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  1. Magicanz

    Macintosh Classic (one) with no power.

    Yup, I've read one of your old posts and I have the exact same symptoms! Will change those diodes, and change the capacitors as well.
  2. Magicanz

    Macintosh Classic (one) with no power.

    Macintosh Classic Analog Board This is how the analog board looks when taken out of the computer. I see no big problems, no bulging capacitors or things of the sort. The only thing I notice is the brown sticky-looking gunk that is around almost all solder holes, can that have anything to do with it? I won't go much longer than this "alone" (I always have someone else at least nearby) but I do know some people who are better with electrics that might be able to help. Anyone see anything that looks really wrong?
  3. Magicanz

    Macintosh Classic (one) with no power.

    Thank you! I will look into other solutions then.
  4. Magicanz

    Macintosh Classic (one) with no power.

    So using the analog from an other Macintosh is a big no-no then?
  5. Magicanz

    Macintosh Classic (one) with no power.

    I live in Sweden, and I've seen several people asking for people to help them do it but never getting an answer.
  6. Magicanz

    Macintosh Classic (one) with no power.

    Alright, I will check it out. Since I don't know too much about these things (or high-voltage electrics in the first place) do you think it would even be a good idea to try? There are no recapping services in my country as far as I know.
  7. Hello! I have a Macintosh Classic with an analog board that (I think) doesn't output any power. When trying to turn it on, no sound, no picture, only nothing. I've tried measuring current through the molex connector with no success. There is also no visible leakage or damage at all. Therefore I think the Analog board is just not outputting any power. The thing is, I have 4 other compact macs (not Classics) with working analog boards. I was just thinking if it would be possible to use an Analog board from a Macintosh Plus/SE in the Classic just to see if it runs. I would never do this without being absolutely sure, and because I'm no expert and haven't been working with Macs or electrics for much time I ask here. If using another analog board doesn't work, does anyone have any idea of any checks I can make to see what the issue might be? Thank you!