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  1. Fizzbinn

    Solid State Drive for G3?

    Did you try Mac OS 9.1? That's what I originally ran with no problems and am back on now with no problems. When I tried booting from 8.5 and 8.6 (installed on the SATA disk connected to the PCI SATA adapter) it either would freeze during boot or shortly there after if if it did boot.
  2. Fizzbinn

    040 Recommendations?

    I’ve used this NTP Control Panel with System 7.x: http://main.system7today.com/software/networktime/networktime.html
  3. Fizzbinn

    Solid State Drive for G3?

    Okay, spoke too soon. After sitting for a bit 8.6 got weird, I couldn’t drag any icons... Restart and I’m back to “Sorry, a system error occurred.” Sigh... So back to 9.1. Opposed to what I originally did I just upgraded, installed over the 8.6 install. First boot all good. Restart okay. I guess I should give it more time but I never had a problem with 9.1 and this SATA card in my Beige G3 since I got it in November.
  4. Fizzbinn

    Solid State Drive for G3?

    I’m getting back to this now that I’m home, I just wiped the SATA SSD in my Beige G3 using the retail Mac OS 8.5 cd (“Updated” the disk driver too). Install went fine but I get a crash on boot: ”Sorry, a system error occurred.” I tried updating the disk driver back to the version from my 9.1 install but got the same error on boot. Of note when booted from the 8.5 cd the desk seemed fine. Hooked up an external hard drive with a copy of the 8.6 updater and ran through that install. Success, it booted to the desktop! I don’t think it matters but the disk driver is now the version from the 8.6 update. I was really thinking the disk driver version might be the issue but guess not. In any case because it wrote it down: Mac OS 8.5 Drive Setup 1.6 = v8.1.0 Mac OS 8.6 Drive Setup 1.7.2 = v8.1.2 Mac OS 9.1 Drive Setup 2.0.3 = v8.1.4 So there definitely seems to be an OS dependency on this PCI SATA adapter (that is recognized as a SCSI Bus by Apple System Profiler). Mac OS 8.5 seems to be out. On 8.6 I wonder if the CD version you have is machine specific, perhaps lacking something from the general release for all...
  5. Fizzbinn

    Solid State Drive for G3?

    Which version of Drive Setup are you using? Can you try later versions? I think my SSD is 64GB (or 32GB), maybe try a smaller single partition size? The Extenstions Off thing is probably a fairly generic error message. Found this on Type 11 errors: https://udcf.gla.ac.uk/~gwm1h/Error_Codes/Type_11_Errors.html
  6. Fizzbinn

    Solid State Drive for G3?

    Mine is formatted Extended. If you’re copying files between your IIsis and the G3 via AppleTalk over a network I wouldn’t think the the G3 being formatted Extended should matter.
  7. Fizzbinn

    Solid State Drive for G3?

    Yikes, nothing obvious jumping out at me. Differences in my G3 setup is I’m using Mac OS 9.1, I’m pretty sure I formatted my SATA SSD with the version of a Drive Setup that came with that CD. I had nothing connected to the built-in internal/external SCSI bus but do have at Apple (ATTO oem) PCI Ultra wide SCSI adapter with a 9GB disk attached. I installed 9.1 on the SCSI drive first, I’m pretty sure I just copied the drive contents to the SSD instead of doing another install, but wouldn’t think that should mater. I’m traveling for the holidays but can see if it can reproduce when I get back next week...
  8. Fizzbinn

    NetGear Wifi bridge adapter file sharing problem

    @cheesestraws is correct. Networking these days pretty much is all TCP/IP protocol. Back in the day there were a lot of other protocols, AppleTalk being just one, that could work in parallel over a physical network layer. The physical network layer today is pretty Ethernet and WiFI (and cellular LTE, etc.), anyone miss Token Ring or FDDI? Apple of course had their LocalTalk serial port based physical network which as far as I know only ever had the AppleTalk network protocol implemented on it. There may be some other devices, but the easiest way to donAppleTalk network protocol Ethernet-WiFi bridging is to use an old Airport base station. You can find them on eBay pretty cheap. I’m not sure this feature stayed through to the last 802.11ac “tower” AirPort Extreme units, but I have 802.11n “simultaneous dual-band” one I use for this. I’d avoid the original silver non-Extreme “UFO“ units and original 802.11g Express models unless you want to chance a recap project.
  9. Fizzbinn

    Powerbook 1400c lid rebuild options

    Yours isn’t flat when it’s not under stress? On mine, this post has me thinking about just building up with slurry on the back side as wide and deep as possible. Not sure the space available though... I also need to figure out the best way to oil/losen up the hinges. Seems like the problem has been made worse with time as the hinges stiffen up and put more force on the lid with each close.
  10. Fizzbinn

    IIci with Maxell bomb damage

    This leaky capacitor damage looks like it might the most challenging to fix (for me), the IC popped right off when I touched it with a q-tip. the “legs” seem okay Just when I was getting comfortable with soldering capacitors... anyone got any pointers?
  11. Fizzbinn

    IIci with Maxell bomb damage

    Fingers crossed! The floppy looks highly questionable though, I guess it might just be surface deep... Now, which one of these could be responsible
  12. Fizzbinn

    IIci with Maxell bomb damage

    50 MHz, I actually have some replacements and sockets that I got to overclock a IIsi. I’m not sure the socket would be useful for overclocking here (quick google says it won’t be) but I’d hate to have to desolder again if the replacement clock crystal turned to be bad. Getting the one out on the IIsi was not fun, the pin that must have been on the ground plane was super hard to get hot enough.
  13. Bought a IIci setup (including AppleColor High Resolution RGB Monitor, Extended Keyboard II, mouse, and all cables) off Craigslist for $50. Woo-hoo. I wonder what will be inside! (Foreshadowing), maybe a DayStar ’040! Posting said it wouldn’t boot but figured it could be another recap project. Got it home powered it up, no sound (thats just the expected bad caps) screen came on but no mouse shows up, no blinking floppy icon. The screen looks odd though, the image has square corners. I need to figure out what’s that means... Okay, open it up, take it apart (should have done this first..), drive cage is a bit stuck, and then underneath, my first encounter with the dreaded exploded Maxell PRAM battery! By the looks of it this happened a while back, on the surface I though this might look worse, everything just looks dirty... any thoughts on how to begin? First clean with isopropyl alcohol? Baking soda or something to neutralize the dried battery acid? Anyone have experience to tell me how bad this is?
  14. Fizzbinn

    Solid State Drive for G3?

    I recently got one of these SATA PCI cards off eBay: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F264403383346 I was concerned about pre OS X compatibility and this one stated (with pictures to back it up) that it worked with Mac OS 9. $50 wasn’t bad either. Works great in my Beige G3 tower, I did need to used a longer SATA cable then the one it came with but totally happy with it. ~40MBps with 64GB SSD I have, a bit less with a spinning disk. Both much faster then the even the Ultra SCSI “upgraded” disk my G3 came with.