another quick question, if I got another cheap Apple Airport Extreme and connect wirelessly to my other Apple Airport Extreme, I could connect my Powermac G4 in my garage to it via ethernet, therefore getting more speed than the Airport PCMCIA 802.11b wifi connection that I currently have, is this correct?
  2. gryffinwings

    Connecting Powermac G4 to Raspberry NAS?

    Running OSX 10.4.11.
  3. gryffinwings

    Apple Airport Extreme A1143, $5

    That's pretty cool, too bad Apple discontinued the product, it was a pretty good one. So far I don't need to buy another one, I wasn't thinking the signal could reach where I put some of my computers.
  4. I've being trying without success to connect my Powermac G4 to my Network Attached Storage, I've followed the instructions in connecting it, but it freezes every time. My network attached storage is basically a Raspberry Pi with an External USB Harddrive. The NAS is setup with Samba and I haven't had issues accessing with my Macbook Pro or other devices. Am I doing anything wrong or is my setup not compatible? Please let me know if more information is required.
  5. gryffinwings

    Apple Airport Extreme A1143, $5

    Thanks for sharing. This is a completely wireless setup? What Airport Extreme are you using for the Classic Mac Router and what do you have connected to it?
  6. gryffinwings

    Apple Airport Extreme A1143, $5

    Can you use different models of the Airport Extreme to extend wifi?
  7. Thanks for clarifying, I have an addition 4GB on order right now, going to have to find an addition 4GB that is a good price, haven't found it quite yet. After that, I'll be looking at getting a decent 240GB SSD, maybe a crucial to replace the mechanical hard drive installed right now. Then maybe I'll replace the graphics card, but most of them are really expensive on ebay.
  8. Thank you for the information, some information I was reading showed only 4GB for my particular model for the 2.0 DP model Powermac 7,3, which made things rather confusing to me.
  9. Starting to get my PowerMac G5 DP 2.0 GHZ (Powermac7,3) working properly again. However, upon booting it up, it's not seeing some of the RAM that was installed, could just be a simple thing, but I'm planning on upgrading the amount of RAM. Is the PowerMac G5 picky about what RAM it will accept? I know that it needs DDR 400 SDRAM, I'm also reading that I can only install 4GB of ram and I have 8 slots for RAM to be installed, so I can only install 512 MB RAM sticks. Is my information correct or is there a trick that I can do to increase the amount of RAM I can install into this PowerMac G5?
  10. gryffinwings

    Apple Airport Extreme A1143, $5

    That's something I noticed right off, so easy to get setup compared to other devices. I also noticed I can use it to extend the range of my primary wireless router.
  11. gryffinwings

    Apple Airport Extreme A1143, $5

    I never knew this, but you can find crazy deals for cheap Airport Extremes, like the one I got for $5, I'm seeing them all over the place for $20 or less. Honestly, I'm not sure of how good they are, but I figured for the price, I couldn't be doing to bad. Also for the record, even though it may not be too vintage, Apple already labels it obsolete.
  12. Well... I've gotta correct myself, the Airport PCMCIA card in my PowerMac G4 Quicksilver, does indeed support WPA, but not WPA2, so I'm not sure if the Linksys router I have has a WPA/WPA2 mode, but the Apple Airport Extreme A1143 that I picked up for $5 does, so my PowerMac G4 Quicksilver is now wireless :D.
  13. gryffinwings

    Powerbook 1400c/166 worth?

    No CD Drive, only extra is a bag that goes with it, and the charger. I didn't think my offer was out of line. Yet, you pay a lot for the convenience of eBay.
  14. gryffinwings

    PowerBook G3 Wallstreet Saved from Recycling

    Nice find, I can't imagine it being difficult to find a power adapter that would work. I'd love to get something like this, but no luck, people want too much.
  15. gryffinwings

    Powerbook 1400c/166 worth?

    So I found this guy selling a Powerbook 1400c/166 for $85, the post is 5 months old. What is this laptop worth, I'm thinking $20, but he says it's definitely worth more and wouldn't budge. Laptop is in working condition. Thoughts?